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Single Article Listening Recommendations, + SaintSovereign who said 2 is the upper limit for Ultima titles in a single day.


Actually, the recommendation merely says start with two ultima: one in morning, the other afternoon. And that many ultima can be run the same as major subliminals.


@SaintSovereign wrote:
Ultima will be coming to the Q store within the next week or two. We’re still testing everything, so the plans may change, but right now, Ultima customs will be limited to 3-6 modules. While there’s emerging evidence that Ultimas can cause deep, deep change, custom Ultimas should still be used as a booster. For example, if you have a wealth-based custom, your custom Ultima could contain productivity, wealth and business boosting modules. Right now, you won’t be able to add Cores to Ultima customs for a number of reasons, the main being that they’re simply too large. More details to come.

That sounds very interesting. Does it mean also that that evidence shows Ultima can also cause long lasting results?


Financial Reality Shifter
Sex Manifestor
Blue Skies
Spiritual Freedom/Ares

Seems like a good Ultima booster to start with

I wonder how using Ultima for just results enhancement would be?


I’m guessing existing ultimas will be available in the q store.


I bet the combos are going to be interesting people make. I def think Financial Reality shifter along with like wealth limit destroyer and maybe positive being attractor would be a good ultima combo.


This is adding to my battle plans for next year.
I may have to invest in a few that augment certain aspects of my custom according to what specific needs I have at any given time.
Depending on the cost I can see getting one for: Written tests, interviews, being on the prowl, and a few others. I’m going to go play with this.


Haha wow. Ultima customs are coming way faster than I expected even after the initial announcement. One thing after another. Though by the time I’d get an Ultima custom it’ll be on who knows what iteration. The current Ultimas are keeping me quite occupied.

Commander of all keeps me busy doing stuff


So how fast will the Male Enhancement Ultima work compared to it being a module in a Q custom? :blush:

Just like they beat the industry with the Libertine Aura, I bet SC will actually deliver on the promise made by the PE Advert GIFs. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Looks like BLU with a few other modules should be enough to create my NZT.


What’s your NZT? What does it stand for?



Nice side effects… I started wondering what are the side effect of using subs… I’ve been using them for over five years and didn’t notice any but still…


What are your opinions on including (in your Ultima booster) modules that are already in your custom?


It would create a powerful synergy effect?


You probably did have internal changes that you haven’t noticed


You’re probably right. I’ve seen a huge improvement within those years yet I cannot see any side effect. Oh… people envy me more… maybe :sunglasses:


The latest updates on Q "you wont be able to add Cores to Ultima customs for a number of reasons, the main being that they’re simply too large"

Does not make sense, as you have to add a core to add the modules. Unless I am mistaken ?.

What ultima modules will be available in the q store ?


You don’t need to add a core to a custom. My results enhancement custom doesn’t have one.
What I wonder is will we be able to have an existing ultima and add modules to it?


I think it means you can build your custom on Ultima putting in it all the modules but the core ones.