Raphael's Ultimate Author T + Chad T + Iron Khan Q + Quantum Artist Q


@SubliminalUser - high five! :pray:. It’s awesome. Already changing my mindset a lot. It’s the perfect companion for SubClub subs.


It’s quite amazing how certain modules perfectly fit in with Neville Goddard as well. Check out my latest post on Man For Himself about it.


So how is running 4 custom subs going?


@Floridianninja - I did a couple of stack experiments last week and decided that am only running the 2 Terminus builds + Godlike Masculinity at the moment. Will be making a journal entry later today. In short, it’s a good start.


WEEK 3: Monday Night
Godlike Masculinity x 2
Ultimate Author Terminus x 1
Chad Terminus x 1

So I have decided to count in weeks instead of days since Terminus builds are quite intense and am starting with playing this stack 2 nights a week. Monday and Thursday nights for starters. Rest of the days of the week will be rest days.

Dreams are pretty clear and inspiring. Nothing scary or overly silly.

It’s a good thing I added Godlike Masculinity to the mix. It is giving me an extra masculine edge and discipline. Am getting things done faster instead of waiting until the last minute which I usually have a habit of doing.

Got a lot of planning done for my upcoming (health oriented) trip. Talking about trips, I will be playing Aegis: Covid the night before I travel. And also when I stay in hotels/hospitals. And ofcourse follow proper health guidelines. One can never be too careful.

Godlike Masculinity is the better choice for me instead of playing my Iron Khan Q custom. As much as I would like to add it later, for now I will concentrate on my Terminus builds instead of cramming all 4 customs. First things first.

Am not concentrating too much on my writing goals for the moment but will play Ultimate Author T to help me get a clearer picture of my writing goals. So far, it has helped me be productive in non-writing situations too so it’s helpful.

Chad Terminus will help me with my health goals. Additionally, my morning wood feel like iron when I wake up these days. And I feel a certain slight increase in thickness too. There is also a feeling of hanging a tad bit more when I stand up. Possible that flaccid length is increasing. Finally, Chad T is helping me stick to my OMAD+Carnivore diet.

Have not ejaculated in a week although I do find myself edging once in a while. At least the instances of masturbation is decreasing which is a good sign. The anti-porn and masturbation module is slowly but surely integrating with my subconscious mind.

I did have the reconciliatory-urge to change my stack and make another “better” custom. Am glad I was aware of it this time and stuck to thinking of how to optimise what I have instead of chasing a shinier thing.


Tuesday Night (Rest Day)

-Interesting to note that am able to delay gratification when I decide to do so. It’s not perfect yet but am able to not binge on youtube and do my travel preparations for tomorrow without feeling the need for a break. I felt something like this yesterday too but less. Which proves that the self-discipline is surely amping up.

-Was able to make correct decisions regarding said trip. This is the first time am traveling after the whole 'rona thing started so I feel good catching myself when I miss certain requirements to satisfy new airport regulations and course-correct. My mind feels sharp.

-I rewarded myself with some self-improvement youtube videos after getting 99% of my preparations done. And that’s how things ought to be: Work first, play later.

-Will listen to Aegis: C19 when I go to bed tonight. Need my immunity strong for tomorrow.


Have you noticed any effects from Ultimate Writer in particular that you want to share with us?


@Hermit - I will be focusing on writing after I get my eyes fixed a bit more. Have to give it 2 weeks from today. Will be flying to a hospital in another city tomorrow.


Alright @raphael, best of luck to you!

I must admit, your writing has already made some slight adaptions that I am able to notice. I’d love to see how it’ll improve throughout your journal-ling.


@Hermit - That’s interesting. Was wondering whether there was any change in my writing style for over here.

Thanks for the feedback and the wishes, my friend.


Well, it hasn’t been that long and you have quiet a bit of Custom on your Stack. I’m sure overtime, give or take two three months there will be an apparent difference. Eventually I’d go for Ultimate Writer, as well – possibly in my last iteration of my Tesla Q (Quantum Limitless) Custom.

I love writing, and so do you apparently! One of my goals for this year was to increase my English grammar and vocabulary, which is one reason why I certainly didn’t mind writing so many comments on this forum as it had quiet a bit of advantages. Eventually I’d be writing a book and I am at public speaking, so I’m really looking forward to Ultimate Writer, there was a lot of interest in that module so I’m quiet certain it’ll get released sometime in the future.

Thank you for contributing to the forum and sharing your findings in general, I’m very grateful of it and sure others are too!


@Hermit - your grammer and vocabulary seems to be on point from the very beginning but we could always use some leveling up no matter the skill.

Here’s to your goals of writing a book and public speaking. I do have similar aspirations.

And yeah, keep writing on these forums. Apart from improving your authoring skills, we could use your frequent insightful insights. I for one value them.


Wednesday Night:
Aegis Initiative: C19 x 3


-Thanks to AI C19, safe trip so far. Reached my destination and awaiting tomorrow for my procedure.

-Will play my *Terminus stack + GLM + AI C19 overnight.

So far, so good


Best of luck for the procedure…we pray for u brother😊


@pacman- Much appreciated, bro :pray:


Best of luck man. Am praying for you.


Thanks a lot, @d1gz.


WEEK 3: Thursday Night
Godlike Masculinity x 2
Ultimate Author Terminus x 1
Chad Terminus x 1
Aegis Initiative : C19

-Tested negative for C19. Excellent!

-Eye Procedure went well yesterday morning. But there is one more in a couple of days. So will gjve more details after that. It’s too early to post results but will do so as and when I notice them.

-Am glad that am not overplaying my Terminus stack. It will help with processing the subs.

-Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights will be off days from subliminals.


Congrats on successfully completing the first part,
best everything to you for the next part .


Thank you, @Azriel.