Reflections of Apollo


Those gosh darn pesky girls, always trying to get you alone back at their place so they can take off your clothes and get you into bed. You are on a level few people will understand and most will think you’re making it up.

You’re welcome to come up and visit us when ever you like.:innocent:


I don’t credit myself, I credit the subs
I’ve had success with woman sexually in the past by sheer courage, good timing,
and burning nights to the ground going after what I fancied. Plenty of rejection, failures, emotional pains and hang overs, but lots of sex just cause I was batting so much,

This is totally different. It’s like silver platter with these subs. I’m not as good at capitalizing on things as I used to be. But I also don’t care as much.

haha, thanks definitely will with some other customs

edit: I credit myself a little bit :slight_smile:


The thing is, it’s actually all you. The subs are great, but if you didn’t stick to your plan and didn’t take action, nothing would happen. Don’t sell yourself short.


@Azriel what he said!


I’m sure you can figure out which modules would help with this.:sunglasses:


what were you thinking for modules :slight_smile:?

The only thing that comes to mind for escalating specifically- is instant seduction tactician

I have panther and approaching is rarely an issue

Iron Throne (it’s not a core :frowning: ) and Khan as cores would be the best as the main runners


He did initially but then he stated that Stark + Emperor would be a Bruce Wayne mix if done together. You’ll just have to choose your dominant sub. I’m sure they could mix.

However with that said - you’re so like me. Constantly wanting to switch and find the perfect sub and I’m going to direct you to something @Azriel said to me (paraphrasing):

It’s a waste of time not making a commitment.

Find something you want and go for it.

@Hoppa @Azriel I hope you’re proud.

I CHUCKLED so hard at this hahaha.

Agreed, part of it is always us. Even when it becomes normalised.


This is an awesome way to look at things. Especially since its true


Khan, Power Can Corrupt, Inner Circle might become my Custom once Q+ releases, hopefully around summer.


Actually I totally get this, I had similar effects on Libertine. It is really interesting to observe how these Subliminal’s can change your Aura around in a matter of minutes. As @Azriel mentioned, you just feel the Thought in Motion creating that Energy around you and especially women just get pulled into it like would not believe it.

I’m sorry folks, but if you’re not feeling that energy, ain’t nothing going to happen. Everything is Alchemy.

Spirit — Thoughts — Emotions — Physical Behavior.


Inner Voice
Temptation (read the description carefully for the part that might apply to you)
and what ever seduction modules you think might help.


What’s funny about khan is it feels more my vibe than my aura (although related) and more ‘me’
Like it’s more of a Being in the an energy projection. Where as in Libertine it’s very clear my aura is effecting others.

What I like about Khan the most is it gives me this incredible sense (without being narcissistic) that I am the most unique person in the world and have nothing to prove.


I have temptation and it has helped
inner voice is a great choice.


Any particular reason why? I’m interested in your goals and reasonings for this custom.


Any other seduction modules you think might help?


You know it brother. I truly hope Paragon works very well for you. I’m rooting for you Raph. You got this :muscle:


Hahaha… as a Scorpio, I approve this message. Hades/Pluto is where the real wealth is at. Go go bruv


RebirthQ, DR, Stark, Khan

Looking forward to this trip


I was thinking about how DR , QL , EOG stage one of each would be in a stack. Add in Limitless Executive Ultima and it’s a scary and intriguing stack.
I can feel and see how DR is helping me be more aware of things I was either aloof or oblivious to previously and it feels like I’m constantly asking myself how I missed something.


That has happened to me too. I am more certain about the things I want, but I’m still looking for ways how to get there, without sabotaging myself (which I tend to do).

QL and EoG is on my list too but I have to sort this alpha,mindset,inner strength issue first. Stop the self-sabotage.

But hey man, stick with your routine right now if it’s jiving well with you. It’s not often we find “the one” when it comes to subs, and sounds to me you found yours. Keep at it, the year is young, there’s so much possibilities.