Q-Status discussion


Sounds like an issue with your computer rather than Q. Does it actually play for two hours in iTunes?


I actually tried testing this in iTunes.

If you start it from 0:00 and it just let it play, it will actually finish at 1:00 (after an hour).

But if you directly click over to some point after the 60 minute mark, the track will also continue to play. So if, for example, I clicked over to 1:32:00, the track would still play.

I’m sure you’re correct that it is just some strange coding artifact. Thankfully, as @SubliminalUser said, the timings are fine and accurate on the iPhone. And I also found it to be fine in other applications on my PC. (Though in Groove Music, the length of the track shows up as 1:01:32. on iPhone it shows up as exactly 1 hour.)

Anyway, thank you.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve alerted Q-Progammer, and he’s looking into it.


@Fire and @SaintSovereign Are you working on name-embedding for Major Tiles now, maybe?