Q UPDATE: Multiple masks are coming to Q and more!



I can’t stop laughing! This is one of the funniest things I’ve heard all week!


I believe you because after I sent it and read it to myself I had a good laughing fit myself imagining that sound.


Elevator Music – Any takers? Lol. :joy:


There’s also an extremely soothing bubbling water sound, can be heard where water runs shallow.


Binaural option would be very interesting


Murmuring conversation & background sounds in a coffee shop have been effective for me for studying years ago, that might make a good mask as well.


BInaurals are cool for lots of stuff. For stuff like this, it can be hit/miss though. The state I get at 7Hz for deep learning, you might need 6.8Hz. That’s one thing that isn’t universal from one person to the next.


Wind chimes and wind.
celestial white noise


Besides elevator music, how about the most well-known phone call hold music by Cisco:

Surprisingly nice to listen to. Got a whole backstory too.

Made to be run on repeat, obviously. :slight_smile:


Hi Saint, will the multiple masks options be ready soon?


Hopefully –

The focus is currently on custom Ultimas.


Is there an estimation you can give for the release of those new masks?


Unfortunately, I cannot. All development resources are going into Ultima. Then we’ll focus on getting new masks out.


@SaintSovereign speaking of ultimas, when would name-embedded non-custom Ultimas be available? E.g. “Name-embedded Elixir Ultima”


Not sure, probably when name embedded majors are released.


How long is delivery time nowadays? I recall you mentioning it has increased tremendously now that Q is finally automized.


Depends. Some days, it’s as early as one day, others can take the full five days. Right now, it’s on the earlier side unless there’s any issues.


Thank you, I took that into consideration and did not bother waiting for the new masks anymore. I guess if I like them, I can always get the same iteration of my Custom with another mask.

Let’s see if it is really on the earlier side, :smiley:


Regarding the custom ultimas, will we be able to add 2 ultimas together like blu and commander, or would that be too dense?


Undecided. We don’t want people taking the Ultima modules (The Executive CORE for example), putting them in regular customs and then complaining that they don’t work.