Q UPDATE: Multiple masks are coming to Q and more!


No its a tv show called hero back in the 1970s


I was replying to his picture of Hiro Nakamura.


My mistake it was called Cover Up. The sound track was Hero.


They will be new options on the Q site.


Audio preview included?


Of course.


what about people who listen to major titles? when can we enjoy different masked audios?


You’ll have to wait until we roll out full automation and name embeds for major titles. There’s no way we can realistically add multiple masks for every single title any time soon, especially for what we’re charging for a major title.


Looks like NEW custom purchases only.


Hero will be released this weekend i believe keep your master cards ready.


I’d be curious to know what is the new building system SaintSovereign keep refering to :thinking:

What will it change?


@WhiteTiger some new high spec server with multiple cpus, terrabytes of memory and a giant SSD drive


Shit, it’s crazy, do you think they’ll be able to do some subs maybe with 25 modules or even stronger builds :open_mouth: or maybe ultima custom titles!

That would be Crazy!


@WhiteTiger with multiple cpus and terrabyties of memory anything is possible.


My prediction is that nothing will be released this weekend


@JCast be positive and have faith :slight_smile:


do you have good intel, or is this an intuition?

I have faith :slight_smile:


Wishful thinking


Intel for sure my friend :slight_smile:


Best believe I’ll be taking all physical change modules to the maximum during quarantine and surprise the hell out of everyone once they see me in person again.