Q UPDATE: Multiple masks are coming to Q and more!


So the ultima customs will be mainly to combine different ultimas only?
like executive and commander etc etc without the regular modules.
also will there be ultimate terminus strength just like in the regular custom subs?


Lol i have seen plenty of questions and comments about people wanting to do that already. But we could for example add maybe something like financial success reality shifter to BLU or commander? Or is it more along the lines of using what is already in the store module wise besides the cores to make an ultima?


Do we know what products will be offered as ultimas ?


So Ultima cores will potentially will be available as Q modules to put in regular customs ?

Will the Ultima cores like Executive, BLU etc, also be available to match with Ultima modules? (or maybe that is what you were referring to above.

and Q modules will be available as Ultima-to put in an ultima specific custom -that seems clear


so far, all the modules in the custom shop I believe.


Hmmm, I wonder if Sphera Magnetica is in Libertine :thinking:


Good question White Tiger.


Yeah, I’m actually wondering if one could add 1-2 module to libertine to push it. For example, with panther, would panther push you?


Panther ? never heard of this module i thought you were referring to Black Panther


Nah. He is referring to this chap.



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Multiple mask, did you mean different sounds aside from the streaming water? That’s great. Will this be for store titles as well or just customs? @SaintSovereign


No, the opposite. We haven’t decided whether we’re going to put the Ultima Cores on the store. We want to avoid people taking The Commander Core and trying to put it in a regular Q custom. No matter how hard we repeat things, some people like to test the fates and then complain. Putting an Ultima Core in a Q powered sub won’t work as anticipated.


Couldn’t you lock the ultima cores in the store to somehow only be used as base for the custom ultimas?


I am confused. So, most likely we won’t be able to put two Ultima subs together? And we can’t have Ultima Cores in a Q-powered sub?

So what is the Ultima custom sub going to be made of then?

Are there special Ultima modules that can be built into the Ultima custom? Are you planning to create a U-Store?


So i am guessing the ultima titles will be available to buy separately ?. Do we know when they will be available.


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I thought the Ultimas modules would be for ultima cusoms only consisting of 3-6 modules.
I am not clear what the opposite of combining different ultimas only is. Hopefully we’ll all find out soon enough.


I am confused not sure what SC have planned to be honest.


When Saint told me I asked pretty much the same things. Here’s how I got it after about two days of asking questions. :slight_smile:

  • You can pick any 3-6 modules in the Q store and then build them as an Ultima. So not as Q, Terminus or T², but as Ultima. Any module that’s currently in the store (note to SaintSovereign: does that include the “regular” cores?).
  • The Ultima Cores (so the things that are Ultima now, like Libertine, Elixir, Commander and so on) will not have corresponding modules in the Q store. This is done for two reasons.
    First, because Ultima is tricky to code and therefor there’s no guarantee if it would work if you take for example Libertine Core and you add a few seduction modules on top. The technology is not yet smart enough to figure out if the combination you pick will actually work well together in a single Ultima.
    Second, because as Saint stated above, people will inevitably build a non-Ultima in the store that contains an Ultima Core. Which won’t work because of how Ultima Cores are scripted.
  • To answer @Floridianninja’s question, the store backend/software doesn’t support the complexity necessary to lock certain modules to an Ultima build and certain modules to a non-Ultima build. So a choice had to be made, and given that a custom sub takes time, resources and money, SubClub chose that for the time being, we’ll protect people from themselves and not add Ultima Core modules to the store. This will likely change in the future if the store software changes/evolves.

So there’s the confusion that we all share(d). You can build regular modules in a smaller, targeted Ultima format (which many people have asked for), but you don’t get Ultima-only modules.

I expect we’ll be seeing custom Blue Skies Ultimas and named Stark Ultimas and Physical Shifting Ultimas (second note to Saint: will physical shifting work faster in an Ultima?).

Hopefully all with new masks. :slight_smile: