Raphael's Khan Journal


@Grimm1390 - interestingly, I discovered Universal Man youtube channel quite at the end. Before that I used to find a lot of other channels when searching for NoFap. Like Gold Jacket, Fearless Dan, Gabe Dawg, Captain Sinbad, etc.

But what you said is true, the logical brain vs the primal brain (sometimes called beast brain or lizard brain or monkey mind) is an eternal battle between Long Term Success vs Short Term Pleasure. Mastering the beast brain “maketh us men”. I also feel that the primal brain is what helps us with habits since if we build some habits that help us by at first applying our logical mind consistently, then after a month or so, it gets easier for our primal brain to continue that habit and seek pleasure from unconciously applying such habits. Almost like concious mind vs unconscious mind. Am simplifying ofcourse.


Day 10 & 11 Khan ST1 + Regeneration + Spartan

I have some good news regarding my stem cells eye treatment. It’s just been 3 days but my night vision has significantly improved. Previously, it was extremely difficult to walk in the dark, but right now, I can venture out slowly. Also, I had issues with my peripheral vision (top, down, left and right). But after the eye procedure, seeing with peripheral sight is slightly expanded and I can see a bit more than before. Finally, some holes in my central vision is also filled and many spots of eyesight are sharper.

According to my doctor, progress of the stem cells converting to retinal cells (photoreceptors called rods and cones) is a time consuming process and it might take a couple of months to complete. So it looks hopeful and the quick results are very encouraging. Adding to that, I have a second session of stem cell treatment either tomorrow or the day after.

On my subliminial stack front, I am in the belief that it is helping me heal. Both with regards to my eyes and other health issues. I play the Masked version since when am in the hospital, I don’t want to expose others to the subs.

Something I would like to mention is the effect Spartan is having on my stack. I have mentioned this in other threads relating to the topic of Spartan but will add this here too. Spartan is excellent in giving me an Alpha mindset. It keeps me calm and helps me weather the storms around and within me. I am usually an emotional person (being INFJ) having to control outbursts by pushing things in. This was not healthy but Spartan helps me overcome tribulations in a calm collected way (without feeling like I am suppressing emotions) especially when Khan ST1 and Regeneration have “volatile” aspects of them which needs some emotional maturity (@Grimm1390 - Maybe you could use some Spartan). I will continue to use Spartan especially when I reach a state of health where I will be able to lift weights.


I hope all works out with your eyes man thats a serious issue your dealing with. Im sorry to hear you are dealing with this. As for spartan maybe down the road ill give it a try. Right know im mainly using khan stage 1 with some superchargers and emperor during the day


Thanks a lot, @Grimm1390. And yes, I understand why you want to postphone Spartan. Am sure your current stack will bear fruit before you know what hit you (in a good way of course)


That’s great news @raphael. Hope it goes well :grinning:


@lowrider - Thank you!


Day 12 Khan ST1 + Regeneration + Spartan

Missed one day of playing my stack to try out some binaural beats. Since that isn’t related to my current stack, I will not mention it further.

Switched to my stack the next day and moving on.

Did my second session of my eye treatment yesterday. My eyes are still blurry from the procedure so will add any improvements as and when I “see” them haha.

Other than that, all is well with the world even if things haven’t changed. Am still in ‘Khan Total Breakdown’ and ‘Regeneration’ mode but thanks to Spartan, I feel stable.


Day 13 Khan ST1 + Regeneration + Spartan

Finally came back home from a much needed health trip. There is hope for my eyes yet and all those years of refusing to accept going blind has finally borne fruit. There is still a couple of months for my eyes to heal from the stem cell treatment but even the little improvements am experiencing in my eyesight is a paradigm shift.

On my subliminal stack front, I will be shifting to Khan ST2 soon. Originally, I planned to do ST1 for longer than 30 days but since I am resolving my health issues sooner, I plan to move on to the next stage in Khan development. Will post the change as and when I decide to do so.


Day 14 Khan ST1 + Regeneration + Spartan

When I checked the number of days I ran Khan ST1, it shows 31 days (17 days of ST1 with Ultimate Artist and 14 days of ST1 with Regeneration and Spartan).

I had decided to run ST1 for longer but now am feeling that it is the right time to step into the next stage.

So starting this night, I will be doing Khan ST2 + Regeneration + Spartan. Am bracing myself for some difficulty doing this stack cause of all the warnings our fellow Khan users have told me. Possibly, Spartan might help to decrease the “pain” so we will see how that goes.


