Q UPDATE: Multiple masks are coming to Q and more!


Amen to that, @blackadder you sure got me excited again!


Given the large amount of hype for the Ultima upgrades (aka the mysterious 12), and the utter lack of hype for anything else, I’m guessing no major drops this weekend. Though I’d be happy to be wrong, of course. :wink:


I haven’t seen hero threads, can ya help a guy out?


Hahaha, “HERO” will not be coming out any time soon. We just started real research on Project: Hero, including a prototype that I’m testing at the moment. But, stay tuned for some public / private tests.


As one I’m already running a set of physical change modules and therefore have a base of comparison, sign me up! :smiley:


Copy that. What can you tell us about Project: Hero without compromising anything, if anything at all?


Dibs! Will stay tuned for the tests.


Are there any products like some hinted ultimas coming out soon or other awesome products?


@blackadder played us all :joy:


The name itself is a hint. :slight_smile:


I was just thinking how cool it would be if one day we could get a matching custom ultima with all the same modules in our q and t/t2 customs…


The community after Hero comes out :


Are new masks still on the line for release this month?


Hopefully. We have a few that we may be able to roll out.


Do you have any sample as of presently? I’m really curious about these as you can tell.


Yes, we’ll be posting them soon.


Roger that.


You Will we be able to get all mask formats of the sub? If there are 10 masks, we get all 10 in a zip.


I’m under the impression you would choose the one you want and get that one.

If they can get this fully automated (I think they will) then I think it will be free of charge.


Are there going to be multiple masks for major titles?