Reflections of Apollo


No, first time I’ve seen those, customs, right? I have around 30 modules in my cart but I don’t think I’ve come across these two.

Btw, in making a custom the usual suggestion is 3 majors, right? and then how many modules are optimal?

I keep pruning my cart :rofl:


3 cores maximum, I guess that’s 3 majors, eh?

I got some customs that are just modules, no cores.

20 modules tops. So if you got 3 core/majors, you got 17 more slots left!

Make sure your next cart is a dragon cart to get A at his A game!


Ah drats… more cart slashing… :neutral_face:

Thanks buddy, I’ll keep that in mind.


Losing yourself in a negative habit (or several!) can feel like drifting into a storm. With Eye of the Storm, you will regain your control over your negative habits and become able to build positive habits with greater and greater ease. Whenever you feel yourself drifting, you will be able to safely end up in the Eye of the Storm and take back control over your life. You can also use Eye of the Storm whenever you want to build new positive habits.

aaand I just increased the stuff in my cart…


It sounds like my current stack; DR+Mogul+Elixir.

With MOGUL , you’ll quickly begin to experience rapid internal growth (and external results) in every aspect of your life where money and wealth are involved.

MOGUL also contains scripting to help you discover your personal mission and guide you down a path toward generating massive amounts of wealth from that mission. There’s nothing better than doing what you love AND earning money while you do it.

Dragon Reborn, of course.

Stacking everything at once, rotating, changing, basically, what you’re doing now is good for experimenting but to achieve, what you said you want, you should stick to things which actually help get there faster and easier.
Ask yourself the question (it’s an example)
How much time, effort and action would it take to become Stark?

And now, wouldn’t it be easier to deal with some more basic issues, your “nearest” goals first and then move to trying to become Stark? For dealing with those basic issues you mentioned, the quickest way is to run the same stack I’m running. Mogul is the best and fastest way to improve your finance and career and DR to repair and heal. That’s all I can say about that.


I’m seriously considering running Sanguine tonight. Tired of being in a bad mood


Thanks bro, yeah I’m sticking with Dragon, it’s sacred in my stack. I don’t have mogul though, but hopefully AM or EQ should be enough to substitute.

I think EQ right now might be my best bet towards improving my focus. It’s all over the place, and recon is not helping either. What do you think?

My mind is scattered, but with said, I’m only expressing this privately through what I’m writing in this journal. In the outside world I must maintain my composure and stability otherwise things would fall apart.

Internally, there’s a tempest, a turmoil. I’m banking on DR to help me win this battle with myself.


Yeah, SanguineU worked for me, with some tea and some gaming.

Try it, might work for you to calm the noisy mind. I have to do several things at once to drown the intrusive thoughts.


Haha I know it for sure. It was a beast of a program. Quick question, what do you eat like? Don’t want to detail the thread so you’re more than welcome to post it in my thread - I’m just trying to work on my nutrition.


It depends on how fast you want to deal with your financial issues. Emperor is great but requires a lot of time, effort and action to improve on it and is also very taxing so stacking it with DR which is highly taxing sounds like a really tough challenge to me. I chose Mogul since it’s really light and fast-working. Mogul is the most underestimated subliminal in SC since everybody says; it’s in AM, hey, it’s in Emperor too, hey isn’t better to run EoG, anyway? Yes, it might be better to run EoG, for example, but EoG is much more demanding and complex. It requires of you more time, energy, effort and action and it’s also not easy to stack it with something stronger like DR, for example.

If you have more time to wait for your results and you’re ready to invest more effort and take more action, go with Emperor if you think it could be too much for you, go with AM. Look at how far you’re from the AM archetype (what it offers) and how far from the Emperor archetype (what if offers) and choose wisely. AM can be a good solution for you since you need more alpha programming. And you have to be prepared for a long journey with AM and DR. Later on, you could switch from AM to Emperor, but only after a thorough assessment of your progress.


What are you waiting for then? If it’s calling you, do it. You’re going to get many opinions but do what you’re being called to do rather than fighting what you don’t.

That’s what I’m scared of. If it’s anything like Khan Stage 2 it’s brutal.

I’ve been wanting a luck sub from SC for some time now. Hopefully it is one.


This is really solid advice.
I also recommend you look at how real living the lifestyle of the archtype could be for you when you think about it. What fears come up, does it seem like a fantasy etc…Both those factors,
how far you are in reality from it-objectively- and how far you are from in subjectively-in your mind/emotionally. Hope that makes sense. Those shouldn’t be deterrents to doing the subs just potential gauges of how long to run them/how fast to see the results your looking for.


At first on EV4 it was really fast, cause I felt the ascension scripting strongly
Then on EQ I started streamlining my diet, habits, routines, work hours
which was super noticeable to be so intentional and on point all day every day.
I also noticed much more increased respect, attraction, sense of comfort everywhere I went.
Belief in myself etc this all naturalized or peaked after 2 or so months on Q. And I’ve been in the spaceof dealing with challenges, opportunities ever since. Now I am in a space where I see I’m not really using Emperor smartly anymore. Staying in work situations I don’t like for example has everything stall. But then I set new terms with the person I work with and my life explodes, I have to keep taking this important actions or things stall. So the power in Emperor is in doing new things, setting new boundaries etc. I’ve been using Emperor to optimize my personal bubble, and now I am seeing the power of using Emperor outside of it.

I’m being a bit harsh on myself in that of course, I’ve done new sales, talked to new clients, and woman, but it’s still all relatively insular to the level of action both in terms of big steps and things outside my normal comfort zone I’m beginning to touch now, and that’s where Emperor really shines at this point.


It’s a great insight. It motivates me to stick with Mogul untill I see satisfactory results and I feel I could take it to the next level and switch to HoM, EoG, a wealth custom or any other wealth-generating sub that may be issued in the future.

@Apollo you could stack AM with DR for now and later on, after a solid evaluation, switch to Emperor. Of course, when you’re done with DR you could put something more into your stack, like PS or Mogul, depending on your current goals and your progress. Remember, you could also use an Ultima program if you needed an instant boost in some area (sex-Libertine, social life-True Social etc.).


Since you’ve stopped smoking, how are any cravings or urges to smoke?


Thank you friends, I appreciate all your insights and advice. I feel I’m slowly getting out of my brain fog, and I’m re-reading your messages and absorbing them. Hopefully I am now at the tail end of my recon.


I still do from time to time, specially this past week or so when the recon was very strong and I was also dealing with personal stresses. I’m surprised I’m rejecting cigarettes almost effortlesly, it’s like there’sa failsafe at the back of my mind, and it’s turning me off from the idea of having a cigeratte as soon as I’m tempted.

Until now, I think it’s EQ that’s doing this for me. I have nothing concrete there, but when I have stopped EQ for 2 weeks, that’s when I felt the most pangs. It could either be the others I susbtituted for EQ did not have a strong emphasis on this, or it was right around the time I’m dealing with serious recon, and my willpower has dwindled.




I will be bringing back my old stack of EQ and PS, Rebirth and on occasion Sanguine; and I’ll be staying with DR ST1 no matter how long it takes, until I feel I’m ready for ST2.

Since I’ve already used this stack for more than a month, I’m interested to see what deeper changes it could do if I stayed longer. All of you are right, I must maintain my focus. I suppose the initial euphoria of Stark and DR lured my already undisciplined mind to drop my guard.

One thing I know, SC was not kidding when they said “To get ready” in DR’s description. Now I understand what they meant by that. Still, I thank them for it, because with this kind of baggage, it would take something special to repair the damage.

Perhaps rebuild everything from the ground up while I still have time.

In the midst of all this discomfort, there’s a part of me that feels good, feels proud. If I could talk to myself 2 weeks ago, I’d tell myself, tough it out.

Deep inside, I know what I need most is healing, and even though I briefly reshuffled my stacks, there’s something in me that would not touch DR. It’s actually surprising to me.

In the midst of all this mental fog and confusion, I know, I need this to build a strong foundation in my mind, something clear of negativity, defeatism and pessimism.

Burn them all.


I’m glad you went with what’s calling you rather than what you thought you may have needed. I feel that way anyway. Ready to watch your journey and let you accomplish everything you need.


Thank you brother. Same with you, you’re on your way. Success is inevitable.