Raphael's Ultimate Author T + Chad T + Iron Khan Q + Quantum Artist Q


@raphael, I’m eager to see how the ‘Ultimate Writer’ module will affect your writing style here on the forum.

I quickly went through your journal and from what I’ve noticed you’re currently running four different Customs, two at Q strength and two at Terminus strength. One of which has the writer module within it, so that’s quiet a bit of scripting, I’m guessing it will take a few months for you to see existential results with it.

Writing is certainly something you’ll take action on, so I don’t really see how it’ll cause reconciliation and because of that results might even showcase themselves earlier compared to various other modules which you have doubled in those Customs.

I’ll be checking on journal every once and awhile to check on your progress. Bon voyage!


@Hermit - thank you.


This was one of the most powerful videos I’ve seen in a while,
thanks for sharing.


@Azriel - I absolutely agree. I so needed it too.


Hey Raphael,

In light of that talk, I was thinking…I don’t want to take up your journal so we can switch to PM if this goes longer than one response but curious what you think about adding the Ultimate Music Producer for mastering an instrument(s) as a hobby?

I’m adding ultimate writer for business, vocation reasons to my next wealth custom, but just thought of adding in Ultimate Music Producer-‘cause I want to, not cause I should’ .


@Azriel - you can add Ultimate Music Production even if it’s for hobby purposes and not intended to produce money along with your wealth custom.


Rest day (yesterday)

Will be posting a large portion of this post as a testimonial in the News and Updates section

-Was both a rest day and a cheat meal day since it was Sunday over here.

-And as I do every Sunday, I checked my weight in the morning (same time every weekend) and was very relieved to see that am finally in the normal-weight category for my height.

-Felt a rush of victory for sticking with this 8 month journey where I did OMAD+Keto (and now OMAD+Carnivore for 2 weeks).

-Had lost 33kgs (73lbs) over the course of this journey. And have to lose another 7 kgs (15lbs) to sit safely in the middle of the range of normal weight.

-For this I had used Emperor Fitness ST1 and Emperor Fitness ST2 (ST2 being specifically being for weight loss) these 8 months to help me with sticking to my diet plan. These were part of stack along with other subs.

-ST1 was something I played the longest especially for healing benefits and it surely boosted my energy when before I was tired even when on a normal diet.

-I didn’t exercise since I didn’t want to stress my body with my weight but have already started with pushups and lifting some dumbbells a few days back inorder to add exercise to the mix.

-Weightloss is mostly diet though (80% of it or even more compared to exercise) and if your food is good, you will be fine. Like the saying goes, “let your food be medicine and let your medicine be food”.

-Exercise has its own benefits though especially for blood circulation, strength and flexibility. And since am in a position that I don’t have to strain my knees and legs as much with my current weight, am gonna add it to my lifestyle.

-Have Emperor Fitness ST4 in my current Terminus Custom so am not using the separate stages of Emperor Fitness anymore. It has all the stages in it anyway.

-Am sitting here with a smirk on my face wearing the tightest jeans I have in my wardrobe and it’s not tight at all. I might need to purchase pants more fit, I believe. And that’s absolutely a good problem to have.


Shall I post some of my Urine Therapy experiences here, or shall I not bother you with that here in this thread haha?


@friday - LOL. But seriously, do post it here. Am curious about such things no matter how weird it sounds like.


LOL There is one thing to try it out privately, and another to talk about it publicly haha. No wonder Urine Therapy seems to remain a “secret”. The worst thing about Urine Therapy is actually the PROGRAMMING from society we all went through. Anyway

Becoming Leonardo Da Vinci

So I have had some animal protein (fish) yesterday lunch, no sugar though, and decided fast till the next day. I won’t go much into detail, but I filled up the midstream and took a little sip. It wasn’t bitter like the man described in the video but incredibly salty. I could not take more than a little sip; it literally tasted like very salted/oversalted tea/hot water. I also put some of it on some skin “pimples” or more inflamed whiteheads to see what would happen. I did this to see how “sterile” the urine is, if it gets more inflamed, better not use for the eyes. Interestingly 2 hours later, the redness of the skin irritations seems to be less! LOL.

Why Urine Therapy work is probably because 0,2% of the Urine are Stem Cells.


@friday - this is fascinating. Especially results like this so fast.

I find the part about stem cells very interesting. Since that’s excellent for building and repairing the body, that must explain why urine therapy works.

PS: Leonardo Da Vinci is a role model for me too. That guy is the ultimate renaissance man, renaissance period or otherwise.


This could also have been a “coincidence”, even though I highly doubt. I will keep you updated as long as you wish haha


@friday - feel free to update me. Very few things make me squeamish. Unless someone recommends Poop Therapy LOL.


Rest Day (Today)

“The objective of a first time writer should to finish writing books rather than to write a good book”
-Brandon Sanderson

“Be prolific, not perfect”
-David Snyder

PS: @Malkuth. Got into The Way of Kings (around 15% complete). At first I was like “what are these weird ass names?” and “what the heck is the use of these ‘sprens’” but by the time I came to Shallan getting a discount at the bookstore, I was deeply invested. After which, Kal’s trials and tribulations confirmed me to the series. Am glad I took your advice. Am just surprised that I wasn’t so forgiving at the start since am quite easy going on authors even for not-that-good books. Wonder if my standards are rising and becoming a book-snob lol.


Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W87LbYMRtL8


Really taking the piss out of this topic :stuck_out_tongue:


This week

No journal entries this week since am experimenting with my stack. There are two scenarios where am getting vivid dreams:

  1. When I play one loop of all 4 customs (both Q and T), one after another

  2. And when I played one loop of one T sub (in this case it was Ultimate Author T) along with 2 loops of Godlike Masculinity Q.

The 2nd scenario at the moment seems more promising logically in order to not overload my brain. I can also stick to only the 2 T subs since Godlike Masculinity Q will provide enough masculinity to drop my custom IronKhanQ from the mix for a while. Not to mention creativity being already handled by my Ultimate Author T so I can drop my Quantum Artist Q to be able to absorb more of my newer Terminus builds.

I will be playing one loop of my Chad T custom along with 2 loops of Godlike Masculinity Q tonight to confirm my playlist.
Will keep Saturday and Sunday nights subliminal-free to give my mind a rest.


Finally checked out the TedTalk you posted here, @friday. Very interesting and hilarious too. Must admit that since am on a Carnivore diet and using medication, I will have to postpone trying this out.


Listening to the audiobook Neville Goddard: The Complete Reader on audible. You can also find it on youtube with this playlist:


Hey! I’m currently reading The Complete Reader! Paperback though :stuck_out_tongue: