Raphael's Khan Journal


That makes sense. In either case, since Khan contains a lot of scripts from emperor, maybe there’s already fat burner there. Though I’m not sure on which stage.
And since you’re current stack includes khan st1, are you planning on continuing up to st4 after your 60 days of healing stack?


@d1gz - after the 60 days of Khan ST1+Regeneration+Elixir, I do plan to continue KHAN with 30 days of ST2, ST3 each and do ST4 for longer (I wouldn’t mind doing KHAN for the rest of my life lol)

I might add one more sub along with ST2, ST3 and ST4 but I have not decided which because the choice will be based on how my health is (especially my eyes) and on any new subs SubClub will release (especially Quantum Limitless).


Day 5 Elixir + Khan ST1 + Regeneration

Felt like sleeping a lot today. Must have slept around 8 hours yesterday night and even took a 1 hour nap in the afternoon. Don’t know if it is the subs or my eyes or lack of a fixed routine.

I will chill out a bit during this week and the next though. Let my mind (and hence my eyes) relax for the coming eye treatment.


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For those of us who cannot avoid the temptation to get quick fixes, which is short term gratification (dopamine), to reach long term satisfaction and status (serotonin), here is a brilliant explanation of how to get there facing your stress (cortisol) using love (oxytocin) to achieve your goals. This is a brilliant video. Do subscribe to his channel too for more awesome content that we men can use to be disciplined and fulfill our ambitions.


Hey thanks for sharing. That was really good.


You’re welcome, @lowrider. Found it really inspiring but more importantly, found it very useful. Thought that more of us should use it.


Thanks for sharing @raphael. I can use this whenever I feel lazy and need to get my dumb ass moving.
Dive into the pain
Embrace the pain
Talk to yourself and affirm
All to keep moving forward.


@d1gz - exactly, my friend. Am using it the same way.


Day 5 Elixir + Khan ST1 + Regeneration + (Spartan)

So I ended up waking up in the middle of the night realizing that I was listening to some random YouTube video. I then switched to my stack and closed my eyes but couldn’t sleep for around an hour. I had this vague feeling to add Spartan to my stack. I didn’t want to increase the size of the sub list but since Spartan had some health benefits, I put in on and played 4 loops of it instead of my usual stack. Interestingly, I felt a bit more stronger mentally when I woke up today and also was wondering whether my eyes had improved a little since some things looked a bit clearer. Hence, adding Spartan to my current healing stack and moving forward.


Day 6 & 7 Elixir + Khan ST1 + Regeneration + Spartan

Must admit that I have not been consistent with using Elixir the past 3 days. Because it needs me to set apart time to do it whereas the others are subliminals I can do in my sleep. Need to correct this.

Tomorrow am travelling to the place where am gonna get my eyes treated with stem cells. So won’t post tomorrow. I will post on the day after tomorrow which is most probably the day when I get my eyes treated. All the best to me.

PS: some general blood tests I had done today for this treatment seems to show general good health thanks to OMAD and to the subliminals. Am grateful for that.


Good luck with your eye treatment


Thanks a lot, @Flake_And_Milk


Best of luck @raphael. Hope you get well soon.


@d1gz - thank you, my friend


@raphael This is good stuff, I haven’t heard delayed gratification broken down like this. Thanks bro


You are welcome, @Hollywood. And exactly like you said, the explanation is simply brilliant.


Day 8 & 9 Khan ST1 + Regeneration + Spartan

So far, the eye treatment is a success. I didn’t post yesterday cause my eyes were a bit swollen after the procedure.

Stem cells do take some time to show effects so am delaying reporting the effects of the procedure until am really sure. Will hold of reporting anything new today too so Day 9 will be my usual routine of my stack and lots of rest.

Would like to add that I am taking some days off from Elixir. Maybe a week because I just want to mentally not worry about it. Other than that, I will continue my stack of Khan ST1, Regeneration and Spartan Apex Warrior.

My thanks to everyone who wished me. And to SubClub ofcourse.


That is good to hear @raphael. Hoping for a quick recovery.


@d1gz - amen, dude. And thank you.


Ah yes universal man. When i first got into nofap he was one of the first people i found on YouTube but his channel actually went by a different name at the time. This video reminds me of a book i own called ratinal recovery. I learned about this book when i was in the storm of my alcohol addiction and porn addiction. Basically what that book says is we have 2 brains the logical brain and the primal brain which seeks short term pleasure. The book says that when we get cravings for whatever addiction we are battling its because of the primal brain aka beast aka it the book calls it. The logical brain is the part of us that questions " is this the right thing to do " " i really dont want to relapse " " i shouldn’t lapse " all the primal brain cares about is pleasure it doesnt care about your goals. It wants pleasure and that dopamine hit. When you relapse your logical brain comes back in power and this is where you say things like " why did i relapse " " this wasn’t worth it " etc
Your primal brain or it will also try to make you feel bad when you dont give in but its not you that feels bad its the primal part of your brain that feels bad because its not getting its fix. The book refers to it as the beast brain. It speaks of this part of your brain as if its a entity. Its very tricky and can sneak up on you at any time. Plus this part of your brain will speak to you as if it is you. For example your brain will go i really feel like fapping or after a disappoint you know how tou feel like fapping to self sooth ? Well its not you that feels like fapping your primal brain aka IT feels like fapping. After that disappointment and you wanna fap to self sooth ? You dont want to fap your primal brain aka IT wants to fap to self sooth