Q-Status discussion


Does this also count for the Q-store, meaning our Customs arrive within a few hours from ordering?




I’m also curious about this as I have no idea what Project Hero is still, yet. Lol


@blackadder Long story short, it’s gonna be a while before anything comes out of that.

There are quite a few things I’d like to enjoy name-embedded in the meantime…


I was reading about The House of Medici it really looks like a great tool to stack with Khan. As i believe it might assist in developing bonding relationships with both men and women.

Can anyone comment upon this ?


Sure will. :slight_smile:

Not sure, but hopefully sometime Q1 2021.


Guessing this is also the timeframe for name-embedded mains. Damn


Am not too excited on name embedded main since ill be running customs builds for a very long time


I may have a solution to reconciliation. Try running 2 loops of limitless Q before running your main sub.


@SaintSovereign My New Custom is waiting for a new core (ie. Renaissance Man).

any hints on when it will be dropped in the q store? :see_no_evil:


I’ve found limitless is a cure all for any mood.


Oi Mr. Mecharc you cannot just jump the queue Mr. Saint is also dealing with my request too :slight_smile:


@Azriel it bloody works if you feel groggy and tired after running a stack Limitless seems to increase your brain capacity so you can tolerate more loops.

I am expanding my core every 3 weeks as my grey matter becomes primed to handle more and more licensed builds. Index Gate is amazing !!


Haha,index gate sounded great but dont have spare cash to rebuild my custom at the moment.guess your coding has improved a lot since adding it?


How different is it from Quantum Limitless?


No idea as I have never used QL but I can imagine its alot more powerful as its more focused.


same I have never run QL except QL ‘lite’ in Emperor.
I was looking to test with something extremely focused, so have been messing around with limitless a bit.


I have upgraded my StarkQ with 4 more modules including dragon tongue…


Are there modules to negate black magic, curses etc ?. A guy i know whose family is from India has experienced alot of bad luck. The woman he planned to marry on his wedding day she ran off to a river and drowned herself.

He has experienced consistent bad luck. He says that a rival family used black magic to curse him so his life would never be the same.

Hence me asking.


IMO I think it would be more about changing the belifes that he has bad luck, that black magic and curses exist, and understanding that they can only negatively impact him and his life if he believes that they can and are. He needs to know that he is the creator of his reality.

If you believe that you have been cursed through black magic and that you have bad luck, and only bad things happened to you… You are going to experience a lot of that, as belief systems are designed to find more evidence to support themselfs, thus become stronger and reality just reflects back to you what you have going on inside.

Installing any belief system that empowers him, rather than disempowers would be beneficial. When you know that everything that happens to you in your life is in response to what you have going on inside of you and you know how to change that, then you are empowered, as you know you are able to change your life and yourself. You will never play the victim role again.


Hmm,think its this module