Raphael's Khan Journal


@Michel - for me it feels like a symbiotic relationship. The best part is that SubClub helps us to achieve what we desire and what we feel are our ideals and our goals (if they are NoFap and OMAD too). So yes, I definitely will give credit to SubClub there.


I like your strategy of applying the framework of ‘modules’ and ‘stacking’ to other growth-related activities or projects in your life.

I think I may be using that one. Seems like a good idea to me.


I’m gonna stack


What do you think my results will be like?



Thanks, @Malkuth. It does motivate me too to stick to those practices the same way I stick to my subliminal stack.


@mecharc - since I don’t use Ascended Mogul, it is hard to tell. My belief about stacking single stage subs with multi-stage subs is that we will get the maximum benefit of all the subs only when we reach the ST4 of the multistage. For example, in your case, you will get the full benefits when you reach:
Khan ST4 (am assuming you are talking about Khan when you wrote ST2)
Ascended Mogul
Godlike Masculinity

In which case you will get your money, women, masculinity and status in excellent condition.

There is a possibility that you could get good results during Khan ST3 too but I have yet to reach ST3.

I would advice you to stick to a stack and be bold in experimenting (within the maximum limit of 3 major programs and 6 stacking modules). What you chose are excellent subs so do take the time to listen to them and let them sink into your mind and give them time to work on you.


Khan ST2 Day 22
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 7
Godlike Masculinity

Was really tired today. Since another friend over here is also feeling the same tiredness while running Quantum Limitless ST1 with Khan, am inclined to believe that that is the reason. The Reprogramming of Khan and the Re-balancing of QL are definitely heavy and intensive brain work.

At first I thought it was because of my OMAD but I had not been this tired during the diet.

Having a nap in the afternoon did perk me up. Need more sleep during the night too. That might be another reason why I feel tired. Will take a minimum of 7 hours sleep instead of my usual 6 hours (or worse sometimes I sleep 5 hours a night)


In the khan sales page st2 says Women and wealth will come easily since you been on st2 would you agree with that statement so far ?


@Grimm1390 - I would say yes.

The wealth aspect did help me sell some properties we had languishing for years.

Regarding the women, I never had much trouble with that. I did feel more attractive with Khan ST2 (and more looks from women) but I feel that Khan ST3 and ST4 will be more upto my speed because I am focusing on action (because am trying to focus on my career and the fact that am not currently looking to add to my rotation of women) and ST2 felt more like a stage I did to get to the real meat of Khan Complete.


Khan ST2 Day 23
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 8
Godlike Masculinity

A heavy stack indeed. Using my smartphone a lot to watch YouTube. Wasting time instead of getting things done. Need to write a daily routine for myself tomorrow.


Khan ST2 Day 24
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 9
Godlike Masculinity

Used to usually feel apologetic when I spoke my mind. Felt way less of that in a particular situation today. Can’t say more regarding the subject of discussion since it’s a family matter but there was no feeling of guilt when I made my points. Am also more confident and calm in explaining my viewpoint. And so persuasive that I even convinced myself lol


How heavy does your stack feel?


Khan ST2 Day 25
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 10
Godlike Masculinity

@mecharc - it isn’t heavy now. Only for the first week I suppose. So am guessing that there is a period of adjustment when using more than one multisub.

NoFap and OMAD has become easier to maintain. I feel that the subs are helping with them and also feel that they are helping the subliminal stack.

Especially Semen Retention since I feel the energy saved up from not ejaculating is being used to power the subs. It’s an intuitive feeling though.

Other than that, am excited that I only have 5 more days to start Khan ST3 and move into Total Action.

I must admit that outwardly, it doesn’t look like I have achieved much during the first two stages of Khan but believe me that in addition to getting my addictions to food, porn, masturbation in order, seeing more interest from women, growing more confident and charismatic by the day, feeling like my mind is being primed to be a Khan, I can say that am on the cusp of greatness. And it feels, well, GREAT! Bring it on!


You inspire me so much :’)


Good for you. That’s awesome!


Thank you, @mecharc , @lowrider


Since being on st2 of khan Along with 1 to 2 loops of mogul and godlike masculinity during the day I have felt a urge and desire to get my life together. Look up jobs look up what skills i should learn to help improve myself like learning excel, looking into how to become a it etc At first when running st2 when I would see a attractive women I felt emotional pain like I got hit in the stomach and wanted to cry. This pain was about seeing something I want in this case a attractive girl over there but can’t have her. It pained me seeing these girls I want but can’t get. At first running st2 felt like it was a constant battle going upstream. I guess my brain eventually accepted st2 and it’s been smooth for me. With st2 plus 1 to 2 loops throughout the day of running GM and mogul I never put this much effort into trying to improve myself when it comes to skills and career. I know khan is supposed to be a program mostly for attracting women but while running st1 and now st2 sure I want women but my main focus is obtaining skills, making money, and raising my value as a man. While on khan these things are more important to me then pursuing or chasing women.
At first running st1 it was very difficult but it got to a point where I felt little to no resistance and it felt smooth. St2 started rough but now it feels smooth I feel like I know what my purpose is and know what my goals are. This goal and purpose while on khan stage 2 has nothing to do with women but it has to do with making money learning new skill and building myself up as a man


That is just awesome to hear, @Grimm1390. I remember the struggle you had before and am excited that you have pushed through and are aware of what you desire in terms of raising your value. Perfect! It’s a long journey but now am sure you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Khan ST2 Day 26
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 11
Godlike Masculinity

For the past 3 days, more women are sending me friend requests on Facebook and sending me messages even though I don’t know them.

I have noticed this before when I am on Semen Retention but thanks to the subs, I don’t feel the urge to masturbate even though I feel a lot of sexual energy.

In such cases of feeling aroused, I breathe deep into my balls and try to channel my sex energy up the spine. A tingling feeling up my body makes me feel energised.

Also finding that I don’t feel needy when I talk to these women. Their messages aren’t sexual but I can feel that they are curious about me.

Since I feel focused on achieving money and success, I don’t feel the need to impress them. There is time for women later.

That was Khan.

And Quantim Limitless is finally showing some signs of working inside me. Today I wrote a long Facebook post (analysing a particular political situation). The thoughts came out very fluid and I could focus on both the big picture when writing about the issue and also propose possible practical solutions in a clear cut way.

I was pretty proud of the write up since I normally don’t write that long a post (even though I have written lengthy posts before on politics). But it came out very well to very good reviews, likes and shares.

This is excellent and am planning to add Ultimate Artist back to my stack once I reach Khan ST3 in 4 days. Am sure that Khan Total Action will help Ultimate Artist along with Quantum Limitless.


That is great to hear @raphael. Seems like both khan and ql are working very well on you.


@d1gz - Thanks, dude. And yes it is. The first week felt a bit “heavy” with both these multistage subs together. But I didn’t care since I knew it was just a matter of time. After that, it felt normal for another 3 days. And then on the 10th day of QL ST1, it manifested.