Quantum Fitness


Experimented with legacy twice a day before workouts and beast unleashed at the gym cause i have a bit of trouble getting motivated at the end of day to workout after work.Really missed the effects of beast unleashed.Great workout,more focus and dont get tired as fast.Wonder if it will be too much along with the customs though cause it was fine to use these before Q but not sure about the state of superchargers and active superchargers after Q.Though still waiting for a sex unleashed Q active supercharger if it works anything like beast unleashed,just hope it would have good music though,lol.Would be awesome xp

Edit-Saint replied.Looks like superchargers are fine to use with Q customs so legacy and beast unleashed are gonna become staples in the stack cause workouts are a lot better with them(^_^)


Oh,yeah.The power level is Q.Ive tried starkQ at normal levels and got really good results but my results completely dissapeared/reversed when i tried using the terminus experimental so guess it was too powerful for me so figured would go with what i know works for the custom rather than make a gamble on terminus.May try out terminus after running it for 6 months to a year


Theres one weird thing that i cant figure out though.Before the custom,i used to sleep through until my alarm rings at 7.30 but since starting it.I wake up everyday at 5.30 like clockwork,no matter how late or early i sleep.I dont feel tired when i wake up at 5.30 but after going back to sleep and waking up at my usual time.I end up waking up tired.Wonder if anyone has any idea what could be causing it?Maybe i shouldnt have left out deep sleep after all(>_<)