Raphael's Khan Journal


seems like you used to run inner but you dont anymore?


@rising oh! Inner Circle is in @Neurokinetic 's stack. He is still keeping it. I have not used IC.


Oh i was re reading your journal and i didnt see the username, my bad


@rising - no issues at all. I was just wondering whether I was listening to Inner Circle without knowing it. The power of subliminals! Lol


Day 14 and 15 Khan ST2 + Ultimate Artist + Spartan + Godlike Masculinity

This will be the last day of this stack since I purchased Quantum Limitless and will be stacking it with Khan and Godlike Masculinity.

Before that, I would like to say it again that my Masculinity is off the charts. I didn’t go out much yesterday but today after church, we went to the hospital to meet someone who had to be admitted to the ICU for an issue which later turned out to be minor.

When visiting him and his sons, I felt social and was able to make him feel better. I am already naturally good with older folks but I felt even more comfortable sharing space with him and his family. I don’t know him very well. He’s more like an old family friend and neighbor to my dad.

I noticed that I didn’t need to be outspoken all the time. Even if I was silent, I felt no need to be accepted by any group. Some of us feel the pressure to say something relevant or clever just to feel included. I used to feel that way before. But not so much now. And when I did speak, it felt relevant to everyone listening.

Am quite enjoying the attention. But more importantly, I feel real good about myself. Am sure it is a combination of Khan ST2, Spartan and Godlike Masculinity now (and Khan ST1 & Regeneration before). Definitely alpha-ing up.

But now its time to move towards uping my learning quotient with Quantum Limitless. My plan is to run through all the stages of QL in their natural, numerical order with 30 days for each stage.

Will be removing Spartan since I am moving past the healing and physical stage for now. And will also remove Ultimate Artist so that I can put more time into Quantum Limitless. Will add Ultimate Artist back after having reached both Khan ST4 and Quantum Limitless ST4 OR when my intuition tells me that it is time to throw Ultimate Artist to the mix.

New stack:

Khan ST2 x 1
Quantum Limitless ST1 x 1
Godlike Masculinity x 1


Wow!! I want to buy Ql too, just a little financially constrained at the moment, so gonna live vicariously for some time through others QL results.


I cant wait for your QL review



Inspiring journal @Raphael


Raphael has really committed himself to become the best version of himself. It makes me happy when i read his progress :slight_smile:. Can wait till he reports back on QL.


@mecharc - will definitely try my best to sell it to you like Godlike Masculinity. It would be so good that you can’t resist buying it lol.

Jokes aside, I will try my best to both listen to it, take action and journal well so that you can also benefit from the review.


@rising - can’t wait for QL to work. I don’t know whether it will be instant results since am starting from QL ST1 but fingers crossed.


Thanks a lot, @Michel


Your words are much appreciated, @blackadder. My hope is that Godlike Masculinity, Khan and Quantum Limitless will help me learn anything I want, write books, achieve wealth through writing and also gain dominance, status and women. Will add back Ultimate Artist later after doing this new stack for a while so that it will enhance creativity. Will possibly add Ecstacy of Gold but not this year. I really need to amp up my money game but am trying to not overload my stack too. I know that Khan has money related affirmations in it but I would love to go to the next level with EoG after I complete both Khan and QL and do both their ST4s for several months.


My hopes of squeezing out my pennies for Ql are pinned on you review.


Khan ST2 Day 16
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 1
Godlike Masculinity

So while playing Quantum Limitless ST1 for the first time, I felt a slight tingling for a few seconds in my head. It was so slight that I was wondering whether I imagined it but it was confirmed that it was “not all just in my head” (pun intended) since I read that someone else felt the same thing on this forum.

I didn’t feel like the guy from the movie Limitless but it is too early to say because the first stage is Re-Balance stage. I did notice that I was speaking faster and more clearly today though. Might be QL. Also felt a slight headache in the afternoon but it went away after 5 mins.

Also since I am clubbing 2 Multi-stage subs together (Khan and QL), i don’t expect rapid change. But I am willing to give it some time and don’t mind if I have to wait until ST4s of both Khan and Quantum Limitless to get their benefits.

But I have this feeling that it will be sooner.

PS: was at the land registration office when I was sweeping my eyes over the room while waiting for a particular official to show up and saw this lady looking at me. Was a bit surprised since she was with a man who was clearly her husband. She was looking at me sideways while her husband wasn’t looking. I just maintained eye contact and a slight smile until she slowly looked away as if she was pulling her eyes away. Interesting.


Very Interesting. But when you say rapid change… you are already experiencing change aren’t you?


“Women are always seeking alpha”

Has she spotted one, I wonder?


@Michel - yes they do :+1:


@mecharc - it’s too early to tell for Quantum Limitless. Since I am getting rapid changes for Khan and Godlike Masculinity, there is still time for QL to take effect.


Khan ST2 Day 17
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 2
Godlike Masculinity

Today I had this short incident which made me feel a bit off for a few minutes. It wasn’t something externally noticeable but I was processing it internally.

I was shopping and after I was done with it, I was just looking around the place. I saw this guy who was tall and had a great head of hair. Now am of average height (5’10) and do have some bald spots so it immediately triggered an inferiority complex. It’s not like I was seeing a person like this for the first time but I guess my frame wasn’t very well at that moment. We all know that physical characteristics aren’t the most important part of being a man but once in a while, it does affect our self-perception of attractiveness.

I just stopped for a moment, took a few deep breaths and was back to feeling like myself.

And then resolved to play 2 loops of Godlike Masculinity along with Khan and Quantum Limitless.