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@Upwards good point it probably is related to beliefs however I am going play the role of the open minded skeptic. Perhaps he has been cursed ? if so what does SC have to repel curses and black magic ?


@Meng123 thanks I did not see that module myself.


I wonder if this module also deals with karmic debt, and ancestral curses, assuming one believes in them.


Aegis Survival Instinct and Alchemist contain elements that work on those areas.

If he’s willing, he should start practising Banishing Rituals congruent with his personal religious beliefs.

For example, assuming he’s well-versed with Hindu Gods, he could chant the Hanuman Chalisa, or the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, or the Durga Kavach (listed in ascending order of difficulty & power).



@King do you believe black magic has been used to manipulate you ?

I have heard reports of demonic possession and black magic being used for selfish purposes like manipulating and bringing about the demise of people. As I said before i am not a believer of such things however I have learned to be skeptical but not disregard such things.


Black magic hasn’t been scientifically proven in a laboratory and I find it hard to believe in hearsay.

Many people believe in all sorts of crazy things because they have this deep assumption that the sources of their information (friends, family, relatives, religious leaders, forum users etc) will not lie.


This is incorrect.

It is not that they believe what others tell them (the others actually need not be lying but even believe it themselves).

It is because they base their mental self concept on whatever the belief is and as such if they were to suddenly change they would be faced with mental self annihilation.

This is explains why people can believe contradictory things at the same time and also why they will not change in the face of obvious evidence.


I did not say that this applies to everybody. There are MANY people who believe what others tell them, or read fake news from some media and believe that their media cannot lie.

Anyway, we have gone out of topic on this thread and I am not going to discuss this with you further.


Would like to hear what Saint and Fire have to say about black magic, demons and curses.

@Fire @SaintSovereign

@King you mentioned karmic debt ? are you concerned that your ancesters practiced the dark arts and you are paying the price ?


@blackadder I am thinking that all this is in my mind and to believe or not is up to myself.

My main question to myself is whether what I wrote above is true.

In the end, it is about whether we are the own creators of our own reality or whether there is something beyond our imagination, or some universal laws, that we as humans cannot displace.


Any idea when the Q upgrades are gonna be added ?
Khan , PS, Emperor etc


What upgrades do you mean?


The major programs have already been upgraded to Q , i read somewhere they will go to Q-plus


Oh, we have to be patient since it’s not going to happen any time soon. We’re waiting for the name embedding technology for now.


This is still wrong. It is not that MANY or indeed few people believe what others tell them. It is irrelevant how many believe or indeed WHY they believe.

What is important is that they base their self concept on that belief and if their belief changes their self concept faces death.

Also in all forums a good rule of thumb is that there are ten times as many lurkers as there are posters. And you never know who is reading and paying attention and it is them I am writing too.

Lastly you have erroneously attributed ““Many people believe….”” to me instead of you. No doubt you will be eager to rectify this mistake.


I have rectified my mistake with regards to that quote.

But I stand by my point that if is a fact that there are people who believe others tell them.

Whether they base their self-concept on that belief is another issue.

I don’t think we should carry on this discussion further - not in this thread at least - since this we are derailing the thread.

I won’t be responding to any more of your posts anymore.

Have a good day.


Perhaps Fortune’s Favorite could help too.

Alchemist stage 1 I think removes negative energy.


The regular Q is already quite strong.


I have heard alot of people talk about wanting to retain their sexual energy and reduce their self gratification. Lots of vendors have “Semen Retention and Transmutation” based products perhaps SC can release an ultima product for this ?


I too vote for that