Reflections of Apollo


Except your not, because I can read your energy and your energy says a lot more about you than your words do. I can see you’re a good guy.

Who isn’t good at being sarcastic?

I’m still jealous.

Always man


I was actually afraid I’d go back to smoking if I dropped EQ but so far my streak continues. You?


Good stuff, I’m still going strong myself


Right on amigo


What did I change in my stack… how come I had an easier time before.

Could it be Rebirth?

Going to have to read some more.


What’s going on man?

You’re getting hard recon because you removed one of your subs that made your stack easier to use? Is this right?

What was your stack before?


Okay! Hit rewind for a moment…

How many of you all have given up smoking since starting DR?

How long were you smoking?

What have you tried before to quit?


Oh, I’m just figuring out and trying to retrace my steps. I’m still not sure about my Ultima right now, perhaps rebirth ultima might be a better substitute for what I’m trying to achieve, which is in a way a rebirth.

It’s only recently that I’ve been having the same emotional pangs I used to have before I started with SC. There’s definitely some digging there and I wish to soften the blow so I can function normally in my day to day sagas… :muscle:

But at the same time, I also don’t wish to weaken it too much that the healing takes longer.

Thanks for the concern buddy, I’m good, just dealing with some heavy recon. I’m tempted to retreat back into my previous stack but I’m pushing on with DR, regardless. If need be I’d stay on ST1 as long as it takes till I feel I’ve made sufficient progress to heal my issues.


For me, I really think it’s EQ. I’ve been smoking for 8 years maybe, then I quit for around 3 and then started back again 5 months or so before starting with SC.

I was planning to quit but not at the time I did. I suddenly lost interest in it for some reason.

The only different thing I’ve been doing was playing my stack of Rebirth, Regen+Elix, EQ, PS and Sanguine.

It’s been more than a month now, so any cravings should be psychological, but these past week or so, I’ve been tempted to grab a cigarette for sure.

Still on the horse though, hopefully for good this time. I hate the smell.


Yep, it’s settled, I’ll go back and reshuffle, work around DR.

F* it, we’ll do it live. - baba o’reilly


They are supposed to be making “House of the Dragon”. But we beat them to here in Subclub :grin:


Haha… not sure what happened there. I read the writers were gearing up for a starwars gig or something, so it felt rushed.

Honestly I’m not even sure if r.r. martin has it in him to finish the book. Perhaps he was intimidated, and that gave him a mental block. I know I would feel the pressure if that was me. I’d probably be a recluse and not watch the show or read anything on social media until I’m done writing.


Emperor: House of Medici + DR Stage 4 custom= House of the Dragon ?? lol


That’s a great place to start.

What Ultima are you currently using now? I thought you were just using DR, Ascension and StarkQ. Didn’t know you were using an Ultima unless I just forgot, sorry if I have - my memory is not the greatest.

I’ve never used Rebirth, I thought about it but not for me - when I was looking for healing DR came through which is why I jumped on it. Have you let the emotions out in any way if you’ve become aware of it?

The latter is always one of our concerns.

You should know me by now aha.

Remember even if you don’t feel it it’s still working. I should hope so on 1 loop. Keep going man. DR will press through for you.


@Azriel and @raphael

I’ve been meaning to ask about EQ, when you guys were on it, the major one not the custom; Did you feel it made you too serious? Too intense?

Or were you still able to enjoy relationships? Small chit-chats, joking around, and various forms of entertainment? and not just too focused on career and work?

I enjoy restaurants, theme parks (yep pandemic so no go), silly movies and the like, I was wondering if EQ’s mindset would still allow me to genuinely enjoy such things, after a long time of listening to it.


I opted for SanguineU, yesterday but I still felt some pangs. I was wondering if it was Rebirth that was smoothening out the process.

No… I couldn’t find a breakable plate so I’m just throwing around plastic cups to release the tension… :triumph:

I’m raising everything to 3x loops… hahaha… like I’ve said, I’m on shmuck mode right now… :rofl:

and I am honored. You’re a very valuable person and you’re going to reach higher and higher heights. Keep the faith


Given the medieval time period of the Medici family, I was thinking:


Oh yes, you did tell me - my apologies. Which do you feel is helping you the most? What does your intuition say is best for you?

There’s plenty other ways to release the tension brother. Private journal? Say how you real feel, no holding back. There’s loads. I learnt to stop holding back and it truly helped me in embracing the feelings I felt and let them go easier.

Again, you did say - my apologies man.

As always I appreciate your kindness brother. You’re my brother now, not even my friend. I see a lot of potential in you and can’t wait for you to continue to live up to it and experience your absolute greatness.


Don’t worry about it, I had to reread my journal to check what was working well for me.

I think it’s my previous stack of EQ and PS to be honest, plus the healing. I was winging it without any issues, just the libido thing, but I attribute that now to fatigue.

The trojan horse here is DR, I think this one shook things up.

I was like, okay regen elix is nice, it’s healing me, gently but surely, and then DR arrives.

It’s feels like it did not come to my house for smaller repairs with hammers and saws, but with a damn wreckling ball.

To think I said it was gentle in the beginning… :thinking: That comment aged like fine milk.

EQ and PS. My favorite subs for sure. Stark is nice, it makes me feel open and more jubilant.

My only issue with EQ was I felt I was a bit insensitive, and I didn’t like that.

We sometimes pray for our suffering to end, without realizing others have been suffering as well due to our actions. That we are the topic of someone else’s prayer, and that bothers me. I want to go through and enjoy my life without causing suffering to anyone.

My task right now is to retain EQ but give it levity, empathy, give it joie de vivre, enjoy the little things while excelling in my chosen field.

To do it with stacks rather than customs, until I am more adept and got more ideas what individual subs in my toolbox does and what modules they contained that I liked.


Dragon Reborn does not come to play.
It might knock gently at first but then boom, your mind and body are embraced with a fiery hug that burns down your negativity, emotional, mental and physical trauma.

This isn’t done without sacrifice though. A sacrifice to the foundation you already have/had. But you will be able to build upon it again.

Remember though, it’s okay to feel how you’re feeling.

So, I’m assuming you want to stick with Emperor/PS? Is that correct? Do you feel like you’re moving onto your new stack for no reason - just to experiment? Would you continue to stick DR out?

Sometimes we don’t do it directly or on purpose but sometimes we have to hurt others to better ourselves, but we don’t mean to. Not always anyway. Forgive yourself for the hurt you’ve given to others. Direct the dragon to help you heal yourself of this pain you’re currently feeling and write down any emotions you’re feeling. Allow yourself to express them.