Raphael's Khan Journal


Khan ST2 Day 18
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 3
Godlike Masculinity

A day of travel. Nothing much to report today other than being exhausted after a full day trip.

Just that adding 2 loops of Godlike Masculinity does make me feel more alpha now.

Am guessing that one loop of GM was enough before adding Quantum Limitless to the stack. Since QL is a heavy script, need more GM to emphasize the Masculinity.

Possibly QL ST1 Re-Balancing the brain will affect my thought process too as it does its repair work.


Excellent self-control. Kudos on how you handled yourself :smiley:


I know yur pain bro


@Neurokinetic - possible that the subs are helping too :slight_smile:


@NewLease - yup. A never ending battle


@raphael still waiting to be sold :see_no_evil:


I can relate to Raphael as i use to have a bald patch. Until i shaved all my hair off. Before that i use to feel really uncomfortable when a girl use to sit behind me on the bus. I was afraid she would look at my bald patch and laugh.


@blackadder - yes. I have been seriously considering going full bald or at least “stubble on the head” lol. Or a subliminal that helps with the hair. Possibly a custom sub from SubClub :wink:


@mecharc - too early to say. The ST1 of QL feels similar to the ST1 of Khan. Not that am feeling like am being broken down like in Khan but that repair and re-balancing the brain makes me feel like am “under construction”


Khan ST2 Day 19
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 4
Godlike Masculinity

Feel more closer to my folks these days. Also most of the people I meet now are friendlier than before. Either am manifesting better people into my life or leveling up so that people automatically treat me better or a combination of both.

PS: my OMAD and NoFap streak is going well.


@raphael please look into my last journal entry ’ arc journey to Khan" you’re advise will be appreciated.


Khan ST2 Day 20
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 5
Godlike Masculinity

There definitely is a feeling of having slowed down after adding Quantum Limitless to Khan. Feels somehow heavy. It is possible that having 2 multistage subs is making my brain work over time. At first I thought I should stop QL for a while but then thought what the heck. I will try it out to the end and see how it works out.


Do you feel uncomfortable?


@mecharc - no discomfort at all thankfully. I still have the masculine edge. I just feel like am “paused” for lack of a better word. I am guessing this is because of Quantum Limitless ST1 which is Re-balancing and repairing my brain.


It’s amazing how u push through!!


Could also be goals of the stages themselves. One is about installing new programming while the other is shifting stuff around.


@mecharc - I feel encouraged by the results so far so thought I would experiment a bit. Even if I didn’t get immediate results, am in it in for the long haul. And multistages are that type of subliminals too. Slow and steady in comparison to the single stage subs. But they work deeper especially in removing old garbage from our mind.


@Neurokinetic - that is possibly it.


Khan ST2 Day 21
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 6
Godlike Masculinity

It is easier to do Semen Retention and One Meal a Day these days. I still feel the temptation of “tugging at my joystick” and “eating like a pig” but it is getting easier to keep those habits after a couple of days.

As I have mentioned once before in this forum (but on another thread) that NoFap is a stacking module. We can say the same about OMAD.

Some benefits of these “stacking modules” which I personally got include:


  • Deeper voice
  • Stronger frame
  • “Godlike Masculinity”
  • Attracting women (women even flirt with me on Facebook more often. Have experienced this more than once every time I have a NoFap streak of more than a couple of weeks)
  • More humorous
  • Increased energy
  • Possible testosterone boost even though I haven’t checked
  • Harder morning wood
  • More focused


  • Decrease in inflammation of the legs
  • Waist shrinking
  • “Fat Burner” (like the module of the same name in some of SubClub subs)
  • Weight loss
  • Slimmer face
  • More self control regarding food (especially since I am a big foodie)
  • Excellent results in blood tests regarding blood pressure, blood sugar, creatinine, and other blood markers

Yes, many of the benefits are from the subs I use from SubClub but now I believe in throwing every possible method at the issues I have. And combining physical practices like these with subs, definitely amps up my results. There is also an influence from subs towards my rituals. Definitely a back and forth in the way subs and rituals interact.

PS: another ritual I also do is Cold Showers. Have been doing it for around 3 years now. You can search the benefits of this on youtube. I save on electricity bills too :wink:


I’d credit most on that list to SubClub even down to the fat burner, deeper voice and extra testosterone. All we needed as beta males was more testosterone…