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Your sarcasm has been much appreciated!


Khan ST3 Day 3
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 18
Godlike Masculinity
Ultimate Artist

Ended up feeling very sleepy in the afternoon. Am sure it is because of the heavy Khan + Quantum Limitless stack because I slept quite well the previous night. Took an afternoon nap that lasted 3 hours! Also, adding Ultimate Artist might have made it still heavier.

Am still keeping this stack though. Am willing to do whatever it takes to reprogram my mind for success.


Khan ST3 Day 4
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 19
Godlike Masculinity
Ultimate Artist

Again a long nap session similar to the previous day. Interestingly, I woke up early and fresh in the morning. Possibly the stack will stabilise my sleep pattern soon.

On the bright side, am able to keep my Semen Retention streak going strong. Quantum Limitless is helping with that and Khan is helping with transmutting my sexual energy into Charisma.

A visit to the bank today made me realise that I had written my cheque wrong after they told me so. I just cooly verified with another person in the bank, walked back home (which is nearby), wrote another cheque and came back to deposit it. Yes, I could have brought the cheque book along but was going for a shave after it so didn’t want to keep my cheque-book someplace and potentially lose it . The important thing is that things like this don’t irritate me so much anymore, whereas previously I used to get angry at others and myself at the drop of a hat.


That’s great to hear. What do you think is the reason for that?


Khan don’t carry the key to their vault everywhere


@lowrider - I remember hearing a quote that went along the lines of “Being always angry is a sign that you don’t feel good enough or not being happy with where you are”

There could be different reasons for constant anger but this quote resonated with me. Previously, I wasn’t happy with my lot in life. Now, there are things I still have to improve but now I move about with a surety that what I desire will come. And hence there is no anger but only calm. Now anger comes only when I really need it.


Somehow this quote hits me hard. For a long time now, I’ve been feeling a lot of anger and resentment (as shown in my journal). And reading this, makes me think that maybe it’s because I either feel insecure or because I am not truly happy. But since going on my journey, my anger has been more or less in control, I feel calmer and don’t get rattled that easily anymore.


@d1gz - definitely a good sign to be able to intuit what the issue is and see it resolve itself. Especially when we resonate with a quote like this, it is a sign that we recognize something from our very being.

For a long time we have been brainwashed with wrong information regarding almost everything and we are bound to be angry especially since we know deep within that something is wrong and that our life can be more than it is.

Am glad that the anger is decreasing and you are finding yourself!


Khan ST3 Day 5
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 20
Godlike Masculinity
Ultimate Artist

The desire for sex and food is under control (Doing Semen Retention and One Meal a Day is effortless. Even when I have more than one meal a day, I have way less and don’t feel the desire to over-eat). While at the same time feeling that I can unleash my sexual side if the occasion arises. And some young women are already showing interest.

And that leads to the other side of the story. The circumstances I live in. Since my health problems, I have been living with my folks and been generally unemployed (not an excuse to be unemployed but an admission).

And with resolving some of my eye problems, I need to get my career on track, have money pouring in and move out regardless of the pressure to stay with parents (yup, Indian parents are weird and cock-blocking that way).

And since I will be travelling for the next 3 days and when I am finished with it, I will be drawing up a battle plan and stick to it to achieve the above stated goals.

Need to also incorporate a way to financially provide for my parents when am away too. They have been good to me on the financial front and I need to honor that even though dad is doing well. And also visit them often of course since am not heartless and neither are they.

I just need the space to get girls over, focus on my work and to be able to go out and socialize without being asked where am going. And for all that (and much more, especially a man’s prized independence and self-reliance), I need a bachelor’s pad.


Khan ST3 Day 6
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 21
Godlike Masculinity
Ultimate Artist

A chilled out Sunday having a relaxed, social time with relatives. Have to make note that my social behavior is worry-free with no self esteem issues or thought of whether someone is thinking negatively of me or not.

It’s easy to talk to anyone (including my relatives). Humor and conversation flow naturally now including in bigger groups (whereas previously I was more comfortable mostly only in one-to-ones or with 2 or 3 other people).

Khan is helping with the social aspect of my life. Feels like I have mastered “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.


You did! You are the Khan. I’ve been reading self help books for years and it wasn’t till I started running subliminal club that they started sinking into my mind and turning into action. They were pretty useless to me before. Now I read a book or watch a video and automatically implement what I learned without really forcefully trying.


@lowrider - Now that’s the truth! Have experienced the same thing myself.


Khan ST3 Day 7
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 22
Godlike Masculinity
Ultimate Artist

Another day of good social bonding with relatives. Especially with children. Khan makes you comfortable dealing with children too. A couple of them smiled at me when I went to pick up my nieces from the nursery. Find it easier to interact with my nieces too. There is a natural childlike charm when the Khan is in the company of these innocent souls entrusted to his care. The playfulness doesn’t feel awkward at all.

Have been naturally good with children for a long time. But in these time when parents are more protective of their children and suspicious of strangers (and rightfully so), it feels good to dominate that fear of being thought of as a predator when you are just having innocent fun and being childlike with any kid that comes your way. Parents can see your charm and be comfortable with you too. A very good sideaffect in this day and age of constant fear.


Whoa that’s great :+1:t3:


Khan ST3 Day 8, 9
Quantum Limitless ST1 Day 23, 24
Godlike Masculinity
Ultimate Artist

It’s interesting to note the effect of subliminals when women message me on Facebook. They actually start the conversation with something I posted on fb. And the new women messaging me are younger too. Mostly in their 20’s. And the women who already like me keep their attraction and message me once in a while. Good stuff.

Confidence and conversation skills are still intact whether online or offline.


Bro, are these women you have met in real life?


What would your feedback for QL be?


What are you posting on Facebook that woman write to you about it?
I am in my 20s living in a campus but I never heard about women writing to someone because of a post. The only exception being selling something.


@mecharc - nope. These women are flirting with me on WhatsApp. Some of them send me nudes. And one even had a sex chat with me on video.

I would prefer that I met all of them in real life but since am right now living with my folks, am engaging with these women a bit until my plans for getting my own place come to fruition. They even want to hook up with me. I don’t mind if I lose them since money is the main goal for me right now.

Regarding Quantum Limitless, all I can say is that it has raised my sense of humor and is getting me curious about watching a lot of educational YouTube videos especially about Masculinity and Self Improvement. Am losing interest in watching movies and TV series, whereas before I used to waste a lot of time in watching them.

It’s still the early stages of Quantum Limitless to have the full effects though.


@Flake_And_Milk - I got quite a reputation on fb writing original satire and witty oneliners on Indian politics. I also write poetry.

So basically, women think of me as a creative writer. It’s attractive to a certain demographic of women.