Raphael's Khan Journal


Thanks a lot, @d1gz. It’s nice when others can also see it.


Khan ST2 Day 30
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 15
Godlike Masculinity

Oh what a day. You have a good time with your relatives and you go back to your hotel room to see a young woman send a message on your whatsapp of her in a nice looking nightwear with a naughty little gleam in her eyes.

She had done it the day before yesterday and yesterday too (after getting my number through facebook). But I made some non-sexual jokes on those 2 days to make her feel that I wasn’t like the other guys on her list.

She was obviously intrigued since she showed a bit more cleavage of her delicious young chest tonight.

And this time, I teased her a bit on her “good looking pillow cases” referring to her covered treasures.

She loved it and one tease led to another and we were making Shakespearen sexts that got her all hot and bothered.

She’s gone to sleep now and I am laying in bed enjoying the glow of being desired by a young thing (and no I didn’t fap. And I don’t mind if I ejaculate prematurely even if we consummate. That is better than using my hand for me).

She’s around 25. And that’s the youngest I have attracted at this age (I am 38).

Am pretty good at phone and text game since I have a good voice (am even told that by the ladies I bed) and a skill for writing poetry and political satire. Writers are some of women’s favorite artists and there is nothing like a good word play to get her tongue all twisted up with yours.

I know it is a sure thing since this is not the first time it happened. The first time in this case is that I suddenly became unapologetic to myself to take the girl up on her desire for me. Especially since I decided that yesterday too to not feel unattractive anymore when wanting younger ladies.

An excellent way to finish Khan ST2. Now the time has come for ST3 Total Action!


Next step, @raphael, stick it in.


@Michel - haha absolutely.


It’s gonna be revolution from tomorrow!!


@mecharc - :grin:Amen, brother!


Khan ST3 Day 1
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 16
Godlike Masculinity

Today was a day of travel. Cab, airport, bus ride. Felt more social especially when I was waiting near a store in the airport and struck up a conversation with a salesman.

My voice was deep and my mind was making one connection after another as I explained a particular historical point to him in that conversation. I felt very persuasive and commanding. And made him laugh too. I should do more with this and consider practicing and doing speaking engagements like lectures and speeches. People used to tell me that I would be a good teacher. Maybe I could leverage that talent with the skill that the subs are giving me. Mint some coin from that.

Other than that, a couple of very relaxed and short converstions with the ticketing lady, the air hostess and a cleaning lady, in various areas of service. I felt no sense of neediness to impress and ended up feeling some eyes on me. Especially from a married lady shopper as I was talking to the salesman before.

Khan ST3 Total Action is very much making me act. And it’s just the first day of it.

Have to add that Quantum Limitless is also wiring me up for learning. I could feel it in some conversations as my mind was reaching around more to make the convos better.


Enjoy ST3, it’ll light up your backside!


With my experience with ST3 and ql, it seems like I need to push myself more. Either to challenge myself mentally, or to actually try to learn more stuff.


And yeah same here with conversations. Talking to some people actual bore me. But lately, I’ve been looking for ways to make it more engaging for me.


@d1gz - I agree. I feel the same way too regarding having to push myself. Although if I am already in a situation that needs me to take action or talk, I feel pretty skilled and charismatic.


Khan ST3 Day 2
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 17
Godlike Masculinity

Need to make a routine. Need to make a routine. Need to make a routine. I keep saying that to myself but not doing it. I guess eventually I will since now am nagging myself to the inevitability of it.

Like I mentioned before, I find myself functioning well when am placed in an environment that requires me to take action.

Maybe that’s just what I need. Such environments. Which again needs me to take action to put myself in them.

I don’t find myself doing the things I want to do, for even 10 mins. I don’t even start.

But I will keep journaling my weakness too until the discomfort of it or the motivation to take action or (more importantly) I will take action no matter what I feel.

Because in the end, taking initiative is totally up to me and no one will and can do it for me. And that’s a good thing because ultimately I am responsible for my own life.

PS: will add Ultimate Artist to this stack. Lets see how well it will work with Khan ST3


hey, what artistic endavour are you into?


@mecharc - Writing. Want to write books. Both fiction and nonfiction.


wow! may i be blessed to read some of your existing work?


@mecharc - I have written poetry. But unfortunately, can’t share since that would affect my privacy.


That sucks! but i respect you’re decision.


@mecharc - yeah, I love to share my writings, unfortunately this is the case. Thanks for understanding.


After i start QL, I will read all your posts on this forum, and create an algorithm for your writing patterm. Then, I will collect every poem ever written and then put all of them through the algorithm and select the pnese that go through. Then, I will trace names of all the poets. After that, I will barge you with all the names one by one, ofcourse, you will respond no to all of them . thats why, I will Put ur responses through body language analysis and determines which one is the lie! And vio la!


@mecharc - haha! You are already intelligent based on that write up. You don’t need Quantum Limitless