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Ran one loop of my first custom tonight. Feel ok but a tad annoyed. Beginning to realize at times I may be the only one around me who wants to get anything of priority done. Everyone else sort of fucks off or wastes time on Reddit or whatever. I feel that Attachment Destroyer is really having an impact on me as I am really beginning to see how much time and effort I have wasted on people , situations, and things I would have been far happier letting go of. Self reliance and freedom has always been and always will be my biggest priority and goal


I am finding this to be the case as well.


I think realising/believing is one thing…having the will to change is the other.


Listening to the 2nd loop of the day of my first custom. Perspective is everything and once again realizing how many toxic things, situations, and people I have allowed myself to become almost consumed with or stressed over I am a bit surprised I have any sanity left. One of my biggest goals for this custom and the second is to be able to let go of the vast majority of what has held me back. It’s probably fair to say that at some level is everyone’s goal or goals. I’m doing a lot of introspection today. Really looking at what is important to me and why.


After looking at other custom journals and what my two customs have for modules I have decide to add one or two loops a day of EOGQ Stage 4 to my stack. Financial freedom or financial self reliance is of key priority for me. That’s why I have Sultan , Financial Success Reality Shifter , Natural Winner, and Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy in my second custom to complement what is in the first. At this point I am willing to sacrifice whatever free time or anything else I have to , to make this a reality. I am currently running one loop of my first custom. I have already run one loop today of EOGQ Stage 4.
I have noticed my attitude towards the wealthy or those with a lot of money is quite a bit different for me than it is for almost anyone else I know. I don’t see them as evil , selfish, criminals , or any number of negative words that are conjured up when people with money are discussed. Yeah there are those folks out there obviously and I am not a fan of them. Usually when I see someone who is wealthy one of three questions goes through my mind

  1. How did they do it?
  2. Why do they spend endless amounts of money on ridiculous things ?
    3 How can I become wealthy while also being minimalist?


Haven’t listened to anything yet this morning. Looking forward to getting my second custom hopefully some time today. I keep thinking about the description for Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy as well as Natural Winner. Need the first one especially as so often I ask myself " how in the fuck am I going to get this going or do this?" I often think or feel that some fear especially of failure or just not knowing keeps me stuck. I think that’s why I allow myself to get easily distracted by things that don’t really matter at all especially most of what is online. Not knowing or even feeling like I have any clue is really annoying. I also have Financial Reality Success Shifter in my second custom. I sometimes feel that a lot of the inaction and indecisiveness comes not just from fear but from having a lack or scarcity mindset for so long. Always wondering how much is enough or what if it runs out or just stops?
That’s why I feel Lion IV was necessary for my second custom as well. Relaxed focus instead of being or feeling stressed out all the time. I also have Extreme Exercise Motivation in my second custom which I am excited for but also a bit nervous about. Yeah working out and feeling great will be awesome but considering I’m already incredibly hyper most of the time it sort of scares me to ramp that up even more. Once again that’s why I have Lion IV as well as Total Nonchalance. I find it extremely difficult at times to just relax and let the fuck go which I know would help out a lot.


In my experience no matter how energetic, hyper, to even ‘manic’ one is
exercises regulates this positively.



Perhaps I should put in Extreme Exercise Motivation in my upgrade of my custom sub.

I need to get all that stuck energy flowing again.


Currently running one loop of my first custom. Will take a break afterwards and then run one loop of EOGQ Stage 4.
Not a whole lot going on today outside of feeling some moderate levels of fear and indecisiveness related to my goals. Fairly sure its reconciliation


Ran one loop of the two mentioned in my previous post. I forgot to mention that my wife and I have put together a plan towards achieving some of basic goals no later than the middle to end of August. Another thing I noticed a bit ago is that I am really struggling doing anything that I feel is wasting time such as watching TV and similar things. I feel like I should be doing something productive although I’m not always sure what exactly


Taking a day off today from listening to anything. Feel ok this morning. Not at all anxious just not really looking forward to dealing with some of the people I have to today. Really focused on the plans my wife and I have made. It’s yet another major step in the direction of getting our lives back or to the way we want.


