Rebirth, Regeneration & Sanguine (w/ EQ and PS)


Nice list, I would recommend learning French to the proficiency level and then you could study whatever you like, even three languages at once. Learning languages is like a brain training, if you spoke one foreign language, unless you already do, your brain would be ready for taking in much more.

I was thinking about playing QLQ alongside with BLU for that very purpose but since EmperorQ contains the lit version of QLQ and I’m doing pretty well in studying languages I decided ultimately to go with Emperor and add BLU later on to it.

There will be synergy between Emperor and BLU, I’m sure of that.


It’s a dream list, I wish I was that smart! Haha!

Ah one could dream. Heck, a year from now we might be driving our own Ferrari’s and Lamboghini’s, speaking 6 languages while calculating in our heads how much millions our investments have made the past year. :sunglasses:

I just finished Sanguine. Seems like it lifted my mood in a subtle way. I realize from my last comment that I just had a more positive outlook. It was not like that at all this morning, my head is filled with doom and gloom and cynicism. I was trying to reign it in with my words as I wrote on my journal but I felt the pangs of depression.

@Ninjistic I guess I should note this. Not 100 percent yet, but this is certainly promising.

Now to observe during the course of the day.


I’m not as ambicious but it would be great! I’ve been looking for something I could invest my time in for future gains (copywriting, droppshipping, gemstones trade) but it occured to me that my current path of developmnet is best for me. Improving my languages since there’s a plenty of jobs online for language speakers and I could open my own online languge school (or just language tutoring) one day. I don’t see any other option for running a one-person business apart from some other services or just being a sole trader.

Anyways, there’s a polyglot module in a Q store, I wish there was a major program foucsed on it too. Lots of people want to be polyglots. @SaintSovereign


Ah let’s aim high my friend, the sky is the limit! Not sure how we will get there, but I remember from a manifestation teaching I read that it’s good to have a plan, but don’t limit yourself within it.

Imagine the end result, not how to get there. Feel the end result and actually believe it. I don’t mean to sound preachy, I hate that… (Now this is my issue, my concious mind has become cynical, skeptical and almost pedantic in my questioning.)

It’s good to have some discernment but looking at my life right now, it did not serve any purpose but to limit me, almost to the point of breaking me down.

I believe what separates the lucky and the blessed by the gods, from the unlucky and the cursed is the mindset.

This is actually what I’m trying to instill in my mind, that things are getting better, and things are already getting set in motion in the background, I was born a winner and simply convinced myself I wasn’t.

I’m on EQ to have the courage to take it when the opportunity appears and not shy away like I’ve been doing in the past.

I’ve been playing around with the Q store, and I’m already at four main and 27 modules… probably 28th now if I added polygloth… :grinning:

I’ll add to my journal again later today to see if there’s anymore remarkable developments.

Cheers mate

(Edit: I noticed I’m being talkative again, I have only run Rebirth, EQ and Sanguine as of this morning)


Here’s what Sain just said about building a custom:

You may find it inspiring like I did.


Hmm… not sure how to feel about that right now. I just bought some programs, and there’s a part of me that’s kind of regretting not going straight into customs. My funds are limited as of the moment so this would be it for me.

I guess I should focus on what I have right now and let them work their thing… with that said, I am still playing around with customs in my cart, just toying with the idea, imagining what would be in my ultimate custom.

Hopefully I’ll be in a better position to make another purchase in the near future; Or better yet, what I have now changes my life so much for the better that I will make another purchase not out of necessity and lack but out of gratitude and support.


1x Sanguine Q, 1x EQ

So far the day has been pretty calm, I think my “angst” since the weekend until this morning is dissipating.

Glad I’m back to listening again, it took some effort not to give in and listen during the weekend.


What you have is really good, use it and benefit from it and don’t think about the custom now. You will have plenty of time to buy it and use it in the future. Now build your foundations, change your life, and enjoy the ride. You have to be patient don’t succumb to shiny objects syndrome, just keep going.


Will do, amigo.

Still very tempting though… drats. :rofl:


Forget about the shiny toys and stick to your path, that’s how you’ll know the boy has died and the man was born.


1x RebirthQ and 1x EQ.

Woke up in a better mood today, even though I lacked enough hours of sleep. It was around midnight and I told myself, wake up at 4:30. Woke up at 4 but that’s close enough.

