Q UPDATE: Multiple masks are coming to Q and more!


I’ll finish that one when I have time, I had started it at some point before but didn’t finish it. Thanks for the recommendation.


Are the multiple masks coming soon?




I don’t know how about stacking Ultimas (two or more Ulimas) but stacking one with a major program gives great results as you can read in my journal and I bet in the journals of many other users who decided to do the same. Actually, I stacked StarkT with two Ultimas once. With the Commander and Executive but I started stonewalling and it felt weird in general so I gave up on listening to the Executive.


I don’t know if I’d say I’m a ‘more experienced user’ but I’ve run some experiments in my 8 months here :slight_smile:

Here’s what I’ve discovered

  1. Don’t do 2 terminus titles at a time unless they are same core different modules.
  2. Stacking 3 Q subs at 1-3 hours a day each is pushing the limit of seeing the full effects of each
  3. Terminus has to be 1 loop a day if stacked with anything else except Ultima
  4. After you acclimate to an Ultima you can do 2 different titles a day, preferably 6+ hours apart, but Elixer and The Beast WIthin go well close to each other, where as BLU and LIbertine do not
  5. If running 2+loops of terminus a day, must take the next day off from everything except Ultima or 1 loop of Q at most
  6. I can successfully stack 1 loop terminus 3 loops different Q subs, and 2 Ultimas a day, if in action on everything related to all those titles.
  7. I have successfully stacked 1 loop terminus 5 loops of 3 different Q subs and 2 Ultimas a day-but the jury is out on the sustainability of this.


Thanks Azriel! Great guidelines. Saved this post to personal notes for future reference :slight_smile:


For sure! Hope those help a bit in the navigation until official recommendations.
While we all respond differently, I would bet my experience with those would or will reflect others when running similar protocols.


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