Raphael's Khan Journal


@Neurokinetic - oh gotcha. Cheers!


If I may ask, how long did you have it in your stack before you started noticing results? :slight_smile:


I have the same query


Wow very inspiring. seems like GM is working great for you! I’ll have to look into this myself.


@Neurokinetic @mecharc - it’s only been 10 days since I added it to my stack. Got real tangible results in around 8 days. I started with playing it 3 times in the stack. Then reduced it to 2 and then to once per stack so that I could give priority to my Khan ST2 which I now play 2 times in a stack.

Currents stack:

Khan ST2 x 2
Spartan x 1
Ultimate Artist x 2
Godlike Masculinity x 1

Of course Khan must also be working but since I have tried Khan ST2 with and without Godlike Masculinity, I really can feel the difference.

GM is one of SubClub’s first products and I feel they have put a lot of passion into this stacking module.


@lowrider - please do, my friend. Especially if you like the idea of amplifying your Masculine edge. Really needed GM after all that emasculation. I felt like a lion when I was walking in the morning today.


I’ll run it twice in my stack for 10 days and see what happens. Thanks brother :smiley:


@raphael do I start GM with St1 or wait to go to ST2


@mecharc - please start it at the earliest. I added it at ST2 only because my intuition was bugging me to do so. At first I rationalized it away telling myself that Khan has GM in it but the sales page convinced me that it was a worthy stacking module especially since the Masculinity was much needed.


@Neurokinetic haha! Welcome bro!


Day 13 Khan ST2 + Ultimate Artist + Spartan + Godlike Masculinity

My Masculinity is almost natural now. It can only get better. I have to perform more actions to bring out the Masculinity in me. This is more like turning on the ignition with a small twist of the car-key, and the subliminal stack will do the rest and revv us up to take the fast lane.

Also excited about Quantum Limitless dropping tomorrow. Am definitely going to add that to my stack by replacing Spartan with it. And possibly removing Ultimate Artist too depending on the way QL is.


I really like reading your stories about how other people changed their reactions infront of you. Do you have any such story today?

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Have fun starting QL!! I really want to too but going to stand by my stack for another few months. QL probably will happen in the new year


@mecharc - hmm let me think. The day was quite similar to my “business transaction” day which happened 2 days back. The interaction with our lawyer and me is more natural with me taking a dominant stance and being able to control the conversation even though he is way elder than me.

Oh okay. I remember feeling more responsible for my family too. This might be because of Khan but since GM will amplify your stack, this could be it too.

Fear is even more reduced. Not scared of challenging authority figures. More able to explain something in a calm way when you want to make the point in a soothing manner. Was able to convince dad about an important point when he got agitated.

Try it and then it will be you telling us the stories. Can’t wait, bro!


@Neurokinetic - Kudos for staying strong. And QL would be an excellent program to start the new year with.


your results make me restless!!! :star_struck: can’t wait my exams to end, so i can start taking action!!!


That’s it, I’m getting GM! I’m sold! :+1:t3:


@lowrider - haha! Glad it inspired you too.


Why you removed inner circle?


@rising - didn’t get you.