Reborn as Seductive Stark (RebirthU + StarkQ + PS)


That’s great news. Thank you very much for your insight. Now I’m 100% positive I should go with the same stack. Have a great day! :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome! Let me know how it goes. Hope you enjoy your day as well :slight_smile:


Day 8

Rebirth x 1
Stark (masked) x 2

Did not sleep well that night. Because of that, I woke up and tried to force myself to get up and get shit done with a bunch of caffeine, which didn’t work. Started experiencing more and more reconciliation as the day went on, and realized my brain was overwhelmed and needed some rest. I was having trouble concentrating on anything and felt very on edge - anger came out in spurts as well. Decided a rest day or two was needed to process.

Day 9 and 10


I continued to process through the reconciliation while I rested from subs, but managed to still be productive and effective at work. Mentally I wasn’t in the best state, but still excelled when I needed to step up.

Reconciliation Symptoms

A LOT of anger - this seemed to be the primary symptom that kept showing up. I feel I had suppressed a lot of this anger for years (I was the guy who would put on the happy cheery mask no matter how I felt on the inside), and it felt like this emotion was coming up to the surface to be processed through. Obviously not comfortable in the moment, but in retrospect I understand the importance of experiencing this emotional state.

Complimenting the anger was a victim mentality - woe is me kind of attitude - that had been a trademark of my past. I have worked through much of this in my own way over the past few years, and I feel like this was the last of this part of my past self coming up to be released so I can rise to new heights (Rebirth :wink: ). If I could sum up this reconciliation experience it would be: A depressive state where I was pissed off at the world for “doing me wrong”.

It was tough at times but I am grateful for going through this experience as I know this was an essential part of the healing process.


  • A song called Chrysalis I never heard before came up on shuffle. A chrysalis is basically the cocoon a catterpillar forms when being reborn as a butterfly :sunglasses:
  • Noticing a lot of angel numbers that are particularly relevant for me (my lucky numbers)


This was not all bad though! There was much positive to be noted from this time.

  • I feel I am really restoring my relationship with my father on a deep level. I had a wonderful, cathartic conversation with my father. For years, I had blamed my father for a lot of my shortcomings and held some subconscious resentment towards him. Usually we just kind of talk about surface level things, but last night him and I talked for a while and really connected in a way we haven’t in a while. It was one of those great conversations that just flowed, and I could tell he is genuinely proud of the man I have become. I also experienced a lot of forgiveness in my heart for the way he raised me, and understand now in a much deeper way that he was raising me the best way he knew how, and while my childhood may not have been perfect, I’ve turned out to be a pretty amazing man in the long run so it was all for the best.
  • Basically everyone is treating me with immense courtesy and respect. It’s like my status has elevated and people (even strangers) recognize this! It’s crazy but as an example I notice more and more people calling me things like boss, bud, bro, and are going out of there way to be extremely nice to me for no apparent reason. It seems to be particularly noticeable with people I have never met before!
  • Noticing things generally just falling into place for me. Like divine luck. For example, last night I went to eat at a steakhouse. I arrived around 7:30, basically prime hour for Friday night dinner. I managed to secure the last available table. Minutes later people were lining out the door, and more and more people kept coming up to the host asking how long the wait was. Since I was sitting by the host, I could hear them and pretty shortly after that they were being told the wait was 2 hours!. On top of this the server was one of the best servers I’ve ever had at a restaurant, and hooked it up with a free glass of very high quality red wine. I am noticing instances of these kind of events more and more, and feel quite blessed by life right now.
  • I have a thirst for knowledge, and noticeable improvement in my mind’s ability to process information in a way that pieces things together in a way that sees the bigger picture. The intelligence benefits of Stark are certainly working their magic.

All in all, I’m grateful for this healing and growth period. It was not easy, but it was necessary. I now feel ready for my next stage of my healing journey, which has been put off for a while. My intuition is telling me it is time to focus on sexual healing now as I continue to develop the traits being cultivated by Stark. Therefore, I am adding Primal Seduction to the stack, and am committing to run this alongside Stark for the next 6 months. These two subs contain everything I could possibly want right now, and I feel they will synergize AMAZINGLY towards the attainment of all of my goals. I am SO beyond excited to see the heights this killer combo will be towards turning me into The Seductive Stark.


It’s good to know we’ve dealt with the stuff related to your relationship with your father. I dealt with it too thanks to Regeneration and Elixir and it gave me a huge boost I had needed for my whole life.
If it comes to Stark, I consider it my leading sub and I’m going to stack it with almost every sub I’ll ever run, apart from pure healing stacks and programs which may collide with it. If I didn’t have my business plan I would run Primal Seduction along with Stark too but at the moment I need to stack it with Khan. I know I need some sexual healing and improvement too even though I have a gf who loves me a lot and satisfy me in bed.

Anyways, I think you could add PS a bit later when you’re really grounded in your Stark reality. Usually, this is what advanced users recommend and personally, I find it pretty reasonable. But of course, the choice is yours SC is all about experimenting. The plan to run it for six months is very good. I’m going to run Khan along with Stark for over one year. It’s a multi-stage program so that’s the reason.

Good luck, mate! :slight_smile:


Thank you @Voytek! Yeah it’s truly remarkable the kind of healing these subs can provide. Happy to hear you’ve had success with that as well.

I’ve been out of the dating game for a while focused more on building myself and my career up, and now that my foundation is very strong there - it’s time for me to focus more on dating and sexual healing aspects which PS provides. Stark is still the main base of this stack, but I know at my core PS is needed right now. These two together provide basically everything I will need and I am ecstatic to try them together!

Will continue to run RebirthU first and then 2:1 or 1:1 ratio of Stark:PS. Running this until my birthday next May.


Day 11
Rebirth x 1
Stark x 1
PS x 1

Day 12
Rebirth x 1
Stark x 1
PS x 1

Just been blissed out and at peace the last day or so. Feeling so happy about my choices and where my life is going. Feeling extremely at peace with myself right now, and been in a very reflective mood.

Definitely noticing the effects of PS already as my libido has increased. I had one of the most realistic sex dreams of my life last night and woke up with a serious case of morning wood. Nothing too much else to report event-wise, besides this. Just overall in a great state of being right now and excited for what the future holds in this journey.


Day 13
Stark x 2
PS x 1

Decided to cut rebirth down to a couple days a week based on feedback I’ve noticed about the aura subs in the forums. Thinking the first and last day of my 5 consecutive days will be a good approach for now. For example, if I rest on the weekends I’ll run Rebirth Monday and Friday and the other three days I’ll do 2x Stark and 1x PS. Three loops seem to be my max for now before reconciliation hits so I’m excited for this approach.

Anyways, I cannot be happier right now with this stack. I feel so calm and at ease, free and flowing with life. I’m allowing things to unfold as they should. It’s like I instinctually know when to attack and when to chill out. I used to beat myself up so bad anytime I wasn’t doing something “productive” but now I have really internalized that sometimes rejuvenation is THE MOST PRODUCTIVE THING that can be done in that moment. I’m learning to listen to my body and act more intuitively and less in my head. I am becoming the best version of myself moment by moment.

A couple notable events:

  • The girl who sent me a picture of her new tits (in previous post) hit me up today - and we’re now making plans for her to come visit me in a couple weeks
  • I’ve continued to notice many varied synchronicities. My luck angel numbers keep appearing. Also, there’s moments where I just think of something and it sort of instantly appears. For example, I was dealing with a long red light on my way to work and just casually said to myself “Jesus Christ” and IMMEDIATELY my eyes were drawn to a particular highlighted area on the GPS for a Church of Jesus Christ. These types of coincidences seem to happen more and more.
  • Sex sex sex - I love this activation of my sexual energy which has been repressed for far too long. I fapped twice in the last two days, which I would’ve felt guilty about in the past but I’m actually realllly happy I’m no longer suppressing this energy as I have for quite honestly years now. I truly feel invigorated and refreshed on life right now!
  • I’m now considering ways to transmute this sexual energy into my creative endeavors :wink: good stuff is definitely in the works


Your journal is very fascinating. Makes me want to try a quick RebirthU and Stark Q just to see what happens.


I’d highly recommend Rebirth with any new sub/stack. It seems to serve as a kind of ‘lubricant’ to the subconscious changes. Like all of these changes have happened quickly but in a smooth, natural way.

Whereas with subs in the past it would seem forced, leading to frustration.


Could explain why I don’t feel much issues with EQ. Either that or it’s because I’ve been depressed these past few years, I was kind of used to it. Either way I think Rebirth is helping me as well, I am just not sure if I should go with Ultima, altough your journal makes me really want to. Thanks for sharing friend.


I was using it every sub day at first, but I feel like this may be a bit overkill. I’m going to use it a couple days a week and see how this compares. I’ll be sure to keep you and everyone here posted how that works.


Day 14
Stark x 2
PS x 1

Day 15
Rebirth x 1
Stark x 1
PS x 1

Wow! This is such an incredible combination. I feel these two subs synergizing in such a perfect ideal way. My results have been potent. Perhaps due to the healing I have gone through these past several years, and deliberately prepping my mindset for success every day. Mental diet and proper action are key! Along with self awareness of the changes that are happening.

Anyways, here are some highlights from the past couple days:

  • I have this nonchalant confidence, and really am starting to feel that swagger that I’ve been searching for. I feel like a badass and carefree in most moments - knowing I can handle anything. I feel very much in my power right now.
  • Memories have been surfacing of times in my life when I have been most confident and successful with the ladies - perhaps to show a framework to build further success in this area.
  • I’ve been getting my ass up to the gym in the morning. It’s usually the first thing I do after some meditation time. This is serving as a solid foundation for the rest of my day. And the best part, this is happening naturally and I’m not having to force myself to get to the gym.
  • My posture has improved and I am more conscious of bad posture - able to quickly correct it.
  • People have been introducing themselves to me, or just starting random conversations with me, more than usual. Most interactions the other person is very friendly and kind (almost “overly” friendly, or just more friendly and cordial than I am used to) Seems to be the Stark fame aspect at work.
  • One of the ladies working at the office where I had a sales appointment commented that I have “great veins” - referring to the veins in my forearms. The other lady next to her agreed. The lady started making flirty remarks the rest of the time I was there. I was not attracted to her but definitely a sign that PS is kicking in.
  • I am noticing the old nice guy version of myself is becoming a thing of the past. For example, last night I was just casually finishing up some work in my room before bed. My roommate had invited some friends over to drink and hang out. One of the girls we both know came to my room and knocked on the door, asking for me to hang out with them and to see if they could borrow my speaker (which I knew meant they wanted to blast music aka disturb my sleep lol). I wanted nothing to do with that and just completely ignored her knocks at the door and plea for my attention. The old nice guy agreeable me would’ve quickly caved and been like “yeah absolutely!” This time I stood firm in my conviction, and almost naturally knew the right move there was to ignore her. In the past, I would’ve felt bad for ignoring someone like that, but now I don’t even feel the slightest bit of guilt - I don’t owe them anything, and am more and more recognizing the value of my time and attention.
  • After this happened, and I heard them partying downstairs (this was on a Tuesday btw), it made me start contemplating if these are the types of friends I want in my life. They’re generally good people but I’m realizing we’re at different stages in life. They enjoy partying a lot, which isn’t really my scene anymore. I like socializing, but am more focused on my own growth and creative endeavors. I’m considering moving to a place to live on my own, but have to think about that more.
  • Stark has me thinking a lot about the future and considering the evolution of technology and business. It seems to be guiding a lot of foresight in my decisions, both personally and professionally.

I’m taking the next 2 days to rest and just enjoy Thanksgiving. I’ll be back over the weekend to update anything else significant. Hope everyone can enjoy some downtime with family and friends!


Day 16 & 17 - Rest

Day 18 - Stark, PS, Libertine (v2) x 1 each

Day 19 - Stark & PS x 1 each

What’s up guys? Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I sure did. Everything’s going great still with this stack. I feel empowered, confident and more and more each day being the perfect version of myself.

Didn’t take too many notes on the rest days as I was just enjoying my time with my close family friends during the holiday. A couple things that stick out from that time:

  • Seemed like I was intimidating my friends dad. Not in an aggressive or obvious way to a third party viewer. More so that I got the sense he sensed my inner power (ie couldn’t look me in the eyes at all, etc)
  • I was so smooth at telling captivating stories. Just felt very comfortable and loose socially. No real awkwardness at all. The family I was with for thanksgiving were all very interested in anything I had to say. Just very at ease, relaxed, and in command.

I got back home Saturday night and had plans to go out with my buddies. Decided to run Libertine to see what all the hype is about. And wow it is powerful.

  • Called that girl I have talked about previously and solidified plans with her to visit me in a couple weeks. Should be a lot of fun to report from that :wink: She answered the phone call immediately and was very receptive to all my ideas (including staying with me even though we haven’t seen each other in a long time). I was very smooth talking to her and noticed my voice was deeper than usual too.
  • When I met up at my buddy’s place the social interaction continued smoothly with no anxiety or social shaking as they say.
  • Got a little too drunk to notice the effects when out, though I remember people just seemed receptive and extra nice to me. My friend kept buying us rounds and bought me pizza at the end of the night as well.
  • On that note I’ve been noticing a lot more free food being given to me recently. For example my manager has taken my out and paid for my lunch several times in the past couple weeks. There’s also my friend who bought me pizza, and also last night when I was at a cafe they threw in extra chicken and meatballs completely free without me specifically asking for them.
  • A very interesting effect (may be the lingering effects of Libertine): I woke up after that night of heavy drinking and not great sleep feeling very energized - normally after these kind of nights I used to lounge around watching movies / football all day but yesterday I had a very productive morning (got organized for the week, cleaned my room, did laundry, made music, read, yoga). It was low key one of my most productive days I’ve had since starting these subs.
  • More awareness that anxiety in approaching women has been the only thing holding me back from success with beautiful women. I’ve always been pretty natural when it comes to women, but to the detriment of I just kind of sit back and wait for them to come to me. This worked well for me in my younger years but I’ve rarely if ever gone out of my way to approach. I intend to take action on doing more approaches til it soon will become easy effortless and second nature. This change I can tell will fix 99% of any issues I’ve had with women.

So overall, Libertine is a phenomenal supplement to Stark and PS (which together are promoting profound changes within myself). I intend to use Libertine on weekends before social situations, and take more liberty of approaching women, which I’m sure will amplify these incredible results tenfold.


I would love to read more on that progress of yours in the future and I’m sure I will. It’s good to know that your stack works for you well and help you develop in many directions. But that’s the main advantage of Stark and you support it with PS and Libertine nicely. Well done.


Hey y’all - I’m back. It’s been a busy week. End of the year gets crazy busy with work so I may not be able to keep up with daily updates for a while as I was doing before. I do have some highlights from the week that I noted down.

Day 20 Stark x 1, PS x 1
Day 21 Rebirth x 1, Stark x 1, PS x 1, Libertine (v2) x 1
Day 22 Stark x 2, PS x 1
Day 23 Stark x 1, PS x 2
Day 24 & 25 - Rest

  • On Monday, my ex gf hit me up out of the blue. We haven’t spoken since February so this was both highly unexpected, but also a sign of the manifestation power in these subs. It was SUCH a crazy coincidence, because that morning I was on Snapchat and saw some snapchat memories of us, which caused me to start thinking of her. Not even 2 hours later, she texts me. It was nice to allow me to have some mental closure on this situation (PS healing perhaps?). I hated her for a while, but now am realizing that the reasons for our breakup were purely circumstantial (i.e. me moving across the country) and that hatred/anger/jealousy no longer have a place in my mind.
  • A couple syncronicities: I was watching a TV show that kept mentioning the town I live in. I also had a dream where Iron Man was in it.
  • I am seeing sex everywhere
  • My libido has definitely spiked - near daily morning wood, and thinking about sex a LOT more (whereas I used to suppress these feelings as “bad” I’m now way more accepting and allowing them knowing more and more that they are natural part of being a human)
  • I have started doing kegels daily to get more in touch with my sexual / creative force
  • I have been working on music every day, and finally incorporating music production as a daily habit
  • I am looking more and more attractive each day, and really loving the way that I look at my core
  • I am continually more in touch with my natural masculine state
  • My female coworkers are much nicer to me, and I am being treated more like a leader to them (despite being the least tenured person on my team)
  • I am noticing more attractive girls each day - particularly at my gym. Checking them out with less shame too, whereas before I’d shy away from looking at them thinking it was wrong (PS healing definitely doing its thing)
  • Less concerned about responses from females especially. For example, last night I called that girl who’s coming to visit me next week. She didn’t answer the call and has still not acknowledged that I called but I truly don’t care. I know she’s excited to see me. Before I would be freaking out mentally with bullshit rumination like “omg what did I do wrong” “is she not into me” “oh no she might cancel her plans” etc. Now I’m just calm cool collect about the whole situation - this inner confidence that no matter what it’s all good and everything’s working out perfectly for me always.

Overall, I feel great. I look great. And I’m loving life. This combo is exactly what I need, and I can’t wait to look back 6 months from now and see all the profound changes I have made. 1-2 loops of each seem to be the sweet spot, as I have had no reconciliation stacking this way. I’m just in a very very good place right now, and know that some incredible manifestations are right around the corner.


What’s up everyone! It’s been an eventful couple of weeks for me. Here’s some highlights:

  • Asked this super hot bottle girl for her number - she had a boyfriend and rejected me but I’m proud for taking action and being straight up with her, rather than beat around the bush like I used to do
  • Seeing a lot more respect from dudes at the gym - one guy offered for me to fill my water bottle before him, even though he got to the fountain first. Another timidly asked if it was OK for him to borrow a plate from the rack I was on.
  • I’m decisive and telling people like it is
  • More and more acting as a leader of my work team
  • Was called a “legend” by my manager
  • Had an incredible weekend with the girl who visited me. We had sex within hours of seeing each other, and just were vibing the entire time together. She is a classic “good girl” (innocent type) with a great upbringing, but kept calling me “daddy” and “sexy” - dirty talk things like that. She was also buying me food, giving me massages all that good stuff. Definitely a great FWB situation even though she lives in a different state we’re planning another visit.
  • I’m much more conscious of my mental diet - which I think has contributed greatly to me consciously guiding the scripting of Stark and PS to see immense success
  • One day one of my coworkers gave me attitude about a minor issue - I played it off with nonchalance. Though I still thought about it a bit after, I was not nearly as affected by this situation as I would have been in the past. My manager commented on how maturely I handled myself there.
  • I am chatting up strangers randomly more and more each day. Just saying stuff like ‘hi how are you’ to random people on the streets and just building up social confidence wherever I am. I used to kind of keep to myself, but now these greetings are flowing naturally out of me.
  • I am also noticing the reverse is true as well - random strangers are chatting me up more than usual too
  • Chatted up an attractive girl sitting next to me on a flight - I never used to do this
  • Almost hooked up with a girl who had a fiance. She was all over me until I went to make a move, but all good! I’m proud of myself for taking action and initiative and realizing more and more that rejection is actually valuable data I can use to optimize my approach in the future.
  • Learning a lot about stock market investing, and very interested in growing wealth.
  • Seems my status continually is elevated - dudes showing me respect all over the place, even getting head nods from strangers. AND even while I’m driving in my car with tinted windows, I am noticing people staring.
  • My voice is noticeably deeper and more dominant sounding

This post wouldn’t be complete without a syncronicity story. I was thinking about an attractive girl I’m into and she pops up immediately on one of my friends Snapchat stories, and then minutes later on another friend’s Instagram post. She is really my type and I’m going to start dating her when I’m back from being home for Christmas.

Anyways, happy holidays and merry Christmas to this wonderful community!!!


Hey everyone, had a great time at home for the holidays with the family. I was expressing myself much more freely and with less fear than before. I used to hold back on authentically expressing myself, and kind of conform to what I thought my parents wanted from me. This was a major stumbling block in the past, but I seem to have become liberated from this past tendency to a certain extent.

I also found a USB drive with nudes and videos from my first gf in high school. For whatever reason, I felt intuitively guided to watch the videos. I felt strangely healed by this experience, as she was the source of a lot of my trauma around relationships. I think this was a metaphorical way of closing the chapter of this effect she’s had on my life.

I also have had some jock itch and for a little while yesterday, experienced testicular pain that eventually subsided. Perhaps this is part of the PS healing process?

Anyways, not much else to report as I’ve just been spending quality time with the family.

This week, I am starting a rotation of Ultima boosters with this stack. Using Rebirth today, then trying Limitless Executive for the first time tomorrow - as I want to really kick start my productivity. Before I go out for NYE later this week I will also give PSIT Ultima a try. So Rebirth and Limitless Executive during the productive parts of my week. And PSIT Ultima or Libertine (or both?) before social situations. I’m excited to report back how this goes.


Tried limitless executive for the first time yesterday. Got a compliment while at a work appointment that “you seem really smart” - conversations just flowed naturally and I knew what to say. I also found myself VERY hungry and unfortunately munched on a lot of junk food. Also PMO’d twice after listening not sure what made me so horny but it is what it is. Back on the saddle today.


I think going home for christmas triggered up some old stuff in me, as I’ve noticed a reversion to old ways of thinking, behavior, negative habits, etc. since Monday. This is probably just for me to deal with this once and for all.


You are getting great results, @Ice. StarkQ and PS are working great for you. Good luck using the Ultimas. Am currently using The Executive to very good results and will replace it with Limitless Executive next week

Happy New Year