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@mecharc - no. The idea of my meditation is to focus on a single object. It could be a ball of light, or breathing, etc. So I don’t change the object.


Ahhh! For a second i thouight we had similar meditation routines. Coz i also start with a ball of light.


@mecharc - oh okay. How does your meditation play out? You walk into the light and is there more visualization?


I Initially do a body scan with the ball of light. Then the ball gets out of my body and then exactly what you said! wow!!


@mecharc - very interesting. Sounds like a healing meditation for some reason.


@raphael I used to do that for anything that would make me anxious or nervous or bring out my insecurity. Now i switch on khan ST1 and and visualise of the external phenomena that is making me feel negative!


@mecharc - there should be a meme that says “total breakdown is my meditation”. But then, in a large way, subliminals are our meditations now.


I was never a friend of the NoFap approach but i understand why some people are into that. But here is a little help maybe to see the whole thing from another perspective.

Researchers from Harvard University have released the results of the study, in the scientific journal, European Urology, which suggests that men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month can reduce their chance of developing prostate cancer by up to a third.

Prostate cancer is a serious issue. Worldwide, around 1.1 Million Men are diagnosed with the condition every year.

More than 300,000 men will die of prostate cancer this year alone. The risk increases dramatically in men over the age of 65, with more than 85% of cases being diagnosed in men of pensionable age.

By the way i am into medicine since 20 years with my own office every week there is a new hype around diet food nutrition and so on. OMAD another form of intermittent fasting is not healthy in the long run. There are hints that it leads to an eating disorder. Another study with rats showed this:

Intermittent fasting for three months decreases pancreatic islet mass and increases insulin resistance in Wistar rats

After any diet mostly all of the patients will get back to their original weight or more.
I prefer the set point theory because i see it everyday in my office.

For sure its fine to eat good food and drink clear water but beware of the gurus out there
claiming they have the key. And dont castigate yourself. Life should be fun and if you are out and there is this sweet girl who wants to go to the cafe with this nice ice cream…
EAT IT!!! Enjoy it!
Sorry i couldnt resist…
good luck!


Gonna have to challenge you a bit on this one.

First off, this is a singular study, not replicated as far as I can see. (Not the researchers’ fault, as getting funding for new studies is often easier than just replicating a study)

Secondly, they found no notable relationship between ejaculation frequency at ages 20–29 or 40–49 and gene expression. However, they found significant associations in the expression of 409 genes when they looked at ejaculation frequency in 1991.

They only found significant associations when they were at the age where most men get prostate cancer anyways.

If anything, according to this study, masturbating 21+ times a month is really only necessary when you’re 50+.

People’s minds always find excuses not to do something when it gets difficult, whether it’s nofap, diet, exercise routine, waking up early, etc. They’ll claim doing something is stupid or find someone to make an excuse for them (“oh look this article says working out intensely is really strenuous on your body and you run the risk of injury”, yada yada, “you could just compromise by doing this easier workout instead” etc).

Intermittent fasting (or time-restricted eating as a more descriptive term) makes a lotta sense if you ask me. Back in our hunter gatherer days we would go days without a meal until we hunted an animal, ate a big meal, and didn’t eat again for a while.

Check out this Time Restricted Eating vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QC3dQaY1Mrs

Yeah, many people who try fad diets return to their original weight after a few months, because they didn’t want to put in the work to STICK to the diet. Change is difficult, and requires daily upkeep until the day you die, otherwise you fall back on your habits or plateau. Mindset is key.

Sorry for the rant (and sorry for the harshness, the nofap effects are undeniable to me and I feel like I gotta defend it lol). As a compromise I’d say at least try stick to one or two week streaks, it’s well worth it.

You make great points of being wary of gurus and not castigating yourself. You do only live one life, and letting yourself enjoy things (#TreatYoSelf) is also important. Just for me getting too comfortable and letting things slide can be a slippery slope back to the bottom.


@Hannibal - thanks for the expert advice. I feel that a more easier way of explaining NoFap is that it is similar to the process alcohol addicts use to control their alcohol intake. That is they take responsibility for it and also quit (sometimes cold turkey and sometimes in a way that decreases the intake over time).

Just like that, people who are more prone to porn and masturbation to an excess, practice abstinence in order to regain control of themselves (interestingly, I have no fascination at all with alcohol or cigarettes. I can drink alcohol anytime and not feel like I need more than a glass. Not the same for fapping though. Just goes to show that everyone has their own personal challenges).

In my personal experience, NoFap does work. Things I have experienced doing it are:
-More energy
-More confidence
-Stronger eye contact especially with women
-More drive
-Harder erections
-More testosterone
-Deeper voice
-Being more attractive to others
-increased creativity

There are more benefits but these are the ones I have experienced along with many others who will vouch for them.

Now it could all be a placebo effect but it is too real for me to not continue.

Regarding OMAD, it’s like @TarMac has mentioned. One Meal A Day is actually a normal diet that has been encoded in our DNA from ancient times where we hunt for food in the day and eat in the evening. It personally works for me for weight loss and reducing inflammation (my legs swelll easily when I put on weight. Add to that a blood clotting issue in my lower limbs and OMAD helps me drastically change my swollen legs into thinner healthier ones).

So looking at all the benefits both NoFap and OMAD has given me, I would like to continue them.

Having said that, I am not anti-sex or anti-feasting or anything like that. I am the type who loves sex but would like to do it with a rotation of women (which I will do so after I solve my wealth issues. Am not bad on the Seduction front but my finance is in shambles). And I don’t mind eating a bit more once in a while. For example, have one more meal in one day if there is a celebration.

Thanks for the discussion.


What do you think of spartan so far?


@rising - I love Spartan. It has made my Khan ST1 and ST2 easier by helping with my mindset. I feel more mentally strong with Spartan.


I observed the same with spartan and limitless


@rising - I was doing Khan ST1 +Regeneration + Ultimate Artist for a while when I realized that I wasn’t getting anything out of running UA in this stack. Doing Khan Total Breakdown wasn’t adding up well with Ultimate Artist for me (am guessing cause breakdown was affecting my creativity too). So I removed UA.

But one night I simply added Spartan to ST1 and Regeneration to get the health benefits of Spartan and I wok feeling great the next day.


what is your stack like and how many times you listen? @raphael


@rising - so far it has been Khan + Regeneration + Spartan (all once one after the other). A few days back I added Godlike Masculinity.

I made slight modifications yesterday night though but that I will lay out in today’s journal after a couple of hours.

PS: have used both masked and ultrasonic. Ultrasonic using Bluetooth speakers and below - 20db. Both have the same effect for me.


@rising - and regarding time, I just play it in the night while sleeping so I don’t count the loops. So far I have done 31 days of Khan ST1 and 6 days of ST2. Regeneration I played since the beginning (so around 37 days). And Spartan I added around 2 weeks back (around 14 days).


Thats what counts. Wish you all the best for your way.


Thank you, @Hannibal


@raphael how has godlike masculinity been in terms of productivity? Do you feel any noticible changes which you didn’t feel before it with your previous stack?