Q UPDATE: Multiple masks are coming to Q and more!


You won’t be listening to all of them all at the same time (at least I hope not), so you don’t have to upgrade all of them at the same time either. You can only do the ones you’re listening to.

Even if they no longer got upgrades to new tech and such?


Would it be a one-time name embed upgrade cost to existing non-embedded shop subliminal products OR every time forward there is an update due to computing and API costs?


That’s a good question. If we offered the name-embedded version of Emperor by default, and Emperor got an upgrade to new tech, would that upgrade still be free?


@DarkPhilosopher - I think the existing titles could keep the non-name-embedding. Maybe new titles can have name-embedding only versions.

But frankly, am okay with am whatever decisions SubClub makes. The prices won’t be exorbitantly high even if they decide to make every title name-embedded only.


Yes, but say that EmperorQ as we call it is version 5 of Emperor (could be 6, whatever). SubClub makes it name-embedded, so existing owners pay the necessary fees to make their Emperor v5 name-embedded.

Now there’s a development and the Emperor script gets updates. It is now Emperor version 6. Previously, that upgrade was free. But now it would mean we have to rebuild our name-embedded Emperor to the new version 6 script, which would once again cost.

See what I mean? It would be similar to if one of the Q store modules got updated. You’d still have a license for that module, but in order to enjoy the update, you would have to rebuild your custom. A name-embedded sub, even if its modules have been pre-selected by SubClub, is still technically a custom.


Exactly. Hence the larger the catalog you own from the shop, the more costly it could be (if all upgrades are subject) to keep it completely up-to-date and one might wait for pending script updates for particular products unless a miracle nominal charge becomes subnominal :wink:


You haven’t run a Q custom yet, have you? :wink:

Of course we’ve tested it. We don’t sell anything that hasn’t been tested. Untested ideas / products are either included with a tested product as a prototype or extra, or we run public tests, just like with Ultima.


Unfortunately, every time going forward. But we are striving for the fee to be nominal. By that, I mean less than the price of what a major title costs now. We aren’t interested in making money from the upgrade, but we’ll go broke if we offered free upgrades on the name embeds because of the cost of the APIs. Eventually, when we create Quintessence v2, this may go away. That’s why we may keep the non-name embeds in the shop. Those upgrades will be free.

This is the best compromise we can come up with at the moment, and we’ll keep working to bring everyone the best value we can. I know it may not be what many what to hear, but we’re still providing the best value you can get anywhere in this industry. Others are charging thousands for customs, full price for every upgrade. Even the scam subliminal site that stole all of our copy and are releasing fake products is charging $1000 for a “custom.”


Hypothetically, say I pay for name-embedding a particular subliminal (eg. Emperor Q) do I lose my non-embedded status for that particular subliminal in the future (assuming non-embedded remain) when an applicable update arises after I paid for name-embedding?


No, of course not. If I’m understanding what you’re asking, your use case is:

  1. You buy EmperorQ v58 name-embedded.
  2. You skip upgrading to v59, v60 and v61.
  3. When v62 comes out, you decide to update.
  4. You’ll pay the nominal upgrade charge to get v62.

You WILL however, have to buy EmperorQ name-embedded the first time though. There may be some kind of upgrade path from non-name to name-embedded, but we’re not sure yet.


Fuck, those old shameful pics of me are out :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


That’s informative. I was trying to ask (and maybe you implied it in Steps 2 & 3) if after initially opting in to purchase name-embedded Emperor v58- would I be permitted within Q system to “switch back” to update Emperor to non name-embedded for purposes of getting v59, v60 & v61 until I later pay again for name embedded v62?


What you’re actually asking is if the name embedded version comes with non-name embedded, so you can get the non-name embedded free upgrades. The answer is, possibly. We’ll see when the time comes.


That’s why I referred to it as “status” with the Q System (un-named & named) for a particular subliminal and the question of relinquishing the un-named status for free upgrades after initially opting to go named…

A person would be penalized in a sense if his future upgrades were stopped (contingent upon next nominal fee) and another’s were continuous (even if the second only enjoyed an un-named later update than the first).

Maybe Q2 will eliminate any of these dilemmas I face having a basically complete SubClub shop library.


I don’t get the complaining about possible fees. Especially when it’s been reiterated that it will be a nominal fee. If you want something especially if it’s a good and powerful as SubClub [Mod Edit: be nice.]


What are the multiple masks?


I hadn’t noticed much complaining, I actually thought everyone was taking it pretty well.


What if I bought a major title and later on you issued the embedded version of it; would I have to buy it as a new product or it would be an free upgrade or you would charge me some extra money for it?


That would just be an upgrade to name-embedded for a nominal fee,
less than the price of what a major title costs now.


From my understanding of how they’ve explained it in other posts, as well as experiments I ran myself over the years, using “I am…” statements leave it open for the subconscious to outright reject. “You are NOT!”

With questions, though, the subconscious really abhors open loops.

So, if I were crafting a sub using this sort of idea, instead of “I am wealthy”, I might use questions like:

  1. When did I first feel wealthy?
  2. When did I first realize my true wealth?
  3. What can I do today to increase my income 1% more than it was yesterday?

The subconscious either loves questions or abhors open loops (probably both) and using questions gets it to start thinking along the lines of whatever presuppositions must be true for the questions to be processed fully.