Day 1 Khan ST2 + Regeneration + Spartan

So I woke up from this beautiful dream of reconciling with my father (while playing my stack with Khan ST2 for the first time in my sleep). The interesting part was that I dreamt I was someone else (an American) who had 2 siblings (a sister and a brother) and who was being raised by a divorced single mom and who had not seen his dad for a long time. When I finally get to meet him, I see that he is a stoic cowboy with some freaking cool shades and cowboy hat. He’s thin but with a knotted muscular structure that comes with hard labor. And I remember that he sported a stubble with white hair in it and the hair on top of his head was either dark brown or black. We 3 children (in our teens) along with our mother went on this expedition with “dad” on a large battle cruiser which had all sorts of sailors working under “my old man”. I had the distinct feeling that it was an initiation ritual into masculine energy although no traditional ritual was involved like ancient tribes perform for their sons on the brink of manhood. When the cruise ended, I remember going up to my “dream father” and hugging him and thanking him for the experience. I ended up saying that I missed him and started crying. The dream felt so vivid that I half expected to be in tears as I opened my eyes but all I felt was a sense of peace.

It almost felt like I was in the shoes of someone in another family because I have never seen any of the characters in the dream in real or fictional life. Granted, that they could be an amalgamation of what I read or seen but visually their faces were very unique and I remember that my mother and sister were very pretty in this dreamworld with blond hair and blue eyes. I don’t remember seeing my brother (interesting cause I don’t have a brother in real life) but knew that he was around. “Father” felt like the epitome of masculinity and this dream felt like that I was being united to that masculine force which I was looking for so long just like sons search for their lost fathers.

A very beautiful way to start Khan ST2 Total Reprogramming. I don’t feel any sense of reconciliation when awake now so possible that either Spartan is helping with that or that it’s too early to say given that there are 29 more days of ST2 left.


@raphael how are you eyes doing now mate?


Thank you for asking, @mecharc. In short, they have improved. And there is finally hope and my depression regarding that is gone. I did a more detailed review of my treatment a few entries above (in Days 11, 12, 13 and 14 of Khan ST1 + Regeneration + Spartan)


Day 2 Khan ST2 + Regeneration + Spartan

@mecharc - please check this incase you have the same issue

The title of this entry might be misleading since when I checked my mobile phone music app playing the stack, I saw that I was playing ST1 instead of ST2.

So I checked the filename in the File Explorer app and it shows Khan ST2.

Double checking it (removing and adding the ST2 mp3 file again) confirmed that even though the file name is ST2, I was possibly playing ST1.

So I deleted the file and downloaded ST2 again from SubliminalClub dot com. Now the file name and the name of it in the music player are matching.

Hmm. Does that explain why I was having an easy time with so called “Khan ST2” for the past 2 days? Will find out by tomorrow lol.


Holy moly!!! Thank you so much for the heads up! If it had happened to me ( thanks to you, there’s no chance it will ), it would have gone unnoticed!!


You are welcome, @mecharc. Do let me know if it is the same issue for you too. Am curious about it. Possible that it was an earlier issue (since I purchased and downloaded it when it first released but used it after a couple of months). Maybe they had rectified it recently.

Also answered your query about my eyes above that post.


@raphael Please take care brother! and don’t stress your eyes too much! Eyes are very trickty! In Sha Allah! Wiching you a speedy recovery brother! will be looking forward to your update! :slight_smile:


@mecharc - thanks a lot, bro. I appreciate it. God bless.


Was fixed a few months ago.


@Michel - ah that’s the one. Kinda guessed it might have happened before. Thanks for clarifying it here.


Day 3 Khan ST2 + Regeneration + Spartan

Since it was resolved that am still playing Khan ST2 for the last 2 days (with the confusion that the Metadata in the music player showed I was playing ST1 but was infact playing ST2), no harm, no foul.

And today I bought and will be adding the stacking module Godlike Masculinity to my current stack even though Khan has it. I need more self-discipline and dominance in my life and GM will definitely spur me to be more Masculine. I have always been weak with regard to taking risks and postponing gratification so am sure this new add on will help me with that.

My updated stack will be:

Khan ST2 x 1
Godlike Masculinity x 1
Regeneration x 1
Godlike Masculinity x 1
Spartan x 1
Godlike Masculinity x 1

If using GM 3 times is too much, I will decrease it as and when I feel that it is so.