Reflections of Apollo


Now that my mind is a little bit clearer, I’m reading various journals, and many of them are nothing short of amazing, and inspiring. I read journals specially when I’m feeling down, to remind myself there is hope.
This forum is a treasure.


The people here are even better


You know it. I regret not being here sooner.


Running Rebirth along with DR seems to be an interesting idea. Both programs are in different technologies and may somehow work in a great synergy. Eventually, later on, one could replace Rebirth with DR Ultima, say after doing DR Stage 4 for 2-3 weeks.


My observation is premature but so far my extreme emotional discomfort is subsiding. It feels though as if it prepared my mind for my stack.

I was reading about customs, and the description of mosaic comes to mind.


So far so good with my stack.

I had a nice Christmas dinner with my family, but interestingly while at the table, a very quick, random thought popped up, I wondered if I should be doing something else.

I was quick to consciously shut that down because I am enjoying this, and EQ should enjoy the little things that adds color and tranquility to my life.

Merry Christmas everyone


Merry Krampus


Bahaha! :joy:


Hey, how are you doing btw? Fog lifted yet? Mood improved?


Was going to take a rest day today, but I didn’t remember that until I was done with 1 loop of RebirthU.

Tempted to go forward, but nah. Let the old clunky mind rest a bit.

I’m going to play cyberpunk.


What is Cyberpunk?


PS4/PS5 game. You should try mate. Keep the mind off things when the thoughts are too noisy.

Works well for me while running a sub


I wish I could. I used to play God of War after work all the time back in 2012. I am unable to afford a console at this time and I don’t have a television


Bro. If you liked GoW. You’re going to love GoW for the PS4. That game. Man. It’s a work of art. Just a work of art.

It’s a very mature Kratos, and he was a different man. I’m not going to spoil it for you. I just know you’re going to dig it.

Once things are back in order, I highly recommend you set aside some “me” funds for this stuff, it’s exceptionally helpful for those of us who are dealing with ADHD and tiresome thoughts.


Have they been fixing the bugs for Cyberpunk?

I can’t remember if you play it on PS4 or something else.

Merry Christmas by the way.

P.s. can’t decide whether I want Emperor in my custom :sweat_smile:


PS4 pro for me. Yes so far it’s been okay, sure there some bugs but it’a to be expected with a game of this scale.

Yeah, if I’m going to make a custom, EQ would definitely be there. I need that strength of character and discipline.

I just want a more fun loving EQ. Not stoic like Aurelius, not a sourpuss like Caracalla and not a
nut job like Nero. I think I’m good around Aurelian and Trajan.

Merry Christmas brother :grinning:


What’s it like? I haven’t looked at gameplay. Considering it for the boyfriend but don’t want to waste/lose the money.

This is why I want it in there.

Legit same, I think a couple people do. Me, you, @Floridianninja I believe, etc.

I don’t know the ones you’re mentioning, gotta do some research.


Have you tried Fallout 4? Something like that, only more innovative and exciting.

I think he’s going to have a blast. It’s kind of buggy but if his into Fallout and the like, I think he’ll dig this one.


Binge watch on Netflix. I can’t say I was not tempted to put on a pair of bluetooth earphones and run a sub while watching, but I had to stop myself.

I’m just reminding myself that the rest days are part of the program.


Was wondering whether you might want to make a small investment in Mogul and run it with DR? Mogul would probably help you out at where you are at the moment rather than EQ…