Reborn as Seductive Stark (RebirthU + StarkQ + PS)


Thank you so much @RVconsultant!

I have a list of modules in mind I would be happy to run them by you when I’m back home in front of my computer.

At the same time I kind of feel like I should wait for a custom until Q+ is released…:thinking:


This stack will work, my friend. Go for it :+1:


Test with PS, if it’s too much drop it for a while. Nothing prevents you from testing if you can add it in every week with just one loop.

At some point you can add it, then just keep running the stack for an extended time.


You all are amazing thank you so much! @raphael @Hoppa @RVconsultant

Going to add AM to my Stark + PS stack based on guidelines and assess how I feel on a weekly basis. The timing for this comes perfectly after a washout week, where my brain should be fresh and ready.


Good luck!


That is a good point about Q+.

I mean, if you get a Q and then Q+ comes out next week…

But if Q+ doesn’t come out until 4 months…

This is more of a question for @SaintSovereign and @Fire about when might Q+ and Ultima+ might be out.


Do you know/think that the release of Q+ means that we will not see any new or updated major programs before Q+?


That would be a question for @Fire and @SaintSovereign


Emperor, Stark, HoM (although less focused on sex than the former programs) and Khan are all focused on the goals you’re aspiring to achieve but all of them offer a different path of development towards those goals. First, it’s important to estimate which archetype and way are most proper for you to follow and which aspects of you and your current circumstances you want to work on. Since you started with Stark I assume that’s the most appealing archetype and way of development to you. (No wonder, it sounds pretty great to be a genius playboy millionaire :slight_smile: ).

In my view Emperor is best if you want to be focused on designing your own products, producing them and selling. Of course, there’s a strong alpha component in it too, and it improves your social status by merely your presence. People can sense your power and you feel alpha. In that case, your status is only a matter of perception, it’s not “a fact” (like being a famous person, CEO etc.).

Stark is great for building personal brand, ingenuity and building your business on relationships with people (coach, teacher,c influencer etc.). In other words, YOU are your product. However, I suppose Stark works also if it comes to the business goals Emperor works towards too but it seems to prioritize your brand building and connecting with people.

HoM is more about trading and building relationships helping you expand your trading reds.

I chose Stark as my dominant/leading subliminal program since that archetype and way of personal development matches my personality, natural gifts, vision, goals and current circumstances best (I want to be a coach/adviser). Trading (HoM) is not for me, at the moment, maybe someday… maybe… Emperor is focused on designing and producing my own products and on hard, relentless work is not for me either.

I would reevaluate your stack, your current goals and evaluate your results and the progress you’ve made so far first and then try to plan on stacking.


Khan is not a joke. Now I’m doing DR and Mogul to heal my “traumas” and get rid of the negative programming related to finances. After that, I’ll be doing Khan+Mogul+DR Ultima, even though, I’ve been using alpha (and alpha-like) programming for over five years. The reason is obvious, Khan is the best-balanced alpha programming available on the Internet. I would say it’s a must for attaining the goals you mentioned. But there is “but”. It takes a lot of time to get there (usually), although it depends on who and how you are now, your circumstances etc. Me, I’m going to run Khan only for laying foundations for my further development. Yes, although I think my foundations are pretty solid I want Khan to put it to the test and see what it does for me. I’m pretty sure I’ll benefit from it a lot, especially, since I want to stack it with DR Ultima, which should foster the results massively, and with Mogul since making money is my priority now.


Oh I know, I’m only laughing cause I committed to Stark and not trying to change things up too quick. Thank you for your input @Voytek very insightful!


Maybe someday stacking Stark + Khan but for now it’s Stark + AM + PS. Getting incredible results already with Stark + PS, and can’t wait to round things out with AM for that alpha confidence, drive, motivation, and status improvement.


Jan 7, 2020
Libertine (v1) x .5 - Ran for 30ish minutes

Absolutely amazing night last night. Fucked a very hot girl who I knew from a couple years back. Her and I always got along well but it was very platonic. Like I always found her attractive but never imagined us having sex. She’s in town visiting friends for a few days, and wanted to grab drinks so I decided fuck it seems like a good time to end my washout and see what these Ultimas can do.

Everything was so smooth, especially considering this is someone I had not seen or talked to really in a few years. I was just in this relaxed place where I “knew” we were gonna sleep together. My confidence and charisma was through the roof. It’s crazy I’ve never really experienced something like that with a girl this hot.

I didn’t do or say anything special it was all in the vibe I was giving off and feeling from her.


Jan 8, 2020

Gonna ride this PSITU wave and see what else I can accomplish :wink:

The effects seemed to definitely carryover into today as I had an amazing conversation with a potential new business client, and closed a deal on the spot (despite being tired and hungover).

Things are great and I’m excited to get back into my Q subs starting tomorrow.


That night my buddy and I met another group of girls and ended up hanging out with them for a while. Had great chemistry with one of them and was really in flow, cracking jokes, being confident, flirty and not giving a fuck lol. Nothing really happened physically that night, but we’ve been texting and plan on grabbing drinks with her later in the week.

PSITU seems to be just the social lubricant that I need. Not only is it great with the ladies it pushes me out there to say things freely with little inhibition. It like loosens me up out of my head, which is greatly welcomed.

Jan 9, 2021
Libertine (v1) X 1

Had plans to watch the football games with friends so didn’t have time to go through my Qs. It was cool I got to test the effects of libertine though. It definitely seems to be more “passive attraction” than PSITU. Like I noticed stares and also was definitely appreciative of beautiful women that I saw, but wasn’t pushed to go talk to them like PSITU had me doing.

Back on my Q subs today thinking of doing 1 loop Stark 1 loop AM 1 PS. I feel like less is more with these and 1 loop of each is all I need.


One thing I should mention about Libertine v1 it made it very hard for me to sleep. I ran it late morning and I was up at 3:30 am or so still pretty energized


Back from a trip and started my stack of Stark, AM, and PS. Deciding between adding LEU and RICHUltima as a booster during the work week and probably going to use PSITU before socializing on weekends.

Tried out love bomb, which has been causing people to open up and talk to me more, and treating me with extra kindness and respect. Not sure how often I’ll use this, but I’ll play it from time to time (maybe before going out).


Still trying to figure out an ideal stack I can stick with for a long time, without it being too dense. Stark-AM-PS seems like the move for now until further notice.


Pretty solid week overall. I’m really liking how AM is stacking (definitely noticing increased productivity and standing more in my power).

Ran a half loop of LEU the other day and noticed increased focus and productivity as well.

Ran PSITU just now we’ll see what happens.


Thinking of creating a custom with Stark and AM cores. Noticing some specific things I need to focus on improving that the custom would address. At the same time it may be wise wait a bit for more foundation?

Could be recon since I’ve been drawn to Khan recently. I’m going to take some time to think about all this.