Raphael's Khan Journal


That’s how you get them. Not being cheesy but genuine. Like a sniper.


I have not been successfully been able to do semen retention… Is that slowing down my results? :sob:


Absolutely, @Michel. My game isn’t bad but sometimes we fall into the trap of neediness once in a while even when we know it. Khan is definitely strengthening my non-neediness


@mecharc - don’t worry too much about it. I used to struggle to do Semen Retention too. Just try to do it and if you fail, try again. Eventually, Godlike Masculinity will strengthen your discipline. And you will be able to have longer streaks of NoFap.


Khan ST2 Day 27
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 12
Godlike Masculinity

My sense of humor seems to be taking off. My delivery is natural and people genuinely laugh when I make a joke. It doesn’t seem forced from my side either and is part of the flow of the conversation. Feels like I was born with it.


Do you think adding QL has aided in the humour factor?


@mecharc - not sure really. It must be the sum of all the subs. I couldn’t intuit which sub gave me this humor effect.


I have been noticing myself making better jokes since starting QL aswell. Going back to the dynamics of a joke and improvising and stuff.


That would be highly possible. Thanks for that add in, @Sarshet


Mecharc’s brian reads the above, and tries to convince self

"I will not buy Ql Until April "

“I will not buy Ql Until April”

“I will not buy Ql Until April”

“I will not buy Ql Until April”


@mecharc - LOL


I’ve got mad bantz on ST2, now on ST3 those bantz have become very sexual.

Just a heads up.


@Michel - is that so? Interesting. Thanks for the heads up.


Khan ST2 Day 28
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 13
Godlike Masculinity

Was attending an event before a cousin’s wedding. It was more like a greet and meet of both families of the soon to be married, with dances, songs and good food.

The sense of humor I had mentioned yesterday served me well during various introductions to the new in-law family members. And also boosted some sense of status with members of my current family.

Am usually a reserved person but today I had a nice mix of quiet calmness and chatty conversations sprinkled with the occasional jokes… As before, it felt natural.

I spoke when I felt I had actually something to add. Else, I listened and asked questions. People were genuinely interested to listen to me. And they liked that I listened to them. Am usually a good listener and conversationalist but usually only when it is one to one or in a small group. But here it was more then a hundred and I felt quite adept at managing multiple groups at a time.

I didn’t force myself to be boisterous. I just opened my mouth when it was time to talk. And closed it when it was time to listen.

That sounds simple to say but felt simple to do when I went with the flow and didn’t get stuck in my head over-thinking whether I was doing it right.

Despite a couple of goof ups in my jokes with one or two people, I just smiled and let it go without beating myself about it.

As was mentioned by a fellow member here, Quantum Limitless did help with the “humor science”.

But Khan definitely helped with the social group dynamics. I could feel my status increase.

Twas a good day all in all.


I’m coming to the conclusion that “alpha male” - that loud 6ft, 250lb gorilla, boisterous jerk that makes jokes at your expense and is ready to fight - isn’t us.


@Michel - definitely not us but we can be that if we believe those are the traits we desire. Except the physical part which might not be addressed by SubClub. But yeah, I get your drift.


Khan ST2 Day 29
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 14
Godlike Masculinity

Cousin’s wedding. Compared to yesterday, I was more reserved. But compared to my usual behavior in large groups of people (possibly a thousand), was more social.

Met more people and spoke very comfortably. Got some lingering stares from 2 girls around college going ages. But must admit that I felt a bit unattractive compared to them because of my weight issues.

Need to push myself to talk to women who I consider very attractive regardless of how I feel. Also need to work out more so that I feel healthier and hence more fit. I know it would work wonders for my self esteem too.

Also, one more day of Khan ST2. Feels good that I can jump to the next stage.


Reading your journal and comparing the before and now, I can say you’ve made a lot of progress. Keep up the good work man! And well done!


You know what’s funny about guys like that? They always do it in a group or as a form of approval seeking. But nothing is more pathetic than having to put someone else down to make yourself feel better.


That’s very true, @elementary_vision. But I must admit, I have become less judgemental about such people. Mostly because now I know how to handle myself.

Also, it feels quite pathetic internally to look for external approval. One can never be too sure of one’s inner state of self-assurance rather it feels like a storm of pulls from different directions in order to satisfy everyone in the group while really achieving none of that.

More simpler to enjoy oneself in being our best.