Quantum LimitlessQ + something else(?) Can you help me?


I’ll think of something for tomorrow :thinking::yum:


So @Simon…stacks dont matter unless you take action aligned with every sub you play…
If you play asc mogul and there after take related action…then later on play limitless and study one should be fine?


Ohhhhhhh, I didn’t know that was a day time thing.

I always listen through the night too purely because I prefer the convience and I do a lot during the day so I just limited to 6 based off the day time that was given.

Thanks for clarifying!

@FoxDie apologies for the wrong information! Simon is someone I look to for knowledge so please get your info from him for sure.


It has been known for over a year now, that:

{a} Night listening may not be as useful, and

{b} Six hours a day of listening is sufficient because you need processing time.

Unfortunately, most people either forgot or misinterpreted that thread.

Anyway, this was back in New Dawn days. The current Q subs are 3-6 times denser than ND. So, they need even less listening time – aka, even more processing time.

Which is why in the early days of Q, I had written:

And I’m still following that Warrior Diet model – giving myself 20+ hours of processing time everyday. :wink:


If it’s working for you, and is convenient, then you don’t need to change a thing. :+1:t2: :slight_smile:


I saw a thread in regards to day listening being better than night listening but assumed that was due to Pre-Q and people having the subs on 24/7, not giving any time for processing.

Reading that thread through has just made me confused and now I’m not sure when to run my stack for the best results. In terms of convience, nights has been better for me.

I have 2-3 majors and 2 Ultimas, now I’m unsure how to use/stack them. Normally I’d alternate them each night and use one Ultima for one loop during the day and the next the day after.


I pulled back on the loops I am running of Dragon Reborn. I ran one loop of stage one yesterday morning and ran Elixir last night. I feel good today. Maybe better than I have in a while

  1. PS, or Emperor, or Khan come to mind

PS may be best for starting out

  1. 1-2 loops a day is enough, and you can increase slowly

  2. yes it’s okay and even better than stacking 2 multisages esp as you get started


Seriously - is that a generally accepted fact(or consensus) that nighttime listening is only 1/4 as effective ?

Then I’ll have to recalculate my loops


I do not think this is the case. It makes very little sense IMO, with all due respect.

If anything the effectiveness is higher. But it may mess with your sleep which would mean you don’t integrate things as well as you could also if you just let your mind rest at night. THIS may be the reason that it may make your total experience not as rewarding/effective.

So best try and see what works for you, but I’ve also found I have more energy when I let my mind rest at night.


Every sentence after this one says the opposite, instead of making a case for it. :smile:

To me, it’s like sleep learning. If someone slept through the entire year for all classes of a particular subject, and played audio-textbooks while sleeping at night for a month before the exam, how much money would you bet on his success! :thinking:

No, that’s just my personal assessment – as sleep listeners are the only ones who seem to pull off big numbers like 7-10 hours of Q play.

If you could serve us a science experiment, please play your night stack for the same amount of time in the day, and report if it pretty much feels the same, or is much tougher.

Subjective differences of course apply. Some users can play 6 hours in a day, but these people also tend to take regular off days and washouts.


There was never any need to count loops. How does that even matter?
In my knowledge, it’s just something one of the competitors used to require. SC official instructions never asked users to count loops.

Personally, I don’t even see the point in counting Days, but I understand that many people want to feel a sense of “I have a plan” for their multi-stage journeys.

With SC products, the only reason to change your stack is when your goals, emotional needs, or action plans have significantly changed. Here you will notice lots of people investing a lot more (or less) days on any of the stages.

To whoever is curious about Simon’s take on stages/loops/etc., click on the following link – the discussion continues beyond the linked post.


I re-read that thread section and saw that beneath your posts I typed:

hahaha. It looks like I was writing your end-of-semester evaluation.


Then you recommended me to the selection committee. :smile:

And gave me homework. :sweat_smile:

Jokes aside. Thank you for the compliments @Malkuth. :hugs:


Nah, I dont need to make a case for anything. Just arguing on both sides in order to get as much info out as possible. Truth of the matter is the unconscious is much more easily influenced as one sleeps. So if you make an effort to understand me you’ll easily realize that I am defining effectiveness along the lines of how easy is it to be influenced by it. I don’t think 8 hours listening at night is like 2 hours awake.

On the parts that come after it I am taking into account the fact that one may have less energy the next day, have to deal with more reconciliation, etc. Thus, in the next part when defining effectiveness I am going much further and taking a lot more into consideration.

So no, it doesn’t say the opposite. It just adds to it in an effort to A) add even more value B) argue in favour of what you had said

I listen actually around 16-18 hours a day during the day only. :wink: