Raphael's Khan Journal


@Sarshet - right now productivity isn’t that high although am slowly getting the feeling to drop wasting time watching YouTube videos after adding Godlike Masculinity. I had already left social media before starting any of the subs here but after starting Khan, there is no desire to go back to that.

Right now, my experience is that I am feeling stronger mentally. Even more than having just added Spartan to Khan. My NoFap and OMAD was perfect today. And also I am less reactive to people around me since I added GM.

Regarding productivity again, since I am in Khan ST2, it might take time to be productive since ST2 is Total Reprogramming and it might be ST3 Total Action that will bring out the productive side of me. But I feel that I might be taking action sooner than expected thanks to Godlike Masculinity and if that happens, I will surely tag you and let you know.


Day 7 Khan ST2 + Ultimate Artist + Spartan + Godlike Masculinity

So a couple of changes in my stack. First of all, I removed Regeneration from it. I feel that it combined with Khan ST1 Total Breakdown has done enough healing on me. And although I continued Regeneration for 6 days with ST2, I felt it was time to drop it.

Another reason for stopping Regeneration is to give space to Ultimate Artist. Those who followed this journal from the beginning will know that I had UA in my stack since ST1 but removed it since there was no sense of creativity or effect of UA when I was doing Khan ST1 Total Breakdown. So am test running UA with ST2 to see if it works and might drop it if it doesn’t. Am sure UA will be perfect with Khan ST3 Total Action but I added UA with ST2 right now just to see if something comes up before the expected due time.

Have also switched back to Ultrasonics yesterday. For me, both masked and ultrasonics are the same in terms of effects and my dreams were vivid as usual. But the best part about ultrasonics is that I don’t need to plug my ears up and I can be relatively comfortable when I sleep at night. Also it is easier to continue playing it in my room in the morning which I will do from tomorrow onwards.

My current stack is:

Khan ST2 x 2
Spartan x 1
Ultimate Artist x 2
Godlike Masculinity x 1


When i am listening masked i do it over speaker, no need to use headphones, i think saint is playing masked from his mobile speaker on low volume


@rising - yeah I know I could do this but I prefer ultrasonics over speakers.


Day 8 Khan ST2 + Ultimate Artist + Spartan + Godlike Masculinity

Was able to do OMAD and NoFap perfect yesterday but broke my OMAD diet today. Fall, Rise and BrushThatDustOff. Am glad I stayed strong for NoFap today though.

PS: was seriously hyped for Quantum Limitless. Can’t wait to get it and turn my stack from an originally Healing playlist (with Khan ST1/ST2 + Regeneration + Spartan) to a Masculinity&Creativity stack (Godlike Masculinity + Khan ST3/ST4 + Quantum Limitless + Ultimate Artist). I wonder if UA is included in QL.


Day 9 and 10 Khan ST2 + Ultimate Artist + Spartan + Godlike Masculinity

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I reached my hometown and when I entered my house there, I noticed that I was able to see more of the staircase while I climbed it and even when going down the steps felt much more smooth compared to before. This was unusual since my eyesight makes it difficult to walk this fast.

On top of that, I was comfortable crossing the street that night when usually this is very difficult.

There were many other eye improvements and my parents observed that I was much more free in the way I walked and the relief made my state of mind so chill that my sense of humor sky-rocketed.

I am mentioning all this because I firmly believe that SubClub subs helped me manifest the stem cell treatment for my eyes.

Not only that but I was more authoritative when talking with a lawyer and an agent who had a business proposal. It felt natural as if I had always done this when in fact previous attempts at being alpha always felt weak and largely ineffective.

My eye health is improving remarkably and my Khan foundation is being build on a solid Godlike Masculine foundation.


Great to hear. Eyes are the most important organ there is (apart from lil Raphael :joy:) so glad to hear it and you are better.


@Michel - amen to “lil raph” :grin:. But yes, eyes are the most important organs. And thank you!


It’s great to hear that your health is getting better @raphael.


Thanks a lot, @d1gz


That’s amazing! :grinning:


It definitely is, @lowrider :blush:


Good job mate :slight_smile:


@rising - Thank you, bro


I’m curious, How did the Locals react to the transforming new you?


@mecharc - will tell more about this in my next journal entry in a few hours since am in the midst of a few things right now.


I am glued to my laptop till then!


@mecharc - Haha!


Day 11 and 12 Khan ST2 + Ultimate Artist + Spartan + Godlike Masculinity

Two days where I experienced more dominance when interacting with others. It feels like Godlike Masculinity is stacking very well with Khan Total Reprogramming, Spartan and NoFap.

My voice is rumbling deep and when I talk to others, they turn to look at me smiling when they respond.

This is not a common occurance before except when people want my validation. You know the drill. People are down and they come to you just to give their ego a boost. You be a nice-guy to them, they are happy and then they go their way.

I stopped being a nice-guy but all it did for me was make people feel that I became arrogant. There is no sense of rapport or natural leadership.

After doing the above mentioned stack, it felt more natural to order people around. For example, yesterday my dad’s lawyer was supposed to bring us some printouts. My father hadn’t asked him yet. In the middle of him talking to my dad, I “mansplained” and gently but firmly interrupted the conversation to remind him of the printouts. He normally doesn’t talk to me but went ahead to stop and gave me the sheets, taking the time to explain them to me. This wasn’t a one-off moment though. When another client was talking, he told something stupid to my dad and I called him out on his bullshit (not rudely but slightly forceful) which actually made my mother, who was sitting beside me to finalise a family business agreement, later say that she appreciated that I stood up for my father. Even after that, the same client shook my hand at the end of the meet to signify ‘no hard feelings’ . There was another moment, later on the same day, yesterday when the electrician came to do a few repairs and even though he is normally aloof and unfriendly to me before, he did a total u-turn this time, smiling and talking to me like an old friend and listening to my questions and answering them. I do have a history of not being listened to quite often and this was a major change.

Today too I felt totally in charge when I went out and about. People who normally don’t give me the time of day end up looking at me and taking interest. I got a few looks from the ladies too when I was eating out.

Am also a bit more masculine in the way I talk to my parents whereas before I was either supplicant or rude to them (both of which I hated doing). Nowadays, apart from the rare times I do get angry, am usually calmer but more in control of my masculine energy. And I can see people looking at me with a curiosity that I haven’t seen before. As if asking themselves “where did this new Raphael come from?”

cc: @mecharc, @dorfmeister


Still feel like a nice guy? :yum: