Reborn as Seductive Stark (RebirthU + StarkQ + PS)


Thank you @raphael ! This combination truly is wonderful.

Ran Limitless Executive again earlier today and have been really focused (like a clean focus not a jittery adderall type feeling), and again conversations just flowed. It seems people at work were respecting me as more of an authority figure - like they could sense my competence.

It also improves my confidence in the sense that I am out of my head, and just taking composes action on the next logical thing to do. I have had a problem ruminating / overthinking in the past, which has led to procrastination. LEU seems to put me more in the flow where I just act automatically without conscious interference.

I should mention that I slept very well last night whereas the night before I ran it the first time I did not get enough sleep, which may explain the improved results today.


Also, I hit up the girl I have a bit of a crush on. It was so effortlessly automatic - I saw she posted a story about booking a trip to a place I am visiting in a few weeks so I just messaged her about that again without overthinking or worry “is this the right thing to say” :slight_smile: I just said it and sent it without much thought.

This is a big step up for me and definitely attributed to PS healing and manifestation scripting (particularly if she ends up being there at the same time as me LOL), and also this automatic action taking of LEU. I haven’t even ran PSIT U yet but will likely give it a shot tomorrow and see how it affects my flirting.

Anyways I am extremely pleased with LEU’s effects and plan on having this as a staple in my stack for some time.


This is just what I need since am the overthinking and “stuck in planning” type :grin:

Thank you!


I should note that the effects of LEU do seem to linger a day later. It did not hinder my sleep at all either which is really great - I ran it in the late morning yesterday and was able to sleep great and wake up with motivation to finish some tasks that need to get done before years end.

I am also considering not even going out drinking for NYE, which would be the first time in my life since I’ve drank. Not sure what to attribute to this motivation, but basically my inclination right now is to start the year off strong and on the right foot, not hungover after a night of debauchery and drinking with my friends.

We’ll see what happens as I am running PSIT U to see it’s effects.


PSIT Ultima x 1
Stark x 2
PS x 1

Decided to stay in on NYE and contemplate my vision / goals for 2021, and am SO happy that I did. I felt such resonance with doing this, and intuitively knew this was the right move to make. Even though I was not able to test PSIT U going out in person, I know there will be plenty more opportunities for me to do so, and already have some very interesting results to report!

Here are some highlights from my day:

  • Had a series of sales calls to do to close out the year. These went SO smoothly, like I was in total control and just in flow. Even after the business discussion had finished, several people kept the conversation going wanting to keep talking to me. I actually enjoyed this a lot, and noticed everyone for the most part was extremely kind respectful and grateful for our conversations.
  • Received an unsolicited nude from the girl who visited me a few weeks ago :wink: I decided to send one back which is something I normally never do but the PSIT U had me feeling a little freaky I guess haha
  • Also, PMO’d twice yesterday. Not ideal and not stoked about it, but now am extra resolved to get out there and meet sexy women and channel this sexual energy into my creative endeavors.
  • Immense hunger continued - binge ate a bunch of chocolate in the afternoon. Resolved to get my diet back on track, and ended up having a healthy dinner. I noticed this hunger after starting LEU, possibly because of the sheer amount of energy it utilizes.
  • Walked into the grocery store with immense confidence and consciously strong body language. PSIT U definitely seems to allow more awareness of how you are carrying yourself physically.

Synchronicity: Was watching a Youtuber I like discuss the “Rebirth” that is happening in 2021. Very interesting since I had plans to run Rebirth as my first sub of the new year!

Really excited for what’s to come in 2021!



I want to list these here to hold myself accountable as well as track my progress.

  1. Develop a highly successful business profitable enough to support me entirely. Earn enough from my business, sales job, investments, etc. to pay off all debt. Release a debut music album - tied into my entrepreneurial ventures.

  2. 3+ Sexy FWBs that I genuinely enjoy spending time with. They fit my criteria for an ideal partner: kind, smart, affectionate, supportive, beautiful, mature, strong, independent, honest, loyal, open minded, similar sense of humor, similar taste in music, sexual - high sex drive, confident, responsible, positive attitude, very feminine, adventurous, athletic, chill, submissive, spiritual, happy, big heart, slender body yet curvy in all the right places, appreciative, trustworthy, respectful.

For far too long, I have been scattered trying to change everything at once. Last night I really refined my goals for the year to my PRIMARY Focus: building massive wealth through my business; and SECONDARY Focus: dating success. Everything else will fall naturally into place from there :slight_smile:


Jan 1, 2020

RebirthU x 1
LimitlessExecutiveU x 1
Stark x 1
PS x 1

Some solid productivity today, mapped out a game plan for my business. Also noticed myself getting pulled into distraction periodically but have been able to settle into a flow and get a lot done. Still feeling motivation at 9pm after working throughout the afternoon. Tomorrow and Sunday are my rest days so I am curious to see if there will be a carryover productivity effect from LEU like before.


Jan 2 & 3, 2020 - REST

Some clear reconciliation this weekend. Yesterday, I went to a cafe to try and work, and was procrastinating having a tough time getting started on some things I need to get done for my business. Kept running into mental roadblocks that prevented me from getting started on the most important tasks.

Went and got a haircut then came home and my roommate was having people over to drink. Decided to partake and had an overall fun time, where conversations were flowing and I was being charismatic. Couldn’t help but think in the back of my mind these aren’t exactly the types of people I want to be hanging out with - they’re cool but not my ‘tribe’ per say (Inner Circle aspect of Stark at work?). Around 8pm I felt the urge to separate myself from them and went to my room to chill. Ended up passing out and waking up at around midnight, but couldn’t fall back asleep until almost 4am after that. PMO’d to try and help me fall asleep :frowning:

Woke up today feeling just really out of it. Not in the hungover sense, more in the mental fog, super out of it sense. Felt the urge to be a recluse today, and just chill in my room even though some of my roommate’s friends were hanging around. This is a classic old behavior of mine - a feeling of depression in a sense where I don’t want to be around anyone and just want to sit there in my own misery by myself. Reconciliation seems to be triggering this up in me. Aside from these symptoms, I can tell it’s reconciliation because I kept thinking about switching subs (not going to do it lol) but was just thinking like “oooo I wonder what Khan/Emperor is like. That sounds really amazing”. Also, I’m questioning much of my place in the world and questioning some of my past choices.

I’m just having a bit of a tough time at the moment. I know the reconciliation will pass, but am considering taking another rest day tomorrow to really let things settle in.

On the bright side, I’ve experienced these types of ‘lulls’ before and they are usually followed by a major breakthrough. So in a way, I am kind of excited…


Jan 4, 2020 - Rest

Still experiencing some recon and even though it’s more manageable today, I felt guided to take another rest day. I keep getting tempted by other subs (in particular, Ascension, Emperor, and Khan). It’s not that I’m on the verge of switching, it’s more shiny object syndrome than usual coming in reading about other people’s experiences on those subs and thinking, “woahhh that would be so cool I want those results!”

Aside from that, I have still felt a bit foggy and like random pressures on the top and sides of my head (not full blown headache just almost like a sensation of someone lightly pressing their finger against certain parts of the skull would be the best way I could describe it I guess lol).

On the positive side work went pretty smoothly all things considered. I was complimented by one receptionist who’s first words to me were “nice haircut”. Another cute receptionist was being pretty clearly flirty, and we enjoyed some nice banter. Also was pretty blissed out for a while driving to appointments listening to music. So definitely a pretty good day overall.

I know this reconciliation means I am on the verge of a massive breakthrough, I can feel it :slight_smile: The phrase I keep hearing in my intuition today is “Less is More”, so I’ll be taking as much rest as needed - and may end up with a full blown washout break since it’s now been over 6 weeks since starting this stack.


Welcome friend !!


Don’t do it, man!

Hold your course.


Thank you for your encouragement @Hoppa!

I was planning on sticking it out on this Stark / PS journey for the long haul. Already seeing some great progress at only ~6 weeks so I can only imagine the deep profound changes that will have occurred in my life after 6 months or a year.

I’m glad I’m seeing this temptation for what it is (reconciliation) and your post further motivates my commitment to this stack :muscle:t3:


Jan 5, 2020 - REST (Washout Week)

Fully committed to this washout week. Haven’t taken a full week off subs since starting them (non SC at the time) Sept 2019. Even before my SC journey I only took 3 days off I think.

I’m excited to get into the execution phase and hopefully some bloomage. I feel things really settling in now, and have a strong feeling great things are coming as a result of giving my mind the extra time to process.

A couple notable events last night:

  • Got a KILLER workout last night. Best I’ve gotten in months. Left the gym feeling truly satisfied by my efforts.
  • Hung out with my roommate and his buddies and we were having a great time. It was like we were long time friends even though I hardly know those guys.



Feeling like I’m integrated into a new reality. Like I definitely feel my consciousness has shifted into a different baseline state than I’m previously running. Feeling my brain has gotten the rest it’s needed - planning to continue running subs again either tomorrow or Friday, depending how I feel.


So I have done a TON of reflecting and considering my priorities for the coming years. It basically comes down to:

  1. High Social Status and Influence - revered, adored, loved, respected; through fame as a successful entrepreneur, innovative visionary, music producer, new age leader.

  2. Generate a massive fortune as a creative mogul.

  3. Abundant sex life dating high quality women that enhance my life.

Sex comes third on this list, and I’m not quite sure it’s as important as I once thought it was. It still is, don’t get me wrong, I very much desire having high quality women to date, but it pales in comparison to the first two objectives: Status and Wealth.

Plus, I feel like the women I desire will naturally fall into place with those first two areas handled. Unsure of where I want to go from here. Stark is here to stay, that is without question. It’s Primal Seduction I’m not sure about.

Part of me wants to stick this through, as I have definitely seen great results with this current stack. Part of me wants to include Ascended Mogul, as productivity and focused action towards my business goals has been something I’m missing. Here are my options:

  1. Stick with my stack until May (6 months) then re-assess [Stark, PS stack]
  2. Keep PS, add AM [Stark, PS, AM stack]
  3. Drop PS, add AM [Stark, AM stack]
  4. Create a Status and Wealth custom with Stark / AM cores, stack with PS
  5. Create a Status and Wealth custom with Stark / AM cores, run solo (drop PS)
  6. Create a Status, Wealth, and Sex custom with Stark / AM / PS cores
  7. Khan??? (hahahahaha jk)

I’m on day 6 of no sub listening, so I don’t necessarily attribute this to reconciliation. This is the culmination of several weeks of considerable reflection on what my true priorities are in life, and what I most want moving forward. Part of this is for me to map out on paper, but part of this is to get some insights from our wonderful community as to their advice on what they think my next move should be.

@RVconsultant @Simon @blackadder @Hoppa @raphael @Voytek @Brandon

Thanks in advanced guys. Your perspective on this is greatly appreciated!


I would first encourage you to set aside time and read the descriptions of all the modules at the Q store so you can make selections from a knowledgeable perspective.


@Ice - Hey! Thanks for the tag. Ascended Mogul is a good idea if you are having financial issues. Else you can choose Emperor to develop your financial and alpha status furthur if you are not in debt and you want to run your own company or go freelance

If you decide to choose AM, then AM + StarkQ is an excellent stack

If you choose Emperor, then Emperor + PCC is your best bet. PCC very much helps with charisma and expressiveness

Regarding Primal Seduction, what you could do is to pause PS for a while and add it to your AM+Stark or Emperor+PCC stack after a month or 2. Recommending that since you rightly observed your woman goals are secondary to your purpose

That’s my advice. Hope it helps


What would be the difference between adding PPC vs.Daredevil to eg. Emperor?

I’m considering my next move as well.


I haven’t tried Daredevil but from reading the sales page I can assume that Daredevil gives you the charisma and status of the social butterfly but PCC gives you charisma and status born of understanding the laws of power


Hey @raphael thanks so much for the advice!

I’m not having financial “issues” per say. I’m pretty comfortable financially but moreso desire to take my finances to the next level while elevating my social status and influence.

That said, it would definitely be Stark + AM for me, as Stark is my ideal archetype and primary sub I plan on running a LONG time. My fear about dropping PS for a month or two is losing the momentum / progress I’ve gained thus far. But at the same time I don’t want to dilute the effectiveness of the Stark + AM stack.

I’m considering running a triple stack Stark (primary) + AM (secondary) + PS (tertiary) based on stack guidelines - is that too much?

Otherwise, I may heed your advice and do Stark + AM for a month before adding PS back in. Again, my concern is losing the significant progress I’ve already gained from PS.