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Any time estimation if it comes to embedded major subs?



We have got some many threads right now i am at a loss as to where to place this question. Anyway here goes…

Can i listen to Beast Within whilst working at my desk ?. Or do i have to be lying down relaxed. Referring to beast ultima.


Fron the description i would say it doesnt matter where or how you use, i figure that since it ulyima version once you done listening the healing process begins


@NinjaFox thanks i thought the same just wanted to hear a second persons opinion.



In here we discuss Q=Status only. But that’s okay, mate. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the heads up!


you can definitely listen to it at a desk


Sure, your topic is much more suitable for asking random questions related to the use of SC subs since it was created with that view. :slight_smile:


Does Q still process any orders over the weekend?


Why is not Libertine in the Q store ?


It started as a supercharger. Not a stacking module.


Thought it was going to be an ultima module.


none of the store Ultimas-BLU, Libertine, Commander etc are currently modules in the Q Store.
Those are refered to as Ultima cores and Saint and Fire are discussing (last I heard) if they should be made available in the Q store for various reasons.

Including the tech on the Q store cannot lock certain modules -people could use those Ultima cores in Q or terminus sub-which they are not designed for and likely would not work. They also might not work well when combined together.


Thanks @Azriel must have missed that post. I was looking foreward to doing a nsme embedded of libertine.


I’ll definitely do that shit if it ever happens :smiley:


@SaintSovereign @Fire why did Q give me an Ultima that’s TWO hours long?

To be more specific, it shows up as 2 hours long on desktop player (iTunes) and 1 hour long on my iPhone.


Lets hope libertine is uploaded to the Q store at some point.


yep. same issue here @SubliminalUser. kind of disconcerting.


Yes, though technically we don’t have to, as it’s a non-business day. We just like to keep the queue flowing (pun intended).