Q UPDATE: Multiple masks are coming to Q and more!


No, you’ll have to choose which one you want. One mask, one ultrasonic.


It will likely be free after you purchase the mask, free to download/switch/customize (License). I imagine there might be the “Basic” masks that everyone will get for free though. Keep in mind if you want more development in this area, there should be demand and a market.


Yes. You’ll still have to choose which one you want per purchase, though.


Yep. One mask of your choice for free, additional probably for a small fee. Depends… If changing the mask reboots the whole Q-creation process than there will be a fee.


I don’t see Q as being needed or a part of this particular automation process, since its just an overlay of a previous compilation. Unless there is some weird next level stuff within the mask, for now it seems independent of Q.


I think what he means is that a new file has to be created, including the transcribing of the script into the masking sound. Meaning the amount of processing power is the same every time you create one.



You’ll have to choose which mask you want, and it’ll come with that mask + ultrasonic. We may work out a deal in the future where you can get multiple masks with one build (for a slight upcharge, mind you).


Well, the Regular Titles only have to be generated once. So does that rule also apply for the Regular Store, or distinctively for the Q-store?


Good question. Until the “regular” titles receive their name-embedding (and thus require the same rebuilding as customs), will they be offered with multiple masks?


We won’t be creating multiple masks for all past Q titles. Too much work. Would take weeks to accomplish and we’ve got a lot going on. Once we go fully automated, you’ll be able to choose an alternate mask at the time of payment / upgrading.


@SaintSovereign will name-embedding for mains come out with power options at the same time?


Sonata for Two Pianos in D major (Mozart) apparently creates alpha brainwaves when you listen to it.

I hope Subclub may consider this piece as a mask option.


Many of the Baroque style classical musical pieces are known to alter your dominant brainwave. Which is why they are sometimes recommended as study music. Alpha helps you keep focus.

Unfortunately classical music is too niche and underappreciated nowadays, so I highly doubt it’ll be a masking sound. At least in the beginning. However, much of the music from the era is royalty free nowadays, so it is a possibility if enough people ask for it and the music has no quiet parts.


One challenge to using classical music for masking is the changing dynamics that occur within a piece.

A well-composed classical piece tends to have multiple changes in volume as well as moments of silence that will come and go to enhance or emphasize some aspect of the movement of the song.

But masking needs to be constant. It can vary slightly, but basically needs to provide an ongoing ‘envelope’ that can contain and submerge the subliminal stimulus. There are basically no silences, and the volume does not dip below a certain minimum.

It could probably be done, but I guess it might be a bit tricky.

I think there are forms of music that would be easier. Organ based baroque maybe? In which there are sustained chords from beginning to end. Or, certain types of choral music. Or music based on synth sweeps. And so on.

It’s an interesting question.


Gregorian Chant would be good too.


Not sure. Possibly.


I wanted to list a few masks that I thought might be appealing to get people to think about what they might want.

Personally, a trickling stream is fine by me. But I wanted to start people thinking and posting more about what they might want.

Some ideas:

Ocean waves
Forest ambient sounds (birds, wind, etc.)
Water fall
Cracking fire
Ambient music
“Cosmic” sounds (I guess like sci-fi type music or effects)
White noise
Pink noise
Blue noise
Brown noise
Drone sounds
Wind chimes
Other insect type noises, but not mosquitoes or flies
Purring cat
Bamboo flute
Bird calls


Wolves howling


The sound of old beliefs being brutally savaged.


The sound of trading at stock markets…

Morning sound of people rushing to work…

Airport Lounge /Hotel Lounge music