Q UPDATE: Multiple masks are coming to Q and more!


Sorry, right now I’m having a silly laughing fit since Mind’s Eye is giving me an accurate representation of a symphony of animal farts as a masking track.

Curious how fart jokes are funny even to serious people.


Because everybody knows, when you stand in front of the most beautiful Lady, when she farts it stinks


@SaintSovereign, any news regarding those masks?


Personally I’m curious to see what modules are going to be released today :wink:, there are no release date for the mask yet so we don’t know how much time we’ll have to wait!


I am not sure where you get the idea that the release is today. It is on Monday in their time zone.


Well only the module pack has a confirmed date, but I assume that for the law of efficiency that everything will come out on the same day, or progressively after, like the ultima stuff.


Oh men, guess I took too much morphine when the date came out, I was sure it was today :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


There’s lots of different flavors of Alpha,
flavors of fitness
flavors of seduction
it’s never really redundant with all the subtleties + there can always be improvements, themes, new pathways that to get to goals that may work better for some.

I think Hero is going to be as close to rapid healing, insanely high physical performance, and physical transformation that a sub could give-perhaps with some fearlessness, fortitude, courage etc like super soldier serum


Yes, we’re working on adding them to Q, very soon.


Are the new different masks coming also for already existing major title? so i can find them in my download section on the site?
or its only for new purchases?


Here’s to hoping Hero makes its way into Q modules because I’d like to upgrade my custom to include those when they are available!


Is hero a new product ? or a q module ?. There was a tv show back in the 1980s calked Hero. I suspect SC are creating a product based on the old school archetype.


@JCast please share your thoughts on hero.


@blackadder Hero is a project for new technology around physical changes.


You mean this show?



I think that show is called “Heroes” and it ran during the mid-2000s. Something about “save the cheerleader, save the world”


No mate it was a tv show back in 1970s 80s. It was called Hero.

It was about a hero.


@SubliminalUser thanks will this be a single stage program ?.


Lol, the show “Heroes”, that being “Hiro”.


@blackadder I have nothing to say. I don’t know anything about it and right now I am sticking with Regeneration and Elixir and building solid listening habits with those two although I do add in Executive when required. To paraphrase James Clear in his book Atomic Habits I want to get past the Plateau of Latent Potential. That takes time and patience. Like I said in my journal I feel Elixir and Executive pair well together in that once you clear out what’s keeping you stuck with Elixir by running Executive you become a machine of productivity ,ambition, and drive
I feel in a way that this is why it can be detrimental to compare ourselves to other people or what results either short or long term that they are getting with say working out or even subliminals. It can be an easy way to set yourself up for disappointment and frustration