Reflections of Apollo


You have dyslexia?


Not officialy diagnosed by I may have in some mild form. Like reading a whole page without understanding any of it, missing words here and there when write, winding sentences, terrible memory loss etc. Hence Quantum is high up on my list for this year, hopefully it would help sort that issue.


Ah gotcha. Good lookin out man, I think of it like a super mario achievement, just to tell myself I went through all the steps.

I will keep this in mind if I fall flat on my face on the seduction part, I’ll remind myself, ST2 is where it’s at. :smile:

So when you’re on ST1 on Khan, there wasn’t really any noticeable push for you in the alpha department?


I’m undiagnosed dyspraxic. Though I may have some aspects of dyslexia too.


I see, this is the first time I’ve read that term. That is quite a cross to bear, and prone to be misjudged by those who are unaware. I know that was my issue when I was growing up. That said I’m sure you’ll conquer it. I just read your journal and you’re very eloquent, I can visualize what you wrote on there. Continue that, you’re limitless, mate.


Khan or Primal Seduction?


There was a push in term of confidence. Approach anxiety dropped drastically. I felt more strong and grounded. Its about removing blocks so maybe these were my blocks that had been removed. There is also alot that im not aware of that stage 1 did for me.

Khan is sexual yes but you can steer it and its very alpha and extremely dominant sub. It grows you so much you wont believe it. Just stick with one sub for an extened period. I would suggest do DR 1 with Khan 1 then replace Khan 1 with Khan 2 and keep DR 1 througout the journey.
Khan will really build your personality and more.
After Khan is done building you you will have direction and a clear direction.


Sweet. Thanks holmes, much appreciated.

I’m excited for Khan. Still on the fence cause it’s such a commitment but damnit it’s time.


What if I jump directly from DR1 to Khan 2 without going through Khan 1?

Would yoou recommend that?


Thats also fine but i think K1 has Khan Core.
Should work fine also.


You can jump directly into Khan Complete, however, as with any Multi-Stage if you have blockages in regards to the objectives of each Title; Stage One will be most important. Otherwise, you can always jump directly into Stage 4, at least if you ease into it.



I think I just laughed for the first time today!


Eh… cause you know it’s true… :shushing_face:


RebirthQ one loop. StarkQ 1 loop.

Looking for more EQ + Stark reviews. Did Saint actually say they can’t mix?

I seem to recall they didn’t put anything antisocial in EQ, just more focus on other things. It’s not like

EQ: Don’t talk to that girl.
Stark: Don’t listen to that, talk to that girl.
Me: Wtf do I do, I’ll just shrivel into a fetal position.

I see the beginnings of recon…


Apollo if you keep this up, one day you may be a god among us mere mortals!

At the very least you’ll be a :dragon: Probably a platinum dragon!


I’d encourage you to pick ONE. Stark there. I mean start there.


Oh I don’t doubt it my friend. We’re in olympus right now, the playground of the gods. We’re going to get there for sure. All of us, gods in the making. :muscle:

Okay I think there’s a hidden message here… :thinking:

EQ it is then.

:rofl: bahaha!

See what Stark does to me? Bonkers man.

Corny jokes aside, thanks amigo, I think I want to run Stark for more than a month at least, just to see what’s going to happen. It was always going to be what I partner with Khan, so might as well get properly acquainted.

Hopefully I’m now acclimated with DR enough that it won’t cause anymore soul crushing recon like I had the first time I mixed them both.


If you want to do some digging, I think @SaintSovereign did comment on running multiple business oriented subs. Perhaps there are a few posts. I think he did comment that running EQ plus Khan or EQ plus Stark was overkill. But I might be paraphrasing, and this is from memory, which may or may not be subject to distortions favoring my own biases.


Khan -
I cannot tell you -every time I have tested khan outside my custom

stage 1 – my female roommate started massaging me and saying she wants to be my wife- in front of her boyfriend

khan stage 2 1st time - I went to a party and had woman clamoring for my attention, hugging me, not letting go of my hand, taking there masks of to talk and eyeing my lips

khan stage 2 second time- the most beautiful-perfect my type of woman is walking down the street and I feel a sexual connection from a block away, she holds a door for me (we were going to the same store) for no joke 45 seconds- while I was still down the block, just staring at me the whole time. Then 20 minutes later she appears at another store I went to eyeing me down

Khan stage 4 --ran it -picked up some pizza and was eating it home -when two woman I used to see both reached out to me.

and the best part is, it’s reverses the roles-it makes woman seem to put in the work, and I just stay chill, I can also get pushy in a way that just works as well on it/ or rather I should say my intention just carries through.

PS, Primal, and PSIT are all gold as well and I have some fun stuff happen on those, but the intention doesn’t carry through the same way…it’s more like fun, fun, fun, something is happening- but I’m putting in work on PS, PSIT-its fun, and it’s what I want to do, but it’s got a playboy feel.

khan is like the hero of legend and myth has come from there dreams to take them and they better not let him get away.


My new custom will be EQ/PCC/and HOM -I’m calling it Hades Ploutus Q

So enjoy Olypmus-I’ll be hording wealth in my underworld.