Solving number 2 will fix a lot. And it appears you feel “wealthy” means material goods, which I understand as we live in a consumerist society and are constantly blasted with ads to buy more stuff. But you can certainly be a minimalist and be wealthy. Don’t always assume that people with nice toys are wealthy. They could be highly leveraged with debt, or just a month or two away from having to sell everything if they ever had a drop in income. Better to be stealth wealth…don’t advertise that you’re wealthy. Let your investments or your business value be what helps you keep score. Some favorite books I return to are Millionaire Next Door, Millionaire Mind, JL Collins’ A Simple Path to Wealth, The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno, Voluntary Simplicity, and to a degree, Your Money or Your Life.

I am on a similar journey as you. Am a former minimalist, turned family suburbanite, trying to find my way back to minimalism and greater wealth. I just received my third custom that is wealth-related.

I wish you the best and will continue to follow.


Who is to say wether they are ridiculous not. The owner or some mere observer. Clearly the correct answer is the owner. If the owner fell it ridiculous then they would get rid of it and no longer own it.

Actually, the definition of wealth is the accumulation of material goods. Think about it this way, whatever the “material good” is, property, land, shares, money, gold, diamonds, patents, royalties, or even Lambos, Bentleys and Pataks and McMansions, they can all be exchanged for other material goods.

This definition should not be contested simply because one doesn’t like it or wants it to be different.

Most people who have expensive stuff are not rich, this is true. For example at a former workplace of mine some people had cars on pcp contracts (about 70% of new car sales in the UK are this) and whilst they might look to be doing OK their cars were worth more than their yearly pay but were nothing special only being Audi A3 sports. I, OTOH, did not walk around with the title deeds to land and property and my share portfolio stapled to my head.

(As an aside I once had a workmate tell me “Its a good job we got paid today so I could get petrol for my car to drive to work”, and when I tried to point out that perhaps he could do things differently he just couldn’t get it)

So minimalists have a better time than others when building wealth, after all, what the fuck else are they going to do with their money if they don’t spend it on fripperies.


I’m with you for the most part, till here. Money buys freedom as well. As a minimalist, one typically has lower overhead costs.

I also don’t have to stay at a job that goes south if I have substantial wealth built up.

I can, and plan to, retire early, to concentrate on other things I love doing. I plan to fund my kids’ college educations and given that two are special needs, I may need to set up a trust to help them financially as adults. Purchasing a new Audi A3 Sport every three years will hamper my ability to do that. I certainly have nice things, but fewer of them, and I try to make them last. Having less, I think that helps me appreciate them more. Plus the goddamn clutter of a large family drives me up a wall, so I’m trying to control my part of the clutter.

I’d like to travel more with my family (if borders ever open up again). Experiences > toys.

I think your overall point is to not worry about other peoples’ displays of wealth and I agree very much, there.

But this is JCast’s journal, so my reasons for building wealth over material goods is not important here and probably should go over in my journal.


Very awesome! Slowly but surely you’re getting there.


Feeling like Attachment Destroyer , Regeneration Q Core , I Am , Ares , and Februus are kicking my ass today as I feel there is a lot of emotion brewing over things I know I should and need to let go of but I am struggling with. I know it’s part of the process . It just hurts mentally and emotionally.


Decided to run one loop of my first custom a little while ago and now running one loop of my second custom. I know it’s recommended not to run the subliminals while sleeping but I’m fighting the urge to run the two while sleeping tonight . Just for shits and giggles.


That’s… not a thing. I run my subliminals almost exclusively while sleeping.


I run my subs overnight they work wonders :slight_smile:


also @blackadder:
When I woke up from the dream I was in tears.