Raphael's Khan Journal


Day 4 Khan ST2 + Regeneration + Spartan + Godlike Masculinity

Adding Godlike Masculinity module to my stack was a good thing. I felt more masculine and even felt the urge to stop wasting my time. No action yet. But the feeling of self-responsibility is strong.

Also felt way hungry today and broke my OMAD fast. Don’t know if it is GM or just the occasional hunger pangs.

So far ST2 is smooth (just like Khan ST1). My intuition tells me that it isn’t Total Breakdown or Total Reprogramming (ST1 and ST2 respectively) that I need help with but the “taking action” part. I don’t need to wait for ST3 and ST4 to do the work but the last 2 stages of Khan will surely up my game.


Hmm, been thinking about skipping to ST3 also, then remembered that it could just be a form of reconciliation. For sure all this sexual energy is just waiting to be unleashed.


@Michel - I get that. I was wondering whether I should skip to ST3 too but thought I will stay the course. If there is even a tiny bit of reprogramming to do in ST2, am ready to wait rather than jump the gun.


Reconciliation is one sneaky mofo. It makes it sound like its you that wants to switch sublimnals or start stacking but it’s possible it’s coming from the subconscious mind to prevent or prolong change


@Grimm1390 - hmm. That’s an interesting point.


It might be spartan that makes ST2 feels smooth :slight_smile:


Day 5 Khan ST2 + Regeneration + Spartan + Godlike Masculinity

It pisses me off when I state a desire and someone else lectures me to not have that desire.

For example, when I want a subliminal to have Perfect Health, then someone else will tell me to go see the doctor. When we want a Physical Change sub, someone else tells us it’s impossible. When I want to know when a new subliminal is coming out, I get a lecture in not chasing shiny objects.

What’s the matter with people? Don’t they have their own desires? They choose subliminals to get what they want but don’t want others to have subliminals that is tailor-made to them?

If SubClub can’t make it due to various reasons, that’s fine. I don’t need unsolicited advice from other sub users on how I should do things without subs especially in a subliminal forum where even they are taking the aid of subs. Or advice on sticking to specific subs (in that case SubClub should stop making new subs if that was correct).

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind getting some advice on things but to be all “holier than thou” is highly irritating to listen to.

Ranting and venting over


Not sure about the other issues, but the last issue for sure is the “unmet expectation” syndrome speaking!


@mecharc - for me it felt like “last straw on the camel’s back” lol


I think it’s that reconciliation phenomenon i see here and there on this forum!


@mecharc - that’s possible since I was thinking the same thing. Also, imagine all of us listening to subs that instill alpha behaviour and we have a bunch of alphas getting angry at each other :grin:


Bunch of unstoppable forces against bunch of immovable objects. Holy fucking shit!!!


@raphael you will give me what I want, NOW motherfuckers…


@Michel - haha amen


Day 6 Khan ST2 + Regeneration + Spartan + Godlike Masculinity

Looks like I have a problem with self-discipline. Seem to be breaking my NoFap streak and OMAD diet these days.

That’s the problem with saying to oneself that it is okay to give ourselves a break once in a while regarding these things. Then we make the same mistake again because we have already done it the day before.

Have to remember that no one will come to save me (and no one should). What worth is victory if it was easy?

Fall and rise up again! And again! And again!


what are you giving yourslef a break for though?


@mecharc - the mind makes any excuse to indulge in bad habits. So the “break” as such is not valid. True, I need to pause when I get an think like that. Need to be a bit more self-aware and also do my daily meditation so that it will get easier.


Do you have any specific meditation routine?


@mecharc - sitting in silence with eyes closed, visualizing a ball of light for 20 mins.


@raphael Have you tried expanding the ball of light and then walking through it?