Q UPDATE: Multiple masks are coming to Q and more!


So there you go. That leaves non-core modules. Whole lot of those to choose from. I haven’t counted in a while, but it’s a lot.

You know. I’ve been ignoring all of this because I’m occupied. But you know? I think I really like this.

Think about it. You know how you’re building your custom, and you wish you could add more modules? You’ve finished building it and you love it. But you’re still thinking about a few other modules that would have been cool to put in there? Well, now you’re good.

Now I’m just wondering about whether MOSAIC would be recommended for these, since an Ultima booster will probably often be designed as a support to another subliminal track.


Interested in this one as well. @DarkPhilosopher ?


Can you quote him on that, please?

I don’t think that’s the best use, to extend the 20 module limit with a few more by stacking it with those modules in an Ultima.

Instead, think about all those people that kept asking if they could do less than 10 modules in a sub to create something very targeted. Of course, if we really can’t do regular cores in an Ultima, that would be of less use.

People, me included, have been wondering how effective Mosaic is since subs will stack either way.


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If it were that easy, we’d do it.

Probably not. This most likely wouldn’t even work the way you think. The goal here is to create custom boosters to give you that immediate “push” to help take action, not to cram multiple titles together in an attempt to brute force results. This is why we’re most likely not going to allow this – we’ve got more than enough data to see how people generally respond to new features. They’ll ignore our warnings, try to create a Beyond Libertine Limitless Executive Ultima, then yell at us when it doesn’t work as expected.

All the other modules that are available. But they’ll be capped to 3-6 modules.

This really isn’t that confusing – everyone is overcomplicating things. Most likely, the entire Q store will be open to creating Ultimas, you’ll simply be limited to 3-6 modules. The current Ultima Cores (like Executive or Libertine) may not be available. The reason why has been stated multiple times – people will then try to use the Ultima Cores in their regular Q-customs. The alternative is, if you attempt to circumvent these systems (like adding an Ultima Core in a Q-sub), Q-Engineer will simply switch your order status to “On Hold,” and it’ll be your responsibility to contact us and ask for the offending module to be removed, and you’ll be kicked to the bottom of the queue.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but we have to deal with people everyday trying to build customs with too many modules, or too little modules and it wastes A LOT of time. We have to email them and figure out which ones to take out, and then they want refunds on the modules that got cut, even though we’ve made it clear that there’s NO REFUNDS on custom subs, etc. It’s an extreme time waste.

This is exactly what we’re trying to avoid. It. Won’t. Work. Well.

Again, Ultimas are best used as stack boosters. It’s not the best format for large, dense subs. Ya’ll can keep trying to push the envelope if you want – there are no refunds on the Q store, so we decide to let everyone have carte blanche in how they build their custom Ultimas, keep that in mind.

You’d do better to just use QL St1 and then build a custom Ultima with the rest of the listed modules (if that will help you take immediate action on your stack).


Yes, it would be helpful, but the Ultima Core has similar scripting already built in, given the fact that there’s a limited amount of slots.

Custom Ultimas Are Here!

So as to answer other questions, you responded to one of my posts that people most likely won’t be able to create ultimas from major cores has that be decided on?


It was answered indirectly already.

The main point is that even if it’s possible; it is not adviseable.

In a nutshell:

Build your Ultima using non-core modules. Use it as a way to support more immediate, pinpointed action goals and needs.

That’s pretty much it.

I’m here for it. It makes possible an immense number of booster programs.


I’ve been tempted to create a few customized ultimas and treat them like “suits” for the occasion.

So there are days when I need to act like a leader, and other days when I need to act like an academic or even a celebrity. I will run the appropriate customized Ultima for the effect.

This will be a fantastic idea.


It’s probably because I haven’t purchased any Ultimas yet, and have only the Executive which I’ve been sitting on so I’m not aware of how good Ultima is, but I’m far more excited for name embedded regular subs than anything else coming up, lol (that has been announced, anyway. I have a sneaky suspicion Saint and Fire are about to hit us with a doozy of a reveal soon enough).


I love the idea of different suits.

Thinking about it too.

Just have to first find out what the build cost will be… I am hoping under $100.


Makes sense King i was thinking along the same lines.


It is actually similar to what @mecharc seems to be doing with the regular subs. He switches his stack daily according to his needs.

I think customized ultima subs would be more focused and convenient though for his strategy.


Discussion on Custom Ultimas here: Custom Ultimas Are (Almost) Here!


Hey Saint! I know custom Ultimas were your main focus for the past couple of weeks.

With their launch, I wonder what are launch priorities next.

I know the two main things in the air are name-embedded majors and multiple masks for customs.

Any note on which of the two are currently the primary focus?

I would love if the majors with name-embedding comes out next --> something for the more lower-budget crowd :smiley:


Nah, he’s gonna finish those stacking instructions. :slight_smile:


YAAAYYYY!!! :slight_smile:


Any plans for Primarch or an iteration of it for public use any time soon?


As for Ultima power, kindly, take a look at my journal on the Commander:
Commander Stark Aura

I tried LibertineU too but only for one day and only one loop. The results were pretty interesting.


Personally, I would be glad if the more experienced users could share their knowledge on stacking on here. Maybe even one well-written post could serve as a solid base for those instructions. Please. :slight_smile:


Have you read this post? Anything else you learn is basically going to be derived from the points made here.


Yes, it’s like a general guideline which could be a great context or baseline to some more detailed instructions. I think what almost everybody is looking for are numbers.