Q-Status discussion


It is going to be interesting seeing peoples combos lol.

A good one for physical change/working out would be apollon, ascelpius, serum x, and epigenetics. Maybe even add those on to legacy ultima or beast within.


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Good thinking. I know I’m being a bad salesperson right now, but I would rather see you spend less and get incredible results than to spend more and derail your progress.

Any chance on stack article before of near Ultima custom release?
That would likely really support people making smart decisions, including myself lol. For combining 2+ Q titles, 1 Q or more with terminus, multiple terminus/ terminus with Q and ultima etc.


Yes, I think we finally have enough data for me to tackle this.


Awesome thanks @SaintSovereign that should be a game changer.


hoping to hear about the idea of stack rotation more in-depth and also a article on sub wash just for anyone how is curious about it


I really appreciate you invested your precious time in answering all the questions. Please, kindly answer my question. What sub would you run if you had the luxury of just running one title for a year? Thank you. :slight_smile:


I just realized that if it’s possible it would be very cool to at some point purchase an Ultima with the Cognitive and IQ Booster and the Math Module. Maybe a couple of healing modules Attachment Destroyer, Rogue, I Am , and Total Nonchalance. The Rick Sanchez Ultima


just going to guess the pricing for ultima, probably 60 build, 15 module.

Look forward to what an ultima centered around polyglot would be like, would be interesting to theorycraft the best modules for that.

Learning a language is a good way to keep the brain active and cultivate brain growth in different brain areas. English is a highly conceptual language vs the visual pictoral and other more literal annunciation/visual dialects. The simple act of learning various languages, even superficially is a good thing to think about doing for intelligence outside of knowledge. This is also why “online” is so addictive to individuals, the net activates specific and unique areas of the brain, independent of knowledge/concepts.


And how close do you believe you guys have reached to this “one ring to rule them all” technology?

Pretty stoked about this one, once again subclub starts pumping out innovative titles. And also, grateful of you guys to be putting in so much work for all of us.


If you’re into languages like I am, you should try Language Learning with Youtube (a plugin for Chrome). Unless you prefer reading, then it’s good to read using your Kindle (looking up words if needed) and listen to the audio (audio book) at the same time. That’s how I’ve mastered English and Spanish but of course I use the radio and youtube too, but mainly it was reading and listening… now I’m learning Swedish the same way.


I bet they would give up the Kingdom to know that.


I imagine the module limit will be very small compared to customs as it is supposed to be a booster, i wouldn’t be surprised if it was under 10 maybe even just 5-6 modules. The ultima scripts are probably way shorter then most subs.


Mind’s eye seems like it would make a good Ultima especially the way you were originally talking about it. @SaintSovereign

Also parts of alchemist especially stage 1 could work as an ultima especially in addition to other parts of other subs. I mean you could make a daily booster/cleaner/releaser with some modules to keep your body at peak performance.


Can we at some point have a module/ultima product that enhances programming, development skills etc. I speak for all the I.T people here.


i already ask for this one, let see what will happen


Yes I believe mind’s eye was originally a 3 stage supercharger. So it is very much possible to release it as ultima.


It wasn’t.

It may have been conceived as one. But the first Mind’s Eye to be released is the major subliminal program that you currently see.

But it’s still very possible for that to be released as an Ultima track.




Masculine enhancement, Sex Mastery, aura of craving, aura module, spagetti magneto possibly sex and seduction could all be ultima scripts.


Has anyone tested Minds Eye with Stark ?