Reflections of Apollo


I did try to be a diplomat once, I guess it’s still there… :thinking:

I have other words too, but you know… well you know. :rofl:

Hey bruv, hows DR ST2 btw? I know you just starting but are you noticing a different feeling from ST1?


@Apollo I feel even calmer than I was becoming on stage one. I was thinking to myself earlier how much fun it’s going to be to finally let a lot of shit go


I had to stop myself from trying ST2… that sounds wonderful


The day was nice. I opted to use StarkU earlier today, right after my first batch of stack in the morning.

It made me feel good, calm, collected and positive. The effect was around two hours, and then maybe after that I got acclimated to the feeling. I’m still feeling alright right now, so I guess so far so good.

I’m done with SanguineQ for the day. Just another loop of PSQ and I’m done with my stack.


On RebirthU now, but thinking twice if I should revert back to RebirthQ instead. I guess I’ll test it on monday, start of the week.

Bye Felicia 2020 , Happy New Year 2021


Switched to RebirthQ from Ultima. I’m now running more than 3 Q’s per day, and I’ll compare at the end of the week how it makes me feel.

Cheesy/corny movies: Check
Melancholic music that speaks to my soul: Check
Junkfoods (more chemicals the better): Check
Gaming console: Check
Dumbells: Check
Bags of sand to bury my head in: Check

Guess I’m good to go.

Now I have an hour to decide after my first loop of DR if I’m going to switch from EQ today or stick with it for another week.

Clock is ticking, now I feel the pressure. I don’t like pressure. Sands at the ready.


PCC could support this as well
as will DR.
Khan will definitely give you something akin to emotional armor or better

why do you refer to yourself as we lol?


Did I? Either that’s the royal we or my dyslexia and ADHD is coming through… :rofl:

Thanks amigo, the plan was to combine Khan and Stark this Jan, I’ve been psyching myself up, but I’m gonna miss EQ and PS once I make the switch(recon?). That said it’s just not going to happen, unless I started experimenting with customs.

I’m now researching if I can forego PS if I have Khan running.

We thank you mate, we wish you a happy new year :partying_face:


You can forgo PS if you have Khan, from my tests
it is the most powerful seduction tool I have ever tried.

this is what I think of when people say we lol :rofl: also how I feel when deciding on stacks/customs

we thank you and wish you a happy new year too !! :slight_smile: (me and the Dragon)


Bahaha! That too! smiggle was a kindred spirit all along :rofl:

Thanks buddy. That emotional armor, I think it’s DR that made me realize that, that’s what’s missing in my life. The ability to stop being drained by things that are beyond my control. I checked stoicism but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t wish to be indifferent, I want to be happy.

That said, with this ability, I can finally focus on what’s important.

You’re running Stark and HoM is that right? I was catching up on various journals earlier today but I have the memory of a goldfish with brain damage, so I need to keep going back to see what I missed.


Oh do I know that feeling


Another kindred spirit. My man

Btw, I noticed I’ve been more quiet on EQ come to think of it. Hmm.

If I start making corny jokes this week, you’ll know I’m on Stark


I was making corny jokes and got in trouble for it.


Lol… :rofl:

We need a better jokes module…


Sarcasm doesn’t translate well to text or generally goes over people’s heads


Nah, I test ran that combo for a later stack with Khan

Currently my stack is still Emperor Custom, DR, and Fitness/Physical Change/Healing Prep work custom.
You can view them in the about me section of my profile


Testing the waters.

DR ST1, StarkQ, Khan ST1.



You wouldnt need K1 is you not going to use Khan…DR1 will be sufficient for all round healing.


How you doin bud? I figured, but with my OCD, I may not be able to sleep at night cause it will bother me. :crazy_face:

Not going to stay on Khan ST1 for long though, but curious what’s up.


You may not feel too much on K1 with DR1…
DR 1 is way more comprehensive than K1…
And Khan 1 has core…