Q UPDATE: Multiple masks are coming to Q and more!


The latter, definitely. The human subconscious was the first entity diagnosed with OCD. A place for everything and everything in its place. Questions require an answer so they can be placed.

Interesting about the “I am” statements, from what I know that particular combination of words triggers all kinds of things, even energetically.


I made my own sub once that used this idea of questions to get at one’s “life purpose.” Jury is still out. I actually got reconciliation when I listened to it lol


Name embeds are custom, there are no free upgrades to a custom. Major titles can be upgraded for a nominal fee, most likely less than the current cost of a major title, but I’d have to run the numbers. Better technology costs money, a cost we can’t eat.


I once had an app for the iPhone with sleeping sounds. I just used the trial because it was a subscription-based model.

The sounds included audios like “Washing machine” or “vacuum cleaner” or even “bacon sizzling”. Of course there were standards like “Waterfall” or “Fireplace”.

So, I take my subliminal with “bacon sizzling” please :smiley:


I like the idea. Still keep non embeds, which gets updated for life and we get free for life. Name embedded versions of the major titles and Ultima we pay whatever for whichever latest version.


yea that really make sense. i can also tell of myself when there is open loop subconciously i always try to fill the details.

but lets take for example someone who is low on self esteem, wont questions like why arent you confident and such will automatically be filled by the predefined beliefs of the person?
like the subconcoius could answer “because i always been this way” or some other excuse.
how can you prevent from the subconcious to fill thos questions with the previous bad beliefs?


I would expect the questions to be more along the lines of “How did I become so confident?” or “When did I become so confident?”






And that is why you NEVER focus on the negative. Don’t ask why you failed but how you succeed and don’t ask why you are not confident but why you ARE.

Your mind has a surprising ability to find an answer to any question even if it doesn’t seem like there is one. It will find the most obscure things from your past that prove how confident you are.


If the question asks “Why am I X?”, then it presupposes that you are indeed X. Wealthy, confident, fearless, etc.


and how I assume–that’s a big one
this gives process as well as evidence

How am I so confident, how am I succeeding so much etc…


When you think of something, you are also thinking AS something.


You heard it everyone, better get deep diving to get everyone’s brain fluid flowing.

I could see either Ultima or Q (Lite) being the natural evolution here, if you stay with Q (Lite), you “Miss out” (FOMO), on the new tech. I personally want to stay with the lowest power level + focused, for the foundation growth. In the future I may pick some terminus + name embed to upgrade a specific sub I really like.


@SaintSovereign Will the discount codes be applicable to this?


Imagine name-embedded ascension at terminus…that must work fast as hell


I’m still wrapping my head around what a name-embedded Emperor could do, at any power level. :open_mouth:


I am still hoping for an experimental T squared emperor lol


That would be… intense. I’d totally try it, but I’d need to be in a different situation work/business-wise to make use of it, for sure.


I’m still wrapping my head around what’ it’s done :slight_smile:


There is a gentleman here running, I saw the post he ordered it, a 20 module T2 Emperor, Mogul I believe, Stark custom

I am very curious to see how that goes. I think he’ll become a billionaire in a week or his brain will melt.