Raphael's Khan Journal


@Michel - :grin: “No More Mr Nice Guy” has finally manifested in a natural way rather than having to “fake it till I make it”


I honestly had so much fun reading this


Now my mind is convinced to add godlike masculinity to my post exam stack.

Sex Mastery - For when I meet my girlfriend ( listen everyday for a week before we meet)

True Social x 2

Khan + Mogul + Glm * loop


@mecharc - that’s an excellent stack. Glad I could help.


Fucking hell Raphael these changes are amazing welldone :slight_smile:


@blackadder - thanks bro. And when QL comes, am gonna replace Spartan with QL and become a Godlike Masculine Nerd Khan lol.


I have read your last entry 3 more times… Feel so good seeing your results!! Honestly well done bro!!!


Must. Not. Make. A. Joke…


I thought the same thing :rofl:


@Michel, @Neurokinetic - hahahaha


Day 13 Khan ST2 + Ultimate Artist + Spartan + Godlike Masculinity

When I took the time to reflect on what’s changed so far, I felt that it was the massive reduction in my sense of fear. Fear of being judged by my parents, elders, relatives, peers, friends, and everyone around me. You try and try to lose this insecurity and your worth being weighed everyday. But not so anymore. I just do my thing. Very naturally too. I don’t get my words and actions right every time but even when I make a mistake, it doesn’t feel so bad. Interestingly when one is not so worried anymore about gaining respect, one is given respect.

I also find myself giving more genuine smiles. I don’t feel the need to do it but when I do show cheerfulness, it feels true to both me and the person I am interacting with. Previously, I used to feel that I am forcing a smile and the whole thing becomes an ugly grin.

In short, its as if the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” is included in Godlike Masculinity.


Damn all these posts lately about GLM make me want to hop on that bandwagon so badly. That’s the problem with being active on these forums. You start reading about results others get from their programs and you get that FOMO feeling. But I have to practice what I preach - stick to my plan and see it through. It helps knowing that GLM is in both Emperor and AM though so even if I’m not getting directly, it’s still in there somewhere.


Apart from the parents part, the rest are something I have in my goals too


@Neurokinetic - the beauty of Godlike Masculinity is that it is Stacking Module. And it will be excellent with your current stack of Emperor and Ascended Mogul. Even if Godlike Masculinity is included in your current Major Subliminals, adding GM to it will amplify your Masculine edge. Why I am sure of this is because I have used Khan without GM and with GM. And the difference is very noticeable and feels like am just fulfilling the things written in the Godlike Masculinity Sales Page.

Here are some advantages I got word for word from the GM sales page (bold are things experienced by me):

-Power, strength, ambition, character, discipline, dominance.
All traits that describe a masculine man.
And Godlike Masculinity was created to bring out these qualities in you, and not only bring them out, but develop them in the most natural way for you.

-This stacking module will allow you to add a powerful masculine edge to any subliminal you run it with.

-we are talking about elevating them (masculine qualities) as high as is possible and then beyond, to the Godlike levels, where your word is law.

-it also will destroy anything that inhibits your Masculine expression, including negative beliefs, negative emotions and limitations.

And am looking forward to this bonus effect:
-Godlike Masculinity: Develop an Impenetrable Sense of Masculinity, Get Better Subliminal Results


@mecharc - you will definitely get all that and more!


Okay you’ve sold me, I swapped out one of my AMs for 2 GLMs. :smiley:


@raphael you should contact the creators to see you can re write the sales page for Khan!! Khan sales will up by 80%


@Neurokinetic - dude! You can keep both Emperor and AM AND add GM to it. You will get the perfect stack. Since Emperor and AM are major subs and GM is a stacking sub, GM will amplify both Emperor and AM. So consider keeping AM. But of course, your choice, bro.


@mecharc - :grin::grin::grin: all I will ask in return is a couple of free 700 dollars custom subs lol


It is still in there! My old stack was:

  • Emperor v3,
  • AM (x3),
  • Inner Circle,
  • Emperor v3.

Now my stack is

  • Emperor v3,
  • AM (x2),
  • GLM (x2),
  • Inner Circle,
  • Emperor v3.

Because of the track lengths it actually saves me ~15 minutes of listening time :sweat_smile: