Rebirth, Regeneration & Sanguine (w/ EQ and PS)


I have been smoking for about 6-8 years myself. I’ve changed between cigarettes to cigars and back many times trying to break the habit, but when I’ve been doing good and not smoking, a friend will usually offer me one, throwing me off lol. But that won’t happen at this point.


Oh yeah, I hear you. Specially when I was working as a customer rep, we always had to at break time, that job was incredibly stressful.

Specially with this virus thing hanging about, it’s a good time for us to ditch this pest of a habit.

It might sound strange but I get annoyed with the pangs of cigarettes, now specially. It’s like it wants me to do something I do not wish to do, and I don’t like being told what to do. Strange, I know, but that’s how I feel about them right now.

The fact that after a nice meal with my family or friends, I would need to go out even when it’s uncomfortable and it’s raining just to have a smoke, or walk a long way just to find a smoking area. It’s insane. Don’t get me started with long flights… oh boy.

Things like that is kind of getting to me, and I can’t help but observe myself. I’m like, what are you doing? You’re walking this long way just to puff that smoke? How come others don’t have to do it, and you do? How is this helping you again? It’s not calming you down, it’s making you pick one just to feel how non-smokers feel

Anyway thoughts only smokers would understand.

Regardless, I’m glad I’m off it right now. Hopefully this time, it’s for good, for us both. It feels great not having to think about running out of that crap in the middle of the night, or having to bring it, or smell it on your hand for hours, or if a place allows smoking etc.

Cigars though. Maybe when I’m feeling exceptionally celebratory, I would have a cigar.


Love cigars on occasion. Usually, it’s once a year at Christmastime. My daughter and I smoke together. Dad-Daughter tradition.

I’ve had 2 this year though so far. Just because :open_mouth:


Lol, unfortunately the cigars I was referring to are the Black and Mild ones, not the fancy, quality ones


I was referring to Swisher Sweets lol. so, not tons better


Any cigar for me would do, it’s the ritual and the classic vibe that appeals to me, just like old school shaving. Brush, shaving soap, safety razor, witch hazel, aftershave etc. I appreciate all this.

Journal for this morning, nothing much, except I am noticing I am much more confident in my thoughts, if that makes any sense… oh and libido seems to be increasing.

1x Rebirth, 1x EQ


Padron 5000 really good for price


1x Rebirth, 1x EQ in the morning.

I have this intense desire to improve myself, to learn more and to just grow as a human being. Could be EQ, but something in PS is making me feel… good (lack of a better word) about myself.

It’s subtle and I am sure other subs are at play but I’ve been observing my feelings while on it, and I think this is definitely doing something inside. It’s like it’s making me remember things I have done in the past and making me realize I am not exactly the poor image I thought I was. It’s making me remember past romantic incidents that is now making me smile, and making me tell myself… yeah… I did those things. That was pretty magnificent. I was the catch I can do it again. This feels good. I wish this feelings will get stronger and drive me over this hill I am trying to conquer.

As of this morning, I feel like I am more centered, and I’ve noticed I am paying more attention to my thoughts rather than to automatically respond when something or someone is trying to get a rise out of me. ie someone close to me is doing their usual passive aggressive routine, and I ignored it for the most part, and only remembered the incident while typing here on my journal to document. Yoda must feel wonderful with his inner peace.

This will be my routine for the day:

Morning: 1x Rebirth, 1x EQ (add PS if I still have time to finish 1 loop)

Mid morning: 1x Regen, 1x Elixir

Noon: 1x EQ, 1x PS

Afternoon, night time: 1x Sanguine, 1x EQ, 1x PS


1x Sanguine, 1x EQ, 1x PS

Not sure if reconcilliation but some unwanted emotions are popping up here and there, like worry etc. It’s pointless to worry and I am sure everything is going to be okay, but I certainly don’t like the way they make me feel.

Edit: Oh, and still not smoking.


1x Rebirth, 1x EQ, 1x PS this morning.

Feeling kind of lazy, nothing of note. Not too many negative thoughts, probably even lazy to think. Looking forward to a nice day however.


Still the same routine for the day:

Morning: 1x Rebirth, 1x EQ (add PS if I still have time to finish 1 loop)

Mid morning: 1x Regen, 1x Elixir

Noon: 1x EQ, 1x PS

Afternoon, night time: 1x Sanguine, 1x EQ, 1x PS

I decided not to take a break today, I feel my mind can take it, and I haven’t really gotten up to speed yet with my subs yet. I will take a break on a weekday if I feel too much fatigue.

Edit: I might try ST1 from Khan for the first time, later on today, to see how it would make me feel.


Yesterday I decided to do the same, instead of two days off I took one only and from using RegenQ only since the general recommendations doesn’t mention any breaks if it come so the use of Ultima. The reason was the same, I felt I didn’t need a longer break and that I could handle it… and I did. :slight_smile:

Ah, you’re being tempted again, this time by Khan :stuck_out_tongue:


Always been tempted by Khan and Stark… … ah and probably the whole catalogue :rofl:

Just doing EQ now to instill that discipline, alpha mentality and masculinity, but I believe I may need to temper EQ’s “serious” vibe, because I’m already percieved to be intense as it is.

I also have this resting you know what face (not sure if I can say it here)… that’s certainly not helping … hahaha…

I swear it’s all unconcious. :thinking:

One thing I am sure of right now is that I’m going to incorporate PS with Khan or Stark. I think PS has some inner game benefits I did not expect for it to have. It’s premature, I think I can be more confident in my conclusions after 3 months or so of use.

One thing I regret is not being on SC since 2018 or earlier. I could have been so far right now.


What if you had never joined the club? :sunglasses:


Love that show. My favorite part is when John Cleese was correcting Brian’s latin grafitti. Turns out John really did know latin.

I will probably stumble upon something. I’ve been in a never ending quest for self improvement since… probably the 90’s? From Anthony Robbins to Napoleon Hill etc, I remember my first foray into subliminals is a small pc program where it flashes random good affirmations on your monitor.

Also delved into PUA and Pheromones and been using YT subs for years. I don’t even know why it took me this long to try SC. I guess time will tell if this is the start of something great in my life, but I have a good feeling.


Yes, I wasted a lot of time on PUA too but at least I improved my English a lot :wink:
I guess we’re always on the path and only death puts an end to it. The most important thing is we have great tools for self-improvement and we have to avoid spoiling that awesome opportunity to grow just by the mere lack of patience.


Was that patience thing a jab? Haha :rofl:

I hear you brother. Patience is key. When do you plan to shift and what subs are in your sights?


I’m trying not to rush things too. You’re not alone. :slight_smile:
I shall apply what I said in this post.


1x Sanguine, 1x EQ, 1x PS (If I can)

Tried Khan’s ST1 earlier today… and funny enough… I got irritable. I find it funny, and I am laughing at myself because I know I did this to me. I was foolish, but ah well.

These subliminals are truly powerful, that’s for sure. This is definitely reconciliation and for some odd reason, I am thrilled. I am observing myself, and I was kind of having a non-chalant day, until around half an hour after I finished ST1.

It shifted my mood so quickly, and now I am wowed. Anyway I trust this will make me feel great after a while, but I’m still sticking with my playlist for now. See you in 2-3 months, Khan.


I think in 2-3 months you may want to stick to Emperor no matter what. You’re going, just keep the wheels on the road and fasten the belt. :slight_smile:

Emperor should be a great foundation for Khan… even for EoG and QL as it contains wealth programming and QL Lite. That’s why I vacilate betwen Emperor and QL and I think I would rather go with Emperor and add BLU to it at the right moment.