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Hmm I’m thinking about creating the Ultima that would knock you out for a great night of deep sleep.

Maybe consisting of modules like: Deep Sleep, Asclepius, Serum X and Stress Displacement :blush:


Harvey Specter Ultima = Commander + Libertine + True Social + Beyond Limitless + GLM :sunglasses:



Damn that sounds awesome --> maybe add in some dragon tongue as well for witty remarks and movie quotes haha


@SubliminalUser Imagine Combining Dreams Ultima with some other modules for lucid dreaming…


Who knows they could be working on modules specific for ultimas, or they might make a list of modules already in the store that can also be used in ultimas.


So core modules are off the table but current ultimas are able to be utilized in this with other modules?

lIbertine v2 U
Sexiness Unbound
Sex Manifestor
Gorgeous Manifestor
Physicality shifter Sexiness

^ Pornstar Ultima lol


Well, looks like I’ll soon be able to combine GLM, Commander and executive ultimas into one and boost my custom even further.


True social + Libertine custom :star_struck:


Thing is the Ultimas themselves cost 49.99 each so having 3 in one sub will be costly lol

Unless if you already own the ultima you get to add it for free which would make sense


Guys, I was just kidding with the Harvey Specter Mix. There is no official statement on the current Ultimas being made available as Q Store Modules. :blush:


Plus we don’t know the pricing for custom ultimas. It’s possible you will have to buy the ultima in module form for the 14.99 tag as you have to do with the major subliminal cores whether you own the subliminal or not.


Chaps keep your master cards ready i am planning to add ultimas to my custom.


Also libertine with commando


Is a custom Ultima the key to world domination, that ring that rules them all?


Libertine, True Social, and Commander combined


Thst would be :ok_hand: imagine in bed. She would go crazy!


You can get a part of total breakdown in ultima form lol, maybe combine it with elixir and rebirth.


As much as I might want to I am incredibly reluctant to purchase anything else to run at the moment. Yeah I may miss out or whatever but I have to stay focused


we in the same boat doing my own experiment right now, discipline and consistency is the keys to results


In the future, we’ll probably release some Ultima-optimized modules that can be used in regular customs also, but will absolutely shine in an Ultima custom.

Not yet, but the full finished title will most likely cost around the price as other customs. Ultima is much more CPU intensive process.

Note: Ultimas are supposed to be fast acting boosters, meaning you can swap them around a bit more. While we recommend running a custom for 6-12 months, You can probably swap Ultimas around once a month, if you’re using them regularly and depending on your needs.

Yes. I was running BLU as a major title before starting Primarch and it has caused deep change. Primarch is causing the same thing, as I’m running it as a major title too.

We’re debating whether we want to do this or not. We know people are going to try to take these modules, add them to their regular customs and then scream things like “the Libertine aura doesn’t work in my custom!!!” even though the module is scripted for the Ultima format. We’ll see.

This is the perfect example of how to build an Ultima custom to supplement a wealth or entrepreneur based custom or stack.

We’re trying to get to a point where the technology is so obvious and strong that we can then focus less on building improving the tech and more on other kinds of research and business expansion – like physical changes, enhancing mental abilities far beyond what we can do now, etc.

It’d be much much faster. Hint: Primarch has elements of physical change in it, and I felt it kicking in after one day.

Other than reconciliation? A much more happier and fulfilling life, better romantic prospects, more wealth and a zest for life. :wink:

We mean, you won’t be able to add major title cores to Ultima customs. Or, we may decide to let you do it, warn everyone that this isn’t the intended use for Ultima customs and those who do it anyway and come here complaining about it not working will be met with a potential ban.

Ultima has not yet been confirmed to work well when running them as major titles. I got good results with BLU, and others are reporting similar things, but that evidence too early for us to consider it fact (though it does seem likely). Ultima isn’t just a “hybrid,” there’s a particular way it works. The other modules in the Q store are short enough for Q to automatically adjust to work with the Ultima format. Cores? Waaaay too long and will cause issues.

I like the way you’re thinking. Another good example of how to use Ultima customs.

This might be too dense for an Ultima custom, lol. This is more like a major, but it’s possible that it’ll work well.

Q can automatically adjust 90% of the modules in the Q store for use in Ultima. Hence why it took so long to get it added as an option. Truth of the matter is, I ran into an issue creating the New Order Process that I’m having a hard time resolving. The NOP is vital to the “full automation” project, where we no longer need a human to constantly watch Q and make sure it’s working properly. Since the NOP is on hold, we had Q-Programmer pivot to getting Ultima customs up and running.

Not sure about Libertine. See the other comment on including current Ultimas as modules. People will try to put them in their regular customs, then complain when it doesn’t work as intended. The rest will work well as a custom. Quite well, I imagine. Shit, I wanna try this one myself, hahaha.

Good thinking. I know I’m being a bad salesperson right now, but I would rather see you spend less and get incredible results than to spend more and derail your progress.

I actually envy you all, since I don’t get the luxury of just running one title for a year. The only time I was able to do that was early on in SubClub’s life, where I ran Emperor for quite some time. After that, I was constantly testing and switching around.

Custom Ultimas Are Here!