Reflections of Apollo


Read very good things about Mogul. On that vein, once I’m done with DR I’d still want to try other multistage programs, EOG and Quantum are on my list. Thanks mate I appreciate the suggestion.


Still rest day. Hopefully I feel DR’s benefits more and more.

Funny though, I don’t feel like celebrating. I know, Christmas and new year all and it’s fun, and I enjoy the time with my family, but there’s a part of me that wants to skip it or get it over with quickly. I guess the whole year being terrible for many of us played a big part why I didn’t feel too celebratory.

Anyway, looking forward to a far better 2021 for all us.


I’ve never tried it but apparently he has, and said he likes it. Maybe I’ll get Cyberpunk but wait for some of the bugs to be washed out.


Definitely a good plan, mostly likely they will try to send the out asap
What games you playing still?


I hope! If I was one of the developers I’d be on bug watch consistently. I’d make a beta or whatever and get people to help find bugs and even if it was sent out publicly I’d be on all the reports.

However I’m not a developer and wouldn’t even know where to start with bugs so I could be entirely wrong aha.

I only really play Call of Duty on my PS5, I’ve got Spiderman too but doubt I’ll play it much. I’m waiting for Harry Potter :sweat_smile:


From all the bad press they will get thing together sooner or later but let see what happens, i think i heard about a large bug fix that coming soon

Damn i would love to try COD on PS5 because of the controller’s dual sense want to try that out myself, oh yeah that harry Harry Potter game looks really crazy hope it has some reallly good story and gameplay


RebirthU DRST1 EQ PSQ today.
Maybe SanguineQ if I have the extra time.


Still feel better this week than a week or so ago. I do feel a little bit more irritable today.


mecharch’s journal reminded me of my experiments with Stark.

Interesting that mech found StarkQ to be aloof. I suppose when I look back, I was kind of jovial in it, but I also didn’t have it in me to continue long conversations. I got some messages out of the blue, and some are flattering but I prefered to leave it at that and go do my own thing again.

Aloof but not intentional.

It’s either that, or my introversion is making a stand… perhaps this is why I’ve gotten quite the recon when I ran both DR and Stark together for the first time.

That said, I think Stark is fantastic, just by judging from the results I’ve gotten with my brief stint with it, it’s truly something special. I’d like to sprinkle in more alpha/masculine strength and gravitas.

EQ’s inner IDGAF confidence and discipline while retaining tact and charm, like an esteemed diplomat. Perhaps a mix of Bismarck and Talleyrand.

Strong, won’t get pushed around, determined, ambitious but charming, witty and naturally alluring to do what first class diplomats do. Give the looks of Adonis too for good measure.

Raphael and I had a brief exchange about making a Daniel Ocean character. Just for kicks. I was thinking Stark, AM, Primal and BLU.

Seems like HoM should have been there as well, come to think of it. :thinking:


Stark, Ascension with Godlike Masculinity, Iron Frame, Lion IV, Dominion in a Custom.


Thanks bud, getting ready for the foundations of my first custom. Not yet, but getting there.


Running RebirthU 1x to be followed by DR, EQ and PS. 3x a day.

The reintroduction of RebirthU to my stack has made the process of integrating DR to my original stack much smoother, and I’m running both PS and EQ alongside DR without much reconciliation except for some irritability, but other than that, so far so good.

I was able to add a loop of SanguineQ last night, I figured it might also be a lighter Q, almost like PCC so I didn’t have too much qualms about adding another.

Plus, I really like Sanguine.


Getting some slight headache. Not sure if it’s just the day to day stress or the stack is getting too heavy. I’m upping my water intake to see if it changes. Irritability is less, but I noticed I’m quicker to lose my temper.

And it’s almost 2021 and I still don’t have a damn gatorade on hand… my blood boils.


Get that hydration in because it’s most likely the stack man if you’re quicker to lose your temper too. Definitely one of the things we have to fight through, or lower loops for.

I’m down to fighting through it though - just means the boyfriend will have to put up with me being grumpy.


Getting grumpy too huh? Yeah, I think it’s the heavy stack. I’m going to add this to my reminders. Seriously


Yeah I’ve definitely been grumpier since I’ve started upping the loops - I’m good to fight through recon tho since it doesn’t feel too bad, just my mood is …not a mood you want to be around me for haha.


Yeah but that’s the mood you need to CoD.

…Okay… maybe not.


Most of the time CoD gets me in even more of a mood and that’s not great when I’m in recon mode.

It took me until yesterday to realise the mistakes I’ve been making on that damn game to not die as much as I normally do. I’m definitely a go in the middle, shoot and die first kind of person on that game. Not anymore!

Get CoD man, I want to play with you. PS4 peeps can still play PS5 peeps.


Hope we still talking about gaming :smiley:


I’m the german kid vs the keyboard kind of player… soooooo…

I’m going to need Sanguine playing the whole day if I played that.