Rebirth, Regeneration & Sanguine (w/ EQ and PS)


Thanks brother


1x EQ, 1x PS

I was surprised to realize I did not have much time to add anymore subs.

3 subs in the morning. 2 in mid morning. Another 2 in the afternoon and 3 before the day ended.

So much hours but I suppose this is what it takes. I’m enjoying it to be honest.

3 months and then I will probably replace most of my healing stack so I can incorporate the others in my daily routine.


1x SanguineQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

Nothing much, today was quite mundane. Honestly I am beginning to appreciate boring days. This year has been incredibly unusual, boring and mundane has become a luxury.

I find my thoughts are scattered all over the place though, my ADD is acting up quite a bit. Perhaps it’s exhaustion, chemical imbalance or whatnot.


1x RebirthQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

Had a strange dream. I don’t remember what it was exactly, only that it was unpleasant.

Anyway still effortlessly smoke-free so that’s awesome.


1x SanguineQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

Nothing much again today; I am actually considering if I should continue adding to my journal even if there wasn’t much of note.

Well I have a new toy today, a Philips shp9500. My first over ear. Not sure yet if this is better than my iems, but they are pretty comfortable.


1x RebirthQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

I was going to take a break today, but decided to go for a week, straight. Next weekend maybe, but so far I feel I can handle it just fine.


1x SanguineQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

Nothing much today, just that I didn’t take any rest days from my subs. Maybe next week.

Reading more in the forums, I am tempted to add HoM, but I just won’t be able to, unless I drop some subs because of time constraints.

January there would be a minor reshuffle, and HoM would definitely enter the arena.

Btw, still effortlessly smoke-free. If anything, this benefit alone is priceless. Cheers.


1x RebirthQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

I have been reading some journals today, and they have all been incredibly helpful for me to realize what needs adjusting in my life as well. Helpful and inspiring to see others get the results I also want to have.

I’m realizing some past regrets, and realizing my time here so far on the planet has not been as fruitful as I would have wanted.

I’m feeling slightly melancholic today, but I hope this will pass quick and I will be happy happy joy joy again or at least be on an emotional auto pilot. Maybe I’ll add Sanguine Ultima in between my stacks today, I’ve always heard good things about SU.


1x RebirthQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS, 1x RegenerationQ, 1x ElixirU

Not sure if reconciliation but man am I tempted to run RebirthU and StarkQ just to see what changes it does for my thought process.

Still holding on, EQ and PS is here to stay. Vacant hours in the day is fair game though… :sunglasses:


1x SanguineQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

Welp, sudden bad mood for some reason. Not sure where that came from.


1x RebirthQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

Woke up feeling so much more grounded than yesterday. Found out one of our TV’s developed this purple tinge on the side, turns out this is a bummer and I couldn’t fix it myself. Planned obsolescence to be sure.

What’s sort of new to me is I’m not feeling too upset about it. It is a bummer and I am disappointed, I probably won’t ever buy this brand again but with that aside I’m feeling a bit indifferent about it for the most part.

I ran SanguineU last night before I slept, that could be it? I forgot to journal that, good thing I remembered now.


1x RegenerationQ, 1x ElixirU

I feel fine, I saw some funny stuff on Netflix and I was laughing out loud. Guffawing even. Now that’s a sign of alpha if I’ve ever seen one.

Yet I feel my heart is racing for some reason, as if I am palipitating. The kind of feeling when you had too much strong coffee.

Again I feel fine, it’s just a strange feeling because there was no anxiety or anxious thoughts preceeding it.

This morning I finally got the motivation to lift again, it’s been a while, and since I’ve quit smoking, I knew it’s only a matter of time before I’m back to pumping iron again. (could be connected to the palpitation?)

Anyway here I am drinking chamomile tea, translating my thoughts into this journal. I hope my future self can use these ramblings.


1x RebirthQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

Woke up at midnight and had insomina since then. Not sure what’s going on, but I was tempted to run 1xRegenerationQ and 1x ElixirU but decided to stick to my once a day daily stack for this combination.

Feel funny right now, could be the lack of sleep but I don’t feel as grounded as I was the past few days. I want to be back in that bubble again, that’s for sure.


1x SanguineQ, 1xEQ, 1x PSQ

feeling melancholic, pangs of depression and low energy.


1x RebirthQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

Time flies, I’m already playing this stack for more than 20 days now, I gather. There is definitely some changes, but I’m far from Olympus so to speak. In a way that’s good news, there’s something good to look forward to. I haven’t reached my peak.

There are times I’m not feeling like writing in my journal, but I know it will be helpful in the long run, so keep on keeping on.


1x SanguineQ, 1x EQ, 1x PS

What a stressful day. First time cigarettes became tempting again. Nope, not going to, but this was the most tempting it got since I quit, thanks to EQ (I think it really is EQ)


Took a break today. I almost didn’t, I was already finished with my first loop of rebirth, and about 30 minutes into EQ till I remembered it was the weekend. See you tomorrow subs.