Looking forward to a better day than yesterday.


1x Sanguine, 1x EQ tonight.

Still not feeling very grounded, there’s still some traces of depression. I’m having urges to smoke once in a while but I’m still not doing so. I just don’t want to.


I haven’t smoked yet either, I think I’m going on two weeks now. All I’m listening to are Regeneration and Emperor so I can only really attribute it to one of these. I’m leaning towards Emperor because I remember at the beginning of my journey I felt far less desire to smoke and went a few days and smoked simply out of boredom.


That’s great. I also think it’s the EQ. Maybe there’s a healthy habits affirmation there that’s giving this unexpected but most beneficial effect.

Still having some urges once in a while, specially when under stress, but something in the background increased my dislike for cigarettes to the point it’s easier for me to ignore the pangs. I’ve had a pretty bad weekend, but to my surprise, I didn’t light one up.

Congrats mate, quitting these things will give us exponential benefits.


1x Sanguine, 1x EQ

So far so good. I’m thinking of matching my PS loops with EQ. 1x PS for every 1x loop of EQ. Still reading more journals and reviews to compare it’s effects together and see a consensus.

Maybe this is reconcilliation but I’m tempted to jumpt straight to Khan. I know I shouldn’t, but let’s say my temptation to switch from PS & EQ to Khan is greater than my desire to have a smoke.

I don’t think running EQ, PS and Khan alongside my healing modules is a good idea. One, there’s too many, 2… well there’s too many…

Anyway random musings of my scattered mind. I’m sticking with EQ and PS and my healing stack for at least a month. After that, I will compare my notes, see the difference in my thought process and go from there.


Stick to the healing, mate, giving up on it would be a waste of your time. I mean the time you’ve already invested in it. Another thing is, it seems to me you decided to add Emperor because after your healing is done you want to lay solid foundations for your life and the future subliminal path. Correct me if I’m mistaken, please.


I will, you’re exactly right. Just tempted to jump around to try other subs, but I think it’s reconcilliation at this point. I’ve seen this tendency come up from various journals from time to time. I’m glad I’ve seen them, and compared to what I am feeling.

Not sure if it was meant to be as such, but I see Emperor as a form of healing as well. I’ve been so down on myself for many years, my masculinity, self-esteem and “alpha” mentality certainly has suffered. I have never wanted to be someone that’s not a leader, I don’t like taking orders, and I was never happy being a sidekick of anything or anyone.

How can I be in my happy place if my self-esteem has suffered so much that I am stuck in limbo. Being my own man is the only thing that would give me fulfilment, and yet I don’t believe in myself.

I chose EQ to reinforce that masculinity again, plus the healing subs to finally clear the emotional hangups and issues I have locked inside my psyche; I am guessing many of those traumas are hidden, and the only solution I see is to get to the root cause by going with subliminals.

Fighting fire with fire so to speak, because my concious mind, right now is not at all where I want it to be. Too negative, undisciplined, cynical, skeptical and defeatist. It has grown so complacent in living in mediocrity, it honestly angers me that I let myself be this way. A coward because I wanted so much, and yet too afraid to reach for them.

Not sure if this is some form of healing, I don’t usually share these thoughts, but here I am typing away. All I know is I have to be honest when writing here on my journals so I could compare my notes in the future, see the changes, perhaps help me diagnose and fix the issues I am not seeing right now.


I’m doing the same in my journal. A lot of thoughts and feelings come to the surface and I share them in my journal since it’s about healing my emotions and traumas, I don’t see any better method of dealing with them on the conscious level than talking/writing about them.

I’ve dealt with most of the rubbish in my mind as far as I feel, think, and see, but one more thing left, I think. Never ending fighting off my inner chaos. It seems to me my issue might be similar to your fighting fire with fire. I feel my healing stack is trying to dealt with it, maybe that’s the case in your case too.


How many years have you smoked?


Oh pretty long on and off. Started way back in college, 8 years straight, stopped for 4 years and then back again.

I can’t say with absolute certainty that I will never smoke again, but I’m taking it one day at a time. I’m glad I am not smoking now, and I have no real desire to have one. Maybe subs will finally get me to say I am off it for good, and believe it 100 percent.

How about you?