Q UPDATE: Multiple masks are coming to Q and more!


I AM Blue Skies Ultima.


Thank you for the clarification- still unclear on one thing

I thought current Q-Store cores as well as current Ultimas (libertine etc) will not be available? Does this mean that current Ultima store programs will have a name embedding option?

sounds like they wouldn’t be available


Logical deduction provides me with the most likely answer.

It stands to reason we won’t be removing the “regular” cores from the store, since we’re using those to build Q/T/T² subs with.

And… since we can’t restrict which modules you put into a build in the current store (hence we don’t add Ultima cores as modules (yet)), it is then technically possible to add regular cores into an Ultima. After all, if the store can’t stop you from adding an Ultima Core to a Terminus build, it can’t stop you from putting a regular core into an Ultima build either.

So you can construct a Stark, Emperor, HoM, PSIT and so on Ultima. Which by default is name embedded.

But since I’m not 100% certain, I made a note to Saint about it in the above post.


available to build as custom ultimas I meant- I said that badly.

got it thanks


What about a custom with only a couple of Ultimas in it? I’d really like to combine BLU and The Executive into a single audio if possible, just to save time.

Or maybe I’m asking too much again. :wink:


DarkPhilosopher, what is the greatest thing about being a moderator?
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That, from what I understand is exactly one of the things that won’t work. One core and several support modules, not multiple cores. Well, Ultima cores that is, no idea if you could create an Ultima with Emperor Core, Stark Core, HoM Core, Mogul Core, Khan ST4 Core and QL ST4 Core for good measure, listen to it overnight and wake up in a warehouse filled with gold wondering where your bed went and if your wallet which is in your other pants is somewhere at the bottom of the pile 'o gold.

Maybe I should have done that in more than 1 sentence…


I have no response to that


Correction. Makes me want to run BLU again so we can have even more fun



I knew it!




Okay, I think my laughing just woke up the neighbours. Thanks for that. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome


So you can either have Beyond Limitless Ultima or Limitless Ultima as the core in your customized sub, but not both?


I am incredibly curious how running a Ultima custom with these modules would be?

  1. Quantum Limitless Stage 1 Core
  2. Total Nonchalance
  3. Rogue
  4. Attachment Destroyer
  5. I Am
  6. Virtuoso di Matematica

Do that for all for stages of Quantum Limitless and a person might become a real life Rick Sanchez
Alternate this with BLU and someone might be able to truly understand and embrace reality.


not beyond limitless. that’s an existing ultima. existing ultimas are not being added, according to the description above.

you can have limitless or quantum limitless as the core.

basically this is another build option for the current modules in the q store. think of the booster you want.


I keep re-reading this from the sales page for Quantum Limitless and I can’t stop thinking about it

“The moment where you will be able to see the cogs of the machine, the lines of reality that make up events, chance, situations, people”

To have as realistic view of reality and understanding of why things are the way they are fascinates the fuck out of me. Especially in the climate we all live in when denial of science especially in America has made critical thinking almost a character flaw and caused obvious unnecessary death and suffering


In that case,

Is it possible to build a customized wealth ultima if there isn’t a stand-alone wealth ultima?


Why would you want to be like someone addicted to alcohol?


Because being stuck dealing with stupid people all day is mentally exhausting
And I was being somewhat sarcastic


Saint said you wouldn’t be able to use regular program cores for ultimas either