Rebirth, Regeneration & Sanguine (w/ EQ and PS)


You know it. :sunglasses:

Listening to EQ as I type right now. Btw, I’m observing myself with PS, and I’m leaning towards it being a gem as well. Still premature to conclude anything, but I have a good feeling about it.


I must admit that your stack looks to me as if it was a really solid custom and certainly, you need a lot of time to let it kick in… and then… oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! :smiley:


1x RebirthQ, 1x EQ, 1x PSQ

Had an interesting dream, but what’s most remarkable is I remember it. I usually forget about them or don’t remember even dreaming at all.

I noticed libido us up, but it’s like I’m on nofap and I don’t wish to let go of my streak even through natural means. I’m not too strict with myself in that regard, but I just don’t feel like it right now. Perhaps subconsciously I am transmuting the energy to something else? We’ll see.

I will review my whole journal before the years ends to check for some changes in my circumstance, thought process and demeanor.


1x SanguineU, 1x EQ, 1x PSQ

Not feeling too good. A bit under the weather, it could be fatigue. As per my thoughts, I was mellow today, I know I have some things to worry about but they did not bother me much, so that’s good.

I think it’s the combo between Sanguine and PS that’s giving me this much appreciated equilibrium.


1x RebirthQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

Woke up feeling better. My thoughts calm and more fluid instead of the usual worry filled chaos. I hope this becomes my normal.

Again I remember my dream, which is interesting because I almost never do. Not a lot of details this one, just the gyst of it. Interesting nonetheless, perhaps PS is responsible.


1x SanguineU, 1x EQ, 1x PS

I was more sure of myself today so thats good, however there are some thoughts that are somewhat bothering me, slightly annoyed and peeved but I guess it is what it is. Anyway short and sweet, just to note my thoughts and feelings at the moment.


1x HoM

I wasn’t planning on running this anytime soon but I have extra time, so I figured why not. Let’s see how this makes me feel, and hopefully it has luck affirmations too.


God, I love that Emperor feeling.


Your weekly subliminal routine is Sanguine and Emperor? What has been your schedule for the past 10 days?


You know it, brother


Yes, 3x EQ and 1x Sanguine per day. My routine has been more or less the same.

Morning right after I wake up: 1x RebirthQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

Mid morning: 1x RegenerationQ, 1x ElixirU

Noon: 1x EQ, 1x PS

Night time: 1x SanguineQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS


1x RebirthQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

It was… interesting. Right after I posted my last journal entry, someone close to me kind of crossed a boundary with me and I got pretty vocal. I read my journal and even before that, I was already feeling a bit on the edge. I suppose it was the last straw.

Some words we’re said but I suppose it felt good to re-establish some boundaries again. I’ve always been protective of my private affairs and over the years with my dwindling self-esteem and sense of self, this line was blurred and eroded.

In hindsight, perhaps I could have been more diplomatic in my words, however, we are all human beings and we all have our buttons. I still believe in my judgement, and I don’t think I would permit myself to go overboard with my words. My empathy is still there.

The whole incident does not feel good, but either I keep it in and stew in this toxic emotions while this line is being crossed, or be upfront about the offense and move on.


Thanks @Apollo!

Again I was looking for consistency and planning because I think doing so is more likely to lead to faster results.


:grin: Yeah… still trying my best to exercise self control and restraint. So many subs are tempting me, and reading other users experiences is definitely fueling that.

Not to mention I’m playing around with a custom in my cart.

I have Khan and Stark as well but I decided to focus on healing for a month or two, and a major alpha sub, in this case Emperor, assisted by PS.

I figured the inner game and seduction from PS would subdue effects from EQ that might make me even more introverted and come across as intense.

I’m giving myself 3 months with this stack, then I’ll reread my notes, my thought process and my emotions and compare the changes.

I was reading your review of Libertine. Amazing results!


This is similar to what I do.

I can take partial credit. There is technology in there that does some of the heavy lifting.


1x SanguineQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

Today was calmer than yesterday that’s for sure. Spent the day mostly day dreaming. Not dwelling with thoughts that are too serious.

Manifested something good today. Could it be the doing of HoM I played last night? Hmm. Not sure. I wasn’t going to use HoM yet, not until I am done with most of my healing stack, but I suppose what transpired today beckons me to use it again, and to see if I could recreate even more good news.

I’m pretty sure that’s not how subs work but these are my thoughts right now. Couldn’t hurt to try if I still have the time, I suppose.


1x RebirthQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

I surprised myself today, surprised with my lack of emotions. Unwanted emotions to be exact.

Suffering from social anxiety, there are mundande things that people do, that feels like torture to me, and yet today, I did it, without much effort and without much care. Not to mention I was also exceptionally productive.

Hmm. Wow.


It’s good to know you’ve started mastering your emotions. How about your social interactions? Has anything changes if it comes to coping with people?


It’s better. I’m not in my head like most of the time. I can see there’s a difference.

When you have social anxiety, sometimes something as mundane as going out the house can be stressful, but I don’t feel that these days.

My self-esteem has improved as well, and I notice respect from my interactions. Those interactions are limited though due to our situation.

I wish I had these tools last year or even earlier.


I’m glad it’s working for you so good. Don’t think about your past, try to let it go. I think you’ll and the stack will help you do that for